Gold Has Had Enough With Europe's Stupidity; Surges

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One can kneejerk every headline coming out of Europe, or one can buy gold, which has finally had enough with this endless BS and has realized that no matter what the ECB will have to print, followed by everyone else.

Update: $1758

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Roooocket, please!

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Easy does it....nice and steady...week after week.

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I used to believe "nice and easy".  Enough already.  Let's get it on.

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Just buy gold and let someone else figure it out........realizing that no one will.



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When everything looks like crap and liquidity is avaliable gold will rise.

But if that liquidity stops, paper gold is going to take a dump like everything else.

I want cheaper physical, someone pull the damn plug already lol.

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We all dream of deflation... But printing press does not need to rest.

-Full speed ahead!

-Aye Aye captn Bernanke!

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Gold is the wierdest investment. I own it, but want it to go down so i can buy more.

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I know people waiting at $300oz.....they're still waiting.



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I skipped my regular PM purchase this month and bought a REALLY nice new pistol instead.   P14-45 limited.  OMG I am in lust for metals :-)

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JEEZ,  what sensationalism. Gold is up 1.26% while the DAX and CAC is up 2%. Just sayin'. it looks like equities have had enough with Europe too, and equities are going to blowtorch all the shorts again and again and again. 


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LOL. Replace Tyler's wet dream of Gold with any stock and you can see how ridiculous these posts have been.


NFLX "SURGING" in premarket up $.81 (0.97%)

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Your point is taken, but Gold is a currency not an equity, dingleberry, and in that context 1% is a large move

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I know you want Gold to be a currency and I wouldn't mind either. But USD, EUR, CAD are currencies and 1% moves are big.


Gold is a precious metal and 1% moves are par for the course.



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The fact that Central Banks hold Au reserves and not NFLX shares puts lie to your statement.

optionsoptions's picture

Here is what we were talking about:

1% moves in gold is no big deal. This was my opinion.

You said Gold is a currency and in currencies, 1% moves are a big deal.

I said you may think Gold is a currency but it is in fact a precious metal and moves of 1% are no big deal.

Lets say for the sake of arguing that Gold is a currency. A 1% is a big deal for all currencies (except for Gold) which still makes your argument wrong.

A 1% move in Gold (whether you think its a currency/preciousmetal/beaniebaby/pog slammer) is not a big deal

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Gold is MONEY. It is not currently a currency (except for your $50 eagle).

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You have no idea what central banks are holding they have plenty of Netflix.

What do you think causes the markets to go up? Santa Claus?

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They very well may, but they certainly don't advertise it or claim it on their balance sheet..

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Try as you may...,

You're going to need some help dislodging foot from mouth!

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when all the shit mist settles out of the atmosphere, gold will be the only stable currency. Gold is truth. TPTB know this are are going to short the shit out if it untill that inevitable day comes. I will bet my life on it.

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Are your precious stocks rallying after an 11 year bull market or from decade lows?

optionsoptions's picture

Please don't mistake me for a gold hater/equity lover/whatever.


The truth is sensationalism about 1% moves in gold don't do anyone any favors.

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I made 2500% on General Growth. I own Gold too. But if you want to make the most money: you have to look at stocks. 

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

How much did you make in 2008?  The five year chart on that looks pretty hot. 

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you don't make 'money' on gold, gold preserves wealth (one of the fundamental functions of money), since gold is itself money. Ironically this is the argument of the anti-gold crowd, that gold doesn't give dividends (i.e. has no return). Well it doesn't need to have a return, its sole function is to preserve wealth.

To make money / earn a living, you have to either put capital at risk (in the stock market, real estate market, small business or whatever else), so yes, you'll make more money on a (correct call) on General Growth than on gold.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Agree, but you need to couch this statement in accordance to the area of the fiat cycle you're in.  

Historically, those who move in and out of AU, timed to monetary destruction do quite well. 

"Stock, Real Estate, Small Business"... we haven't heard the splat as yet. 

The untangling of the manipulation occuring now, in conjunction with with fiat devaluation make for a bonus combo of wealth preservation AND investment.

Hook Line and Sphincter

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the whole gold is money idea is a philisophical truth that central banks and governments continualy attempt to convince the masses that it is not money. many people who are smart in a manner of trading in equities are not aware of this. For a lot of poeple understanding the basic principles of what a 401k is  are asking a lot. 

Pop culture thru movies and tv program people to worship the $ and if gold is brought up it is immediatly framed in a manner of " how much $ can you get for that? hurry up and sell it for $'s! The gold stream flows and consolodates to central planners and those in power. They are planning for this big colapse and will have a LOT of gold and the power that is gained by possesing it. 

Trade your equties as long as you can but when the game of musical chairs ends and the music stops, if your $ is not converted to gold(get in a chair) you are going to be shit out of luck! 

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Gold is risky business, my friends.

If Papa Doc renigs on his promise, then you'll be good to go.  You'll make mad money.

I think it's the most probable outcome.

But he promised a referendum.  It's tough to put the genie back in the bottle after you let him out.

If he goes through with his promise, then we are in for severe deflation, and you'll lose your shirts.

But what's a boy to do?

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"'ll lose your shirts."



Ummmmm, no.  You haven't been at this very long have you.


And stop pimping your blog.  This is not your advertising platform, and I tire at seeing your worthless post on every thread.  Waste of bandwidth and server space.

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I'm taking these rumors as Greece is about to pull an Iceland.

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I thought they would play it out for the last 8 billion...but it looks like they are not going to get that...

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i think it may be about that time

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Not too fast...Nice and steady wins the race. And avoids MASSIVE downward corrections.

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Agreed, but we do not have much say in the matter...

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exactly, just look at the retrace after the last rocket rally a few days ago.

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And for those paying attention, you could have picked up gold $80 ago (tuesday), and sold today.

Or..., just wait for your retrace, rinse and repeat.

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Then, we BTFD.

Sooner or later they will be at 100% margin, and their ass is done for.

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QE to infinity, bitchez!

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"boner" pattern, even more bullish than cock-and-balls pattern

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"BoE's Bean says without QE, UK CPI more likely to undershoot"



What planet is this man on? Inflation has been SOARING for all things you need and a bit of undershoot would be very GOOD thing!

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They hired Mr.Bean to BoE? How appropriate!

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Sounds like another junkie who wants yet another hit on the crack pipe.

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Compare against FIAT, wow.


Silver is starting to haul ass as well.


Translation.  Going to be a bad day for bonds.

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Yee Ha! - Woody

To infinity and beyond! - Buzz Lightyear

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Best article title to wake up to.. Yet.  You made me LMAO.  Thanks!  Can't wait till it deals with America's stupidity!

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Let's get all this nonsense over with.

When I heard that a referendum was going to put to the Greeks I thought that having it the next day was not soon enough if not for the logistics.

But December 4th is not soon enough, the middle of next week it should have been taken.

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They could probably do a voice all in favor say "EI"....or a show of hands and get er done today

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That's only a ~$15 move. I expect we'll see greater volatility in the days (and hours?) ahead.

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Morring golden pee boner.. lets see if there is blood flow after the bladder drains. I

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good headline, reliable source