Gold Implied Vol To Surge? Gold Sept15/Dec15 $3300 Calendar Spread Trades

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Too lazy to bring up the chart but take our word for it: a block trade $3,330 Gold September/December 2015 calendar spread just hit the tape at 8:46 am on the CME at an 18.5 bps spread. Looks like someone is starting to believe that the CME interventions in gold via margin hikes will merely compress the implied vol which will explode sooner or later. Also, without knowing the details behind the trade, we wonder if the strike is an indication of where gold is headed or merely a arbed matrix glitch in the implied vol curve. We will try to bring you more on any other odd Greeks we notice in the gold market which is increasingly positioning itself as a reserve currency.

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DormRoom's picture

Keynes argued an international currency reserve would be anchored in 20 commodities, and not just gold.

Pladizow's picture

Can someone please provide a leymans explanantion.

And please don't simply say buy gold or that the gold price will go up.

bigdumbnugly's picture

i'll have a crack at it, pladdy

its like if you strapped a way too tight bra on those big beauties to flatten them out (think judy garland in the wiz of oz)  and then wore it around for too long... well as soon as you loosened those monsters from building pain and pressure they would excellently explode outward.

does that work?

bigdumbnugly's picture

yeah, i had little doubt that would get through to the hunglows and idealmeats out there, lol.

but hopefully it helped pladdy.

hunglow's picture

Wonder couldn't contain them.

gmrpeabody's picture

Thank you for the mental image that conjured up.

Strider52's picture

Gotta like exploding bras...

Mr. Fix's picture

Keynes argued for all kinds of things that have been completely disproven.

 How could he possibly still have any credibility to anyone?

SheepDog-One's picture

It is nice to finally see the undeniable end of Keynesian BS...but that doesnt mean they cant keep it trudging forward anyway for a while under new Uber Congress orders. 'Keynesian economics WILL be reinstituted, and you are ordered to like it! All your gold coins are belong to us now'!

EscapeKey's picture

Well, let's face it - two economists;

one allows the government to simply print lots of money when hard times come around

the other tells the government to cut spending, and live within means

Which one do you think the government will give the job?

-Michelle-'s picture

Is that a trick question?  It seems a little too easy.

malek's picture

No, the trick question is:

Do you think that previous example has any connection to our reality?

DormRoom's picture

you need to seperate Keynesian theory from the poor execution of it.  You can have a sound theory, but  if it is poorly exercised, it is not the theory that is incorrect, but the methodology used.

EscapeKey's picture

oh yawn, yeah we never heard that one before. communism never worked before, because of poor implementation - but THIS time around...

now, swap the word "communism" with "keynesianism".

DormRoom's picture

The American experiment doesn't seem to be working either. 

EscapeKey's picture

please explain what is "free market" about endless stimulus?

malikai's picture

One cannot deny that we have evolved to kleptokeynesianism from an austrianist start.

Doubleguns's picture

That would be "manipulated" American experiment. Thank the politicians, bankers and Keynesians.

Shell Game's picture

The American experiment went terribly wrong with the War of Northern Aggression (a.k.a. the Civil War).  The consolidation/centralization of Federal power killed the Republic and sent us along this inevitable path.  Kill centralized power, give it back to States and The People, and the true American experiment can resume.

I Got Worms's picture

Shell, can you point me to a book or essay that discusses the version of the Civil War/Abe Lincoln that I wasn't taught in junior high school social studies, such as the suspension of the Constitution. I get bits and pieces on blogs such as this, but still don't quite understand.  I search Amazon, and only come up with books discussing the greatness of Lincoln, ending slavery, etc. I'd like to understand from a viewpoint discussing the effect the war and Lincoln's actions had on state's rights.

Rossalgondamer's picture

Lincoln Uber Alles: Dictatorship Comes to America by John Avery Emison

Shell Game's picture

Thomas DiLorenzo has devoted much effort in exposing the truth about Lincoln, the real Civil War and Federalism.  His writings are archived at here:

A must read for every open-minded American, "The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War", at Amazon.

A Nanny Moose's picture

A great read. I would suggest this book for anyone with an interest in "questioning the received reality"

Angel Face's picture

Read Lysander Spooner - No Treason

I Got Worms's picture

Thanks fellas - ordered all 3 books. Looks like I've got some reading to do!

Random_Robert's picture

The 14th amendment turned the "Free men" of the Independent Several States of the American Republic into "Citizens" of the newly formed independent state called the District of Columbia, a non-federated sovereign (and therefore never documented to be part of the Republic of the Several States...

So, when the states ratified the 14th, they unknowingly yielded the sovereignty of their free citizens to the District of Columbia. 

And shit's been running downhill ever since.

The IRS, the Federal Reserve, the New Deal... all would have been impossible if not for the 14th.

Freeing slaves? It was hardly about that. The end product of the Civil War and the 14th was the insidious financial enslavement of anyone who dared to want to be called an American.

Here is the 14th summed up in one bullet point:

  • Black man, you can not be legally owned by any other man within these borders, but EVERYONE within these borders can be legally owned/indentured to a faceless corporate elite of international bankers.



jerry_theking_lawler's picture

the "american experiment" ended around 1913.....its been in the process of being transformed into what we are seeing now every since.

breezer1's picture

all meaningless when you mix in a little 'human action'.


ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

That's the spirit Dormer, but nobody here has read Keynes. What they mean is Post-Keynesianism...the political corruption of Keynes into pump-priming all the time.

Keynes work is worth reading, he is a perceptive funny guy whose biggest fear was inflation. Others said inflation would sort itself out in the long run and Keynes responded derisively to that with "in the long run we are all dead"...and it became the catch-cry of the short termers mis-quoting Keynes 4eva! And here we are. 

He was the smartest guy of his generation and I think he would be the smartest guy today, and he would take on TPTB and their TBTFs. He did just that in his day.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

He was a eugenicist and a pedophile, I hope you know

ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

That does sound like three strikes then...

I take it you have cracked the coded diary.

CosmicBuddha's picture



It doesn't matter how smart you are, if your worldview and beliefs are not in accordance with reality then everything you say will be bullshit. This is the case with Keynes. Interest rates and prices should be set by the market and not by central planners. This is the fatal flaw in Keynesianism and why it is complete bullshit. It really is this simple.

MrPike's picture

Smartest guy of his generation eh?  Sure, if you ignore Mises, Hayek, and Schumpeter.  Their economic teachings are now ignored because it flies in the face of the all knowing government. 

ZackLo's picture

I'll make this easy for the keynseyian worshippers.....


line by line bitchez

malek's picture

You mean like Communism, Eugenics, Socialism, Exceptionalism - just to name a few?

How could one ever question the soundness of those theories!

Long-John-Silver's picture

He's got credibility with Satan where he resides in hell. He personally sticks a trident in his ass several times a day.

cowdiddly's picture

I do not know you Long John, But I commend you as the only one on this board with the vision to see the way forward. You posted months ago that you demand payment in silver for work at your shop. The bankers will never give up and will only offer some other bullshit fiat as a solution. We the people must stop merely hoarding and rat-holeing metal but start using it in exchange. This is already well underway in India. I am running an ad to sell a John Deere tractor for ounces only, not really to sell but just to get a few sheep used to the idea. I do not need nor want their fiat. We must start using a triple monetary system gold, silver, copper from now forward. 

Long-John-Silver's picture

You better be prepared to allow someone to actually buy your tractor with ounces.

You may get shocked when someone actually takes you up on the offer.

I posted my Silver/Gold labour rate sign just to keep people from walking in

with one-off jobs because I generally setup production runs of several hundred peaces.

I've ended up doing jobs for Silver and Gold bullion and coin. I will stop a production run

and do a job for Silver or Gold bullion just because I also want to promote this exchange.

cowdiddly's picture

I will gladly sell it if the bullion is purdy enough.

I Got Worms's picture

Gold, silver and COPPER? I like where you're head's at. While I've been stacking gold and silver, I've also been hoarding pre-1982 pennies for several years. I got a guy at the gas station who saves them for me, and i just swap him out for new shiny pennies. Hell, the melt value on an old penny is about 3 cents. The way things are headed, we may be able to buy lunch with a few copper pennies one of these years!

cowdiddly's picture

A gold only money system only leaves the banksters in control as they control most of the worlds gold er.. tungsten. Thats why they hate silver so much. Its the biggest threat to their control and copper just adds variety and ability to make change.

MsCreant's picture

I want to know more about why you think they hate silver so much. Got a link or can you say more about that here? Gold they can monopolize, I get that, but not silver?