Goldman On Deleveraging And The Sovereign-Financial Feedback Loop

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Goldman has been bearish the last few weeks


Any wonder why equities are skying?

Especially financials?

No doubt, they are trying their hardest to get the street positioned heavily offsides before the Eurozone figures out a "miraculous" solution.

You know it is going to happen.

The typical "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" cycle continues.

As long as the Ponzi Derivatives Pyramid remains intact and Fractional Reserve Banking continues to grow and expand worldwide.

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“Why equities are skying?”

DJIA 14,000 Depends on U.S. Saying We’re All in This Together With Europe

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Hey RobotTrader...

Show us your tits....

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F*** Goldman

End the Fed

End the Fractional reserve banking system

Elect Ron Paul or die a slave

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Too many players with too much influence.  Nobody is giving up that power.  They will devalue all the currencies before they burn it to the ground

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Do any  intelligent ZHers actually listen to, nevermind believe, anything Goldman Sachs says?


There is no way out. Virtually every country, most especially the USA, is in default. Period. We know that governments will never actually admit default and restructure, etc.

They'll just keep printing money until the various ponzi schemes collectively finally collapse in the crackup boom Ludwig von Mises predicted long ago.

Vote for Ron Paul; buy gold, silver, and plenty of ammo.

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I had a hard time following this. Is this a scheme to further defraud taxpayers or an attempt to sucker more retail investors? Could someone who understands English spoken through a cock in mouth please explain?

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Yup. Mentioned this as well, long some XOver to hedge out any long IG and even HY one might be holding. 

Really not sure about the snr-sub (further) decompression as it seems about as crowded as the divvy plays in equities are. But who knows, might be good for another hundred bp!

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If goldmans lips are moving,is anybody believing...?

This is the real question.

No one even wanted to read the article about them,by the number of comments.

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"This suggests the Senior-Sub decompression trade is warranted (as we have been saying for a while - pre-downgrades) and picking the carry on financials-non-financials seems like nothing but a beta play to us. Up-in-quality via Main ex-Financials may be lower carry but stands to benefit both ways and XOver looks set to suffer more if deleveraging forces a credit crunch."


can someone please explain this final analysis in more simpler terms. I some how couldnt fathom it.