Gold Sliding On Central Banker Script - First India Cuts Rates, Next Tries To Talk Down Gold

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Gold has moved rather rapidly in the past few minutes and many are scrathcing their heads just why this is happening?

The reason is simple: central planning script 101, page 1. As we noted earlier, the RBI did a very surprising overnight repo rate cut from 8.5% to 8.0%, the first in three years, and in other words it has just joined the global central planning cartel in attempting to stimulate the economy nominally, even as inflationary packets still abound across the land (see China), by reliquidifying. Yet what does that mean from a modern monetarist standpoint: why crush gold as an alterantive to the local paper currency of course.  Sure enough:


And there you have it: because the last thing India needs is a surge in gold buying now that it too has joined the global reliquification parade. That said, we are curious in what parallel universe will liquidity easing result in less demand for hard assets. Ask the algos who are selling on nothing but headlines, yet oddly ignoring the fact that India and now Austrialia appear set to enter the race to CTRL-P's bottom.

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Tradition just went on sale this morning. Get you some.

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Just a little intervention.....courtesy of the BIS.


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Two years ago on the day I started the BUY SILVER - CRASH JPM MOVEMENT.  This moveent was designed to not only crash JPM, but crash the dollar, and it gives us comtrol of the monie supply, and our right of equal exchange and fair value.  Ya'll know the drill.....


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I am not Max, and Max does credit Zero Hedge with starting the Buy Silver - Crash JPM Movement, as he should, since the post I made that summerized our motives was in due fact because he pointed out JPM's short position, and everyone was yelling about a Comex default.  I just put 2+2 together.....on Zero Hedge....2 years ago today.

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indians are compulsive liars who are trying to out lie Jews in their own ponzi scheme.





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How about that nice V-shaped recovery just as the TOTUS speaks? Or is that a "V for Vendetta"?

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Indians have a unique take on the English language -

It's pronounced CHEAP, it means SMART.  

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Indians are marvellous and no threat to anyone because
of lack of chutzpah. The religiously impaired part of
British India got amputated and is as intended only a threat
to herself.

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"and everyone was yelling about a Comex default.  I just put 2+2 together.....on Zero Hedge....2 years ago today."

COMEX defaulted, JPM didn't

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What you forget is that we do not have fair and free markets.  The Crimex increased margin on silver 5 times in just 8 days (up 84%) in May 2011 to crush investors.  Sorry, JPM won that round hands down and made billions. Unless the Chinese and Indians pitch in, the Morgue will win the next round too.

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The great thing about the Movement is that we buy an item, silver, with great value, intrinsic value, with fiat money that has no intrinsic value.  No matter the short term price fluctuation, we have collateral.  And in due time, as long as we continue, we can take down the great Beast upon us, JPM, and it's proxie banking system.

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I'll provide the bank account number.  You send me that worthless fiat. 

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JustObserving wrote : 'The Crimex increased margin on silver 5 times in just 8 days (up 84%) in May 2011 to crush investors.'

I wouldn't call long, margined, paper traders "investors".

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The Indian rate cut looks very ill-timed considering headline inflation is barely under control.


Just wondering how Gold pricing (the real pricing) based on actual global consumption, annual production happens ? Is there a production / consumption report one can refer to somewhere.. Not the futures pricing !!

MeelionDollerBogus's picture - breakdown by usage, by nation (jewelry), by nation per-capita (tons) - highly detailed but data ends at 2009


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And people wonder why so many of us have lost faith in government...

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You can't lose what you never had...

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Punish the savers and investors. Free market my ass. These PM's have been locked in a predetermined trading range and at the end of the month, your net -0- it seems to me.

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options end this week; and PMs are basically an end game; watch what happens when everyone tries to save their own asses.

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If Gold spikes and holds $2,000 troy oz, then they all become proven liars and the scharade is exposed. That's a big part of their cover up.

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No. They will just continue like nothing happened, like they've done many times already. Nobody is putting their heads on a plate so they can continue to do what the f*** they want. And they will.

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Eventually those shorts have to be covered or delivered. Imagine my shock when the NYFed and Ft. Knox have nothing in them. Nobody could have predicted it...nobody. (And this is certainly not a predicition or anything.)

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Naked shorts are easy to cover.  Smash the price with more longer term naked shorts and then cover your near term shorts.  You can do this for frickin forever.

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This fucking con game is now global! 

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Alert FOX, there's a War on Gold!

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Murdock has his hands full as it is.


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Well considering they lost the battle to tax gold, this was the next best thing they could come up with.

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It has been for a long time;


"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences." 
  -- Quote from Caroll Quigley's Tragedy and HopeChapter 20

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They (Central Bankers) meet monthly at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland! The BIS is the man behind the curtain.


Inflation with no inflation protection.  So awesome. 

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This bubble is well overdue for a collapse. We had the blow-off top at 1900+, and we had the bull trap retracement to 1790. This is the final stage of the gold bubble: capitulation. I feel genuinely sorry for goldbugs right now. I have warned them countless times to get out of this bubble, but each time my warnings have been met with dismissal and verbal abuse.

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I believe MDB just laughs out loud as he hits submit.

On a side note this chick on my pop up ad that supposedly lives 2.8 miles away from me and is dying to chat with me is starting to wear on me. I have not clicked on her request yet but I must admit I take an extra look around the supermarket to see if she does exist....

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Yes...because the 16 trillion debt bubble.....will never burst. It will just grow larger.


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I live in a small town and it is essentially a sausage fest around here. The few women that do exist don't compare to the ones that supposedly live 10 minutes away and can only find a man via an anonymous chat room. Simply amazing how that works.

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Well, I currently live in Panama, and the latinas that supposedly want to date me on the side adds do not measure up to chicks I randomly meet on the street. Count me lucky.

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I predict a bubble in bad trolling...

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the Troll curve parallels the GOLD curve

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Yep.  Because gold isn't backed by ANYTHING.  /sarc off

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/sarc on.......and we can always print more gold.


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Gold will always be backed by rappers

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you been beat to that punch bowl too many times.

With all the top-calling failures and with Dennis flip-flopping off every deck of every boat he gets reeled onto in the vast sea of disinformation, you really don't have much room to joke no matter how you try to hide it.

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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

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It's probably Mikael Charoze of the BIS selling gold!

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You can bet your lifes finances that the Central Banks will use everthing they can to keep Gold down...they have to...they cannot allow an alternative currency or anything that looks like one.....that is a fact jack...but at some point they will not be able too....