Goldman Cuts Q2 GDP Forecast To 2.0% Following Miserable Factory Orders

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We suggested that Goldman would trim its Q2 forecast following the abysmal Factory orders number earlier. Sure enough, here it comes. To our surprise, however, the cut was on 0.1%. This can only mean that Hatzius has left more dry powder for further GDP cuts as more and more high frequency economic "misses" rise to the surface.

From Goldman:



1.    Factory orders declined by 0.6% (month-over-month) in April, in contrast to consensus expectations for a small increase. The decline resulted primarily from a drop in the nominal value of petroleum orders/shipments due to lower oil prices. Durable goods orders were unchanged in April, and non-durable goods orders/shipments excluding petroleum products increased by 0.2%.


2.    The report was a modest negative for our tracking estimate of Q2 GDP growth. In particular, growth in “core” durable goods shipments (nondefense capital goods ex-aircraft) was revised down. Non-durable goods inventories also increased less than we had anticipated. We therefore revised down our tracking estimate by one tenth to +2.0% (annualized).

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Conman's picture

Oh ok, explains why the market is ramping back green then.. all is well. for QE that is.

Ahmeexnal's picture

plunge protection team is now going  in bareback.

mirac's picture

2%?  Surely they misplaced the decimal and it should read .02%

eclectic syncretist's picture

Who do they think they're fooling revising it down by 0.1% to 2.0% growth??  ROTFLMFAO!

Obviously Goldman has some ulterior motive working on this blatant fabrication.  Begging the taxpayers to save them again.

maxmad's picture

Bernanke is in a box!  Cant announce another QE or dollar is done, however market will collapse if he doesn't.  Oh, what a terrible web we weave....

FlyoverCountrySchmuck's picture

CNN actually said this morning that Bernanke MUST PRINT, or the MArkets will collapse.


Standard Deviant's picture

Are muppets still supposed to be buying equities?    I can't remember.

l1b3rty's picture

At the top, these corporations are all 1!

JustObserving's picture

If they used an accurate measure of inflation, growth would be negative.  But the game must go on and muppets must have hope.

Snakeeyes's picture

I don't blame them. Today and last week were DREADFUL. But what do you expect from a green ideologue like Obama? M

Nobody For President's picture

Maybe GS relative optimism is due to their great stock performance lately:


The worst trader's picture

Pass the hopium please I;m coming down hard.

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Youri Carma's picture

Or is Hatzius merely parroting JPM? Doesn't want to frontrun JPM predictions?

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1 June 2012
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