Gold Explodes, Spam Unchanged

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Gold has jumped over $50 post-NFP, now back over $1600. Maybe, just maybe, as we have been saying since January 1, 2012 is a carbon copy of 2011, and the NEW QE is coming now that only central planning can sustain an epic economic collapse (for a few months at least)?


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Been waiting for that for some time, yee ha.

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But, But.........Gold is supposed to be linked to the Euro.

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WOW - the ten year just hit 1.4870%! The flight to safety is on! This is a good oportunity for goldbugs to get out of thier losing positions and get into US treasuries while they can. It's still not too late for goldbugs - this yield is going a LOT lower!

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Yes, and with grandma and grandpa paying to have Uncle SAM lose their retirement they will have to become bondtraders to survive -  Now that is "winning"



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LOL, anyone playing the Pt/Au "convergence pair trade" since March or so must be in truly severe pain right now

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I was really hoping that the dip would last longer, I had planned to have enough money to buy 1oz by end of june. Whatever, if it rises I'll still go in, but by the time I can afford it in July it might just as well be 1700 :(

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In the eyes of posterity $2000 gold and $50 silver will be considered a bargain. Don't get hung up on the waves, be one with the tide. If you can get your position in before QE3 you'll be doing just fine. Physical only of course.

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Yeah definitely which is why I won't mind if I have to buy it at 1700. With silver below 30 I jumped on a 20oz and it pushed back my 1oz purchase. With the state of things lately I figured better 20 oz Ag now than 1 oz Au later, but getting it soon is the next thing on my agenda... wish me luck!

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I warned trav777 then about his long Platinum, short Gold trade. He was saying Platinum is rare blah..blah... etc same as

silver army's rhetoric that there is no silver stock above ground ie silver stock to flow ratio is in single digit, unlike Gold whose stock/flow is more than 100.


It would be best to go long Gold and short Silver/Platinum

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With the AU/AG ratio around 57 I tend to disagree.   Maybe I'm wrong but time will tell...

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If you are shorting silver you may as well be dining with Trav. Pt may not be a good play, but silver is the best play there is. Funny that you even know the reason why, yet you still downplay it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since your name indicates you're probably a Zionist. I wish I could get paid to post here too.

fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

I am from further east of Israel. No relation at all to West. Funny everything dissolves into conspiracy.

By your logic since Gold's stock to flow ratio is more than 100, it's value should be 1/100th the price of silver. Good luck on that endeavor.

As ANOTHER  said the giants(CB's) are positioned for Gold only since EURO came up, we can only follow that  ie pick up crumbs along the way.


FYI : the movie "Fiddler on the roof" is my favourite movie - explaining the melting of Traditional societies under the onslaught of western values. Most of us in the East can relate to that. Nothing Jewish about me.

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Now I know why he started locking himself in the basement in front of his computer, and desired to wear my mom jeans and push up bras.  Thought it was strange when he instisted we call him Tracy from now on, but it's starting to make sense.

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Chinaman make move at gold like cockblocker in TexMex bar.  US citizenisms for the win!

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Does AnAnonymouses mean you are legion or does it mean that you're a race of hyper intelligent mice? 

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Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.


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The bag was a nice touch.

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MDB lost his mask for a minute with the caps bold "WOW" :D

Why would he say that if he'd sold his gold to buy FB shares? ;)



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Dude, you really got to step up a notch. You can do better!

Bananamerican's picture

no. he can't

it's good. leave it be.

"dude, you can do better" is a cliche.

stop it.

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S/He could do better by spending energy on something productive and helpful instead of begging for attention like a neglected elementary student.

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Fed meets in June, perhaps last chance to QE3 before the elections - any later may be percieved as politically motivated!

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Since it is always politically motivated, your accurate comment speaks volumes on how easily perceptions are manipulated. Thumbs up.

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Appreciate the advice. Many thx.

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My Grandpa's 'High Yield Savings Acct for Seniors" just moved another decimal point to the left.


My Grandpa may have to downgrade from sardiees to dog food.

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If he's eating dog food and you're not, go check out how they manage in the rest of the world where pensions don't exist. Young people respect and care for their elders.

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Good one.  Really good one.

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Like in Greece where 55 is considered elderly!!!

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Hows your FB stock doing MDB?

"I predicted this from the start. FB is the AAPL, and any price below $100 is CHEAP. You may laugh at me now, but I'll be laughing when it's trading at $200 and you doomers are chasing the market." -MDB

SheepRevolution's picture

MDB = *sarc*. Please learn.

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I can't believe people still think he's serious.

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Newcomers won't understand. I'd say it took me 10-15 posts before finally figuring out that MDB only ever says what he thinks by saying the opposite of what he thinks. At least, I think that's what's going on.
As long as ZH continues to churn membership and/or grow, there will be posters confused by this.

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Riiiight. How's that FB workin' for ya?

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For all who don't know MDB is the best pro market parody troll on the web now! Don't take him too seriously... Or do!!

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MDB usually gets troll rated 2 or 3 to 1....Is it a "punch and judy" thing (you KNOW he's a spoof but you troll rate to go along with the gag) or is the dullard/intelligent ratio on ZH also 2 to 1?

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Damn. I've been doing it all wrong all along. I thought he needed a few ups for encouragement. Plus sometimes I agree with him.

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I rate up MDB in all his forms, because he's sensible and balanced.

Far too much emphasis is given here on ZH to who would benefit from various activities, and what their motivations are.  Surprisingly, most often, the world is as it seems!


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Good morning FuckHead.

Drinking the Kool-Aid again MDB  ?

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I'll take your advice on the ten-year just like we all took your advice on Facebook.

Long live stupidity - we gold bugs are always looking to capitalize on financial stupidity. Y'know.. the same guys who print money and buy FB stock at any price so they can tell stories to their grandkids about how much they got fleeced, etc.

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Two things wasted on children:  Youth and Sarcasm.  Those thumbing down MDB need to find their sippy cups.  It's sarcasm, people!!!!!

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'Those thumbing down MDB need to find their sippy cups.'

But you misunderstand. Dislikes are like sweet orphan tears to MDB. He can't get enough of them.

homersimpson's picture

He's too arrogant to be sarcastic. You can tell the trolls from the mental scrubs. The trolls just post a quick piece and they vanish temporarily. The mental scrubs argue their clueless point relentlessly making no sense whatsoever to ad nauseam. I think ZH readers can figure out where MDB lies. Just like Robotrader, HarryWanger, etc..

Upswaller's picture

Does Robo lurk still?  I forgot about him.......

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

I can tell. I give the thumbs down on the principle that such comments no matter WHAT their intended meaning can't get a thumbs up.

Look up Poe's Law and you'll see.


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MDB, you were the reason I bought my first maple leaf.