The Gold "Rehypothecation" Unwind Begins: HSBC Sues MF Global Over Disputed Ownership Of Physical Gold

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It all ends in cash settlements. Or war.

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Let me just add that the GATA boys are watering/foaming at the mouth whilst having raging erections...

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Me, bitchez!  

But only the physical kind.  

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Hmmm. I wonder what Andy Maguire would have to say about this?

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Butt, yes, now the top-rung cannibalization begins. An interesting phase, as this is shit being tossed much closer to the fan too. Source shit so to speak.

Could it be that Gold, generally is going to suffer a massive ownership question (fractally much like the RE situation in the US) and could that jam the market? 

Thing is, gold market can be jammed. Industrial demand will keep the silver market alive.

Something to ponder.



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It'll do more than that.  It's going to send it close to parity, at least.  No real reason to think it won't overshoot by a factor that will stun the whole world.

That doesn't mean that the paper prices for both won't be zero, or close to it.

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What are you writing about?  Pairty of what? 

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Silver will go to parity with gold.

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All your gold are belong to us!

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I am going into the weekend with such a warm fuzzy feeling like everything is going to actually go my way for once.

I love you silver bar.

I love you too silver round. 

And yes, even you you old raggedy 1932 Quarter that'll still buy me a gallon of gas.

*Um, sorry you had to see that. <blush>

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..but if you start pulling your cash out, they call you a terrist for inciting a bank run and then they seize it because it's obviously the proceeds of criminal or terristic activities.

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You can buy a gallon of gas with a dime, you dont need a quarter.  The quarter should be worth a two girl lap dance after full price discovery.

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If you can't hold it or touch it, you don't own it.  Buy a damn gun safe, get some guns and gold and when the Federales come for your guns and gold.....  Out of my cold dead hands, molon labe.

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"See me! Feel me!"
"Touch me! Hold me!"

My Silver Maple Leaf(ves) loves me...

Leaf side up so I don't have to look at Charles bag hole mother of course...

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You know financial crisis is bad when bankers are suing each other....


HSBC sues MF Global

Rothchild ibanksters sue Nazi gold UBS

Credit Unions suing JP Morgan

Holocaust victims working in banking still suing Deutschbank



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 hmm..  i'm wondering what time my bullion dealer opens tomorrow  :)

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Physical gold and silver, bitchez!  Just seein' how thin I can get this thing. :-)

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Still several inches from where I stand, little boys.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Well this is going to be bearish for gold...  I mean who wants to own an asset if you're not even sure whether you own it.


Physical gold buried in your backyard, however, is a different matter. 


Strong hands will pay off.

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If you can buy it with a dime, it means silver is undervalued. Oil has become scarcer than silver during the same period of time. Therefore, it should be worth a silver quarter and not a silver dime as it once did. How much will the last gallon of oil should be worth in silver terms?

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I guess you haven't heard about the utter devestation of silver stocks.


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I lost my gold, silver, guns, ammo, food supply and virgininty in a boating accident. Whoosh! You shoulda seen my shoes!

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For about $2k you can buy a Cal25 (plus another $200 for a VHF radio) and go sailing and dial 911 for a rouge wave. Be sure to add an EPIRB and a survival floatation suit and your story may stand up.

But beware, this story is going to get old as more and more gold goes missing. Amateur sinkings will be easily discernible in shallow waters.

Semper Peratus, The Navigator

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It cannot go missing if it never existed.  Abbot and Costello can explain the whole thing.

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If you claim a rouge wave, they will know you makeup the story...

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Just tell them your name is Moses.


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Bendromeda Strain correctly ascertained:

If you claim a rouge wave, they will know you makeup the story...

That's downright mascary.


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You're busted Rafterman. Everyone knows that virginity floats!

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That reminds me that a 15 year old with the IQ of a Kardasian, when she was asked if she was a virgin, she thought for a few seconds and said: "Not yet."

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But you didn't loose your life :-)

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And SEIZE you because they just said they could, if youze a terrorist!

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A 1932S quarter will buy you a whole lot more than just a gallon of gas. All coins are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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We tried to warn you people who thought physical and paper metal was one and the same.  You didn't listen to us and so, if you even have any time left to take possesion, hopefully you will listen to Olivia Newton-John:

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Hahahahaha brilliant link

Let's get ...physical, physical
I wanna get physical
Let's get into physical

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two in the celebrity bush

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gold in the hand is worth two in ETFs.

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It's about bloody time.  Sweet.

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You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Its all a mater of figure of speech or how you look at it. Like you can say, that’s the shit or that’s the bomb, but you cant say that’s the shit bomb. It just doesn’t sound right. Or you can say that’s phat,  or like butter, but you cant say butter phat. And under no circumstance ever ever say shit bomb butter phat!

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There are a few shit bombs on this thread tonight. 

Or perhaps the posters are just shit bombed.