Gold A Fistful Of Dollars Away From 2012 Highs

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At $1787, gold is rapidly closing in on its recent nemesis-like $1800 level as it appears Dalio's 'expected path of least resistance' for Central Banks - i.e. QEternity - is being priced in from a balance-sheet 'stock' perspective (as opposed to equities needing the 'flow')... Just as Bernanke must be hoping, so (real money) hard assets wonder - is fourth time the charm?



Meanwhile, Silver just broke above $35 for the first time in over six months - which takes it to +26% YTD (as both Gold and Silver are beating US and European stocks - both now in line +11.6%)


Chart: Bloomberg

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From my cold dead hands.


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Really feel for pensioners and 401K types.  At some point within the next 20 years, their fistful of zeros next to their name will evaporate (either by inflation, or by fraud).

Gold/Silver/Platnum (my PM pick, which has been helped by SA union strikes) are MUCH more safer havens for savers.  Granted, buying a vault/gun is a bit harrowing, but I'd feel safer with that setup han having my hardearned wealth (if I had any) in some TPTF bank.

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It was given to them via inflation and fraud

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correct. In the end greedy boomers will go down as the most selfish and corrupt generation ever. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Projection ?

Help is available.

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By greedy boomers, do you mean the ones who built your house, designed telecommunications, developed home computing, build car and just about everything you have in life and take for granted? 

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Yeah, I'm loving my internal combustion engine, designed in the 1800's. Anything else designed over a hundred years ago you would like to take credit for?....maybe the wheel?


So what have you contributed? 

In my life I helped to build houses and worked on the floor of a rig to bring texas tea to the surface so you could work up a sweat pumping gas into your internal combustion engine, or are you Amish?

I'm 50 and technically a boomer.

You can't generalize about boomers, dummy

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Do you agree that your generation invented the automobile?....saying that is just dumb, pointing it out takes a dummy I guess.

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Hey dipshit, a lot of people conrtribute to technological advances, now how many of them profit again?

A Nanny Moose's picture seekers warcry. Some Mexican with a nail gun built my house. Whomever built it, was paid for their time and effort, and ownership transferred.

Just remember your attitude, when your Depends need to be changed, Sunshine.

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Well that's why they are starting to get the general public to warm up to voluntary euthanasia for those older folks in Europe.

In the next 10-20 yrs as people will start living to 90 or 100 but the dialog is going to start to change to "quality" not quantity. 

Like the old charlton heston movie- soylent green set in the future of 2022 . (trailer)

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Silver/Gold will correct over next month.  Gold ==> 1700.  Silver ==> $32.  I sold all my PM paper just now.  

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Sold it for what?


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I sold it for market price (1785, 35.15) to buy it back later at lower price.  

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Sold it for what?


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He sold his GLD for Fiat!

He never sold any gold, as he never owned any!

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I think slaughterer missed the QEternity announcement. Gold's going to be at $2K in a month from now.

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Not with the CME and their crusade against all precious metals and oil...

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There will be a smackdown, but not this soon. There's only so many moves TPTB can make to cause smackdowns, so they must be strategic. They'll wait until max pain can be caused. I'm putting it at silver $80.

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"There will be a smackdown, but not this soon."   It is happening right now dude.  

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Haha, that was some timing! Even so, I seriously doubt this is any meaningful smackdown here.

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Go DXY go!

Also, when did .5% moves count as a smack down?

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How long have you been trading silver, because if a .50 move scares you then you're probably not cut out for it.

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What's this talk about "trading" silver.  Why not just accumulate it?

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1) In the last eleven years, september and november are the best month in the year for gold.

2) October not particularly bad.


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Gold's going to be at $2K in a month from now.


...and will still be a bargain.

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Troll mantra, I sold all my Gold, but in case it goes up I still have some.

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Trading in an out of this market is very dangerous. No matter how smart you think you are, you can't beat a rigged market.

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If you think the run will continue up undisturbed, you are not ackowledging these realities:

1.)  Blythe and her ilk.

2.) CME and their margin games

3.) current structure of options/futures

4.) election/ CB suppresion

5.) Technicals

Those people cursing BB are wrong: BB is a goldbug's best friend right now.  BB is your buddy.

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"BB is your buddy."

Yes he is, keep the prices low please, ty!

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Don't fight the Fed... or in this case, Don't fight the Fed, the ECB, the Bank of Japan, the Central Bank of China, the Bank of England, the Bank of ......

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I'm seeing a tip off in spot price ... maybe you will back it up, maybe you won't ... it is "if it looks like a timed pattern, it is."  The climb to the top in '11 IMO looks like a timed pattern as well, all the way from June '08 to July '11 when it blew.  There are humps in the spot price that remind me of holding one end of a rope while beating sine waves into it.

I'm only learning "technical analysis" from reading here, and other places.

God Bless ZH.

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Here's a technical analysis thought for you:

On a chart with time on the X and $/oz on the Y, plot 3 lines: one connecting the current price to 1971, one connecting the current price to 2000, and one connecting the current price to March 2009.  Serve with a 2008 Cabernet and enjoy.

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Stocks to gold and gold to stocks, ride the waves.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

I don't know what your strategy was or if its still open, but I salute you for shorting APPL instead of just whining about it like a little bitch. Put your money where your mouth is and follow your convictions... well done, sir.

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Am I the only one seeing a rocket launch every 8 days or so?

Is my precious shiny getting a pumpjob?

I don't care one way or another, cheap, I stack, expensive, I have to plan a little bit more but I still stack. 

{edit: no, I'm not the only one who is seeing a pump job.  Question is, what drives the frequency, Slaughterer?}

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Any possible correction will be short in time.  Use your paper to buy physical now!

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Fuck you Buffett.  Fuck you Blythe.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Fuck you Bens Bernanke, Fuck you Dyler Turducken, Fuck you Marios Draghi!

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I'll see you your Gold Ray Dialo and raise you a WHOLE FRIGGIN Continent...