Goldman On Italy - Part 3

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Okay people,as we all well know  the Central Banks daily interventions and bailouts increase in size so its kinda fittin' to say 'that bigga is betta', so what d'ya know ol'Perth Mint decided to unveil this monster......

I'll tell ya its one big mutha!

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Stopping to think about this, I realize the only way that the CB cartel could possibly bring Berlusconi in line is by threatening his family--that should be interesting.  There are going to be inexplicable, "accidental" deaths of high profile figures very soon.  

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I'm sure they are hedged for that.  No, wait.  Zero Hedge...

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And ... the fact that the shatheads who got us in trouble are taking over is interpreted as good shows you how rigged this is.

They are going all in.

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"Unlimited purchases at a set price"

Fuckers should be shot.

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So when do people get out of the euro after the obvious Italian bond fixing by the ECB? Never? That's what I thought.

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Just wondering ...

... whether there are enough ex-GS'ers to go around,
like 17 ?

European elections 2014: Europe's politicians are being strategically replaced

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whats the bet that the ECB told italy  "were going to step away just for one day and not support your bonds" just to teach them a lesson, using a little shock therapy...

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Isn't the ChairSATAN the biggest unelected dictator ever?

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Bottom Line

"the ECB will be forced to directly monetize debts across the entire eurozone." "The U.S. has unfunded liabilities many times the size of Italy's unfunded liabilities. Including unfunded liabilities, while Italy's total debts are approximately 300% of their GDP, the U.S. has total debts equaling about 600% of its GDP."

Just wait til our bond yields jump

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I expect a continued flight to the perceived safety of the USD/TSY as Europe falters.  But it won't continue for very long.

When our yields jump, and further debt is unavailable, then comes the monetization of the debt.  Pile on lower revenues due to spiraling higher unemployment and lower consumer spending in positive-feedback loop. Can you say 50-100% inflation?

Its gonna be a bitch.

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Oh I see, the problem with Europe is just the leaders there, and just a swap of leaders here and there fixes everything. And bankers are in charge of doing that. Uh, yeaaaaaaaa....

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Italy should try no government like we here in Belgium, works great !!!!

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Eurozone is done. Whatever the "new Europe" is has not yet been

revealed. ECB is a paper tiger and Germany will not let them

print their way out. This will overhang global markets indefinitely.

Gonna be a mess. ZH er's should rejoice. The black swan 25X

bigger than Lehman is now firmly entrenched.

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Germany has no choice but to let the ECB print money to prop up the EU. Otherwise, German Banks fall flat on their face. To heavely invested in EU debt....

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You're wrong. Just sayin....