Gold Follows Stocks Vertically

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Because if stocks like the prospect of imminent printing, or at least the latest daily rumor thereof, until Germany once again opens its mouth and refutes everything, gold should love it. Sure enough, the yellow metal has opened $20 higher and is back over $1700 again.

Incidentally for anyone still clamoring about a bubble in gold, the following often recycled chart by Don Coxe should put things into perspective.

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Every freakin person in America should have seen that first segment on 60 minutes tonight. What a mess we are in.


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Tough to summarize. Too many people are homeless. Too many kids growing up with nothing. The irony is their next segment will be on Angelina Jolie who focuses on foreign aid.

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the children are functionally illiterate and the college grads are getting out of college loaded with student loan debt and they can't find jobs........its all insane...........

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Or more aptly put. Children in 'merica are being raised with a different perspective.

Time to learn them about their slave masters the lizards. The lizards have taken your future and exported it to israel.

Shit no! You cannot have it back.

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when i see this. i think. america is dying.  do they understand this?  does anyone understand this? they are the first wave.   the culture is dying. the culture we have known as america. it is dying. it is not long now. one can see this so clearly...........they are close to starvation.  so close really.... they are almost there. what happens when are there?  i have talked about tribes on this blog before.  i believe as time goes by, the races will seperate as the resources get scarce and they will act together in order to survive........what choices do they have at this point?

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What transfixed me about that segment was the parents were broken. The kids still had hope because kids are resiliant. But the parents were broken. They were not tea party angry, they were not OWS angry. They were just broken. Hoping the system would throw them a bone.

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perhaps it is indicative of the kind of people we are now.  we are all broken. we were destroyed as a people when they killed our president in 1963 and camelot died and we did not do anything about it then and allowed someone to tell us lies about it and explain the unexplainable. and we called it good enough.....just like 911.................there were many reasons that operation was carried out. one of them was to mind fuck the amerikans. i do not remember many things from that time in my life, but i remember it like was yesterday, the feelings i felt, the despair , the grief. i was a young teenager, but i remember the feelings i felt about it, till this very day........ i knew someone had done something bad to my president and therefore they had done it to now fast forward to today. if anything we have become slaves and are easily bought and sold.......we have many enemies within our gates......and nobody dares to speak about them nor do anything about them.  it sickens me to no end to see reports like this and as usual we always look at symptoms and traces were the enemy has been but is long gone........i am sick of it all really. like i said before.  i shall not spend whatever time i have left in this world living on my fucking knees......nope, ain't going to happen. this i know. this i promise....

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you mean that movie with Kevin Costner?



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hey dave. what do you think about this video?   he makes some very disparaging remarks about zerohedge ......oh my.....



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I kinda feel sorry for you, blaming all your failures and deficiencies on the Yids.

Heres another zionist conspiracy for you to chew on

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Once you slip into poverty, you, your kids and family never get out.  This idea of escaping poverty, pulling oneself up by their bootstraps is a dream.  A progaganda dream. 

Once you have arrived there its like jail.  You never leave.  Look at any country with lots of poverty, now the USA.  It is a life sentence.

StychoKiller's picture

Sorry, but poor is a state of mind.

Temporalist's picture

That brother and sister in the truck are the future of America.  People like that will make it; they don't blame others for what they don't have.


HellFish's picture

It's not dying it was killed. We actively stopped teaching children about American values and culture 40 years ago.

disabledvet's picture

don't tell i'm the only person that finds this funny.

Eeyores Enigma's picture

Is this what it is coming to?

New definition of smartest guy in the room?

First guy to pull out a gun and shoot the other guy in the face.

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I've been to Israel.  Guess what, they have problems of their own, and not just security threats.

You must have missed the protests they held over the summer regarding cost-of-living difficulties.  Housing, food staples.

They even have a top 1% in Israel, just like they do in every country.

Please stop polluting this board with your anti-semitic discourse.

RafterManFMJ's picture


Not it's not insane, it's according to plan.

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It is, and the plan goes far back and so deeply complex that most will say... too much credit to fools, no one could have planned all this etc...

Not so, 2000 years is a good long time to make sure you get it right. And where America is today is purely by design.... fattened, entitled, disesed and lost. Perfect, like human gun-powder. It's not going to be pretty there and soon nowhere in the world. 



fonzanoon's picture

I don't know I make a lot of plans but generally I don't give a fuck how they end up 2,000 years from now. I imagine it would not help me much then.

fonzanoon's picture

I agree it's insane. I guess this is what the view is like from inside the fishbowl. This is what it feels like to know you are living in a depression. The insane part is watching the idiots running clueless.

RafterManFMJ's picture



Ah ha ha who cares? As long as a banker can buy a multi-million dollar estate in the Hamptons, the system is working as intended.  Hey, don't know how our system works? Read this:

If you really want to know who your master is, little serf, read 

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
disabledvet's picture

Hamptons? PA-SHAAAA. I want a country now. "I'm movin' up" as they say.

Freddie's picture

Hope & Change from the Muslim.  "We are all Detroiters!"

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And to think: Nasa spent $2.5B sending a 6 wheeled robot critter to Mars.  Trying to find Krugman's aliens?


What a sick, sick, disgusting world of shit we live in. 

I'm about ready to just give up on humanity.  It's a lost cause.

And I'm usually a pretty happy guy, try to have some fun every day.  Just get's harder to find.


2.5B feeds a whole lot of starving kids.....

chindit13's picture

"Somebody ought to do something!"

Why not you? Do have have anything that you do not absolutely need, or do you believe charity is the sole purview of government?

Every piece of cheesecake you eat, or every gadget you buy, could have fed a starving family, in the US or Somalia or.....

I'm not picking on you, but this is a complex issue hardly solved by not sending knowledge-seeking (and job creating) spacecraft to Mars.  First, we must define what we want to be as human beings.  Do we seek merely survival or something more than that, like knowledge?  Regarding survival, who is responsible for his brother, and all the kids his brother can produce?  Is it government?  Is it every one of us taking only the absolute necessities for survival, then giving away the other rewards of our own labor to those who have less, either through bad luck or bad decisions?  Is there some happy medium, where a combination of government and private individuals share---but do not support---and seek a balance in life between survival and something else that makes us more than just eating-reproducing animals?

I'll grant you that governments, and people, waste a lot, but the answer to poverty is a lot more complex than just ending the exploration of space.  Everybody currently breathing has to play a part, which might mean choosing NOT to have kids and never assuming the good conditions of one day will be present each and every day, plus sharing a little seedcorn with those on the wrong side of a random Universe.

wisefool's picture

The key is "a little" seedcorn. Not all of it. The only observation I have made is that many, many problems are created by lack of monogamous child rearing. Seems like we live long enough lives that people could stick with their co-parent for the 18 year gestation cycle of the human infant brain. Then everyone can do what ever you want.

The other option of course, is to go the bovine route, which I guess is evolutionary possible. Humans need to have big brains, but we also walk upright, Peak Pelvis. We are not really fully capable of true survival/sustainability till late teens. If we have a few thousand years to experiment we could produce children with more fully formed brains and deliver exclusively by C-Section. Most Ungulates can walk within minutes of birth and are mature within a few months. snarc: Any good grant writers here?

Diogenes's picture

Go ahead and try it, see what thanks you get. I did but gave it up when I found out I was only making things worse.

chindit13's picture

Been at it since I left Wall Street, and I'll admit there is a learning curve.  Big tuition, and no Pell Grants for this type!  Still, choose wisely the folks who suffered a below average "accident of birth" appearance in this world, and it can work.  Note also I chose the word "seedcorn" rather than corn muffins or Cheese Whoppers, as it implies providing the means for folks to eventually take care of themselves.

I hold no illusions about the oft-said "nobility" of the poor, as character---or lack thereof---seems to be spread fairly evenly amongst the species.  At the same time, I am fully aware of what one might call luck, in that where and how one was born has enormous influence over what achievements are possible.  There are good places to be born, and bad.  There has never been a better way to materialize on this planet than as a white male, in the US, from the early 1950s to the late 1960s.  Relative to all others ever born, that is like starting a marathon after Heartbreak Hill.  Not to cast aspersions, but the opposite end of the spectrum---at least in today's world---might be a female born in rural South Asia or SEAsia.  Unless such an individual is born with a steel core, escaping those birth circumstances are nigh on impossible.  That is where the "seedcorn" provider can devote his efforts to trying to make a random Universe just a little more fair.

In the 60 Minutes piece, I'm willing to bet---based on more than a decade of experience---that girl living in her Dad's truck is a shoe-in success with just the smallest helping hand, and maybe even without.  She appears to have the kind of character that cannot be taught.

wisefool's picture

Agreed on the cultural birth luck. History will only repeat the sweet spot for the white american boomer male if we have another war that bombs the crap out of most of the world. Then the children in the country not destroyed will get the same winning ticket. I am not advocating it, just corroborating.

 As you mentioned, the boy and girl in the video are going to do great. Being raised by a widow or by a separated victim of abuse is not the same as being raised in a home broken by adultery, ambivilence, career, money, entitlement games, etc. Tragic, yet beautiful irony. (these kids lost their mother to death, most kids lose their household to "ummm, its not working out")

chindit13's picture

History will only repeat the sweet spot for the white american boomer male if we have another war that bombs the crap out of most of the world

I am reminded again of the adage (I want to attribute it to Spinoza, but I'm not certain):  if my demons leave me, I fear my angels will soon follow.

wisefool's picture

I like the Jamey Johnson (country singer) version.

Am I shaking a demon thats after my soul, or sending an angel to hell?

Bolweevil's picture

Hold it together John.

dalkrin's picture

In my eyes, that was at least money spent in America, employing Americans, and for genuine scientific pursuits that could yield benefits for every person now and in the future.

Contrast this with the $700 billion in bailouts.  I can't keep track of how much has been squandered since then in QE and other incestuous government-banking deals.  We spend $700 billion a year for our military machine.  In comparison, you are objecting to peanuts spent on peaceful, innovative and inspiring missions.

There will always be hard-luck cases in the world, but they and their parents are not helpless.

You could make that argument ad nauseum throughout history.

Should we have to subsidize the world's problems at the expense of our own nation's concerns and projects?

Uber Vandal's picture

How is this not a modern version of the "Oakies"?

What more evidence does anyone need to see that we are in a Depression?

Oleander's picture

1500 homeless children in Seminole county school system. Spoke w/ two very mature children living in a truck. "its life"

paarsons's picture

On the bright side, Black Friday was a smashing success.

High Plains Drifter's picture

i promise you one thing. it is not like the 1930' where to run and no where to hide.........

SGS's picture

"1500 homeless children in Seminole county school system. Spoke w/ two very mature children living in a truck. "its life""


Land of the free, home of the brave.

Freebird's picture

Show me a home where the buffalo roam & I'll show you a house with a filthy carpet

merizobeach's picture

Land of the home, free of the brave?

DosZap's picture


Land of the home, free of the brave?

No neither if Congress passes their Fascist bill Mon/Tuesday.


zerozulu's picture

Should we send more soldiers to liberate afghans?

Freddie's picture

They must be American children. 

Illegal aliens get housing vouchers, food stamps, welfare, free education, free school breakfast-lunch-afternoon snack, free healthcare, they can apply for social security disability.