Goldman Lowers Q2 GDP Forecast One Day After Raising It

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High frequency economics is truly living up to its name, as now GDP forecasts are adjusted not weekly but daily. After Goldman yesterday hiked its Q2 GDP forecast to 1.7% on better than expected Q1 GDP composition, today's weak consumer spending data pushed it right back down.

From Goldman:

Soft Consumer Spending:


BOTTOM LINE: Consumer spending was unchanged in May and earlier months revised down. Q2 GDP now tracking +1.6%. Core PCE inflation lower than expected for the month.


1.    Nominal personal consumption expenditures (PCE) were unchanged in May. Real PCE was up 0.1% (month-over-month). Although results for May were close to consensus expectations, earlier months were revised lower. In particular, monthly growth in real PCE for both March and April was revised down by 0.2 percentage points. Due to the downward revisions to March and April PCE, we revised down our estimate for Q2 PCE to +1.8% (annualized) from +2.0% previously. This lowered our tracking estimate of Q2 GDP growth to +1.6% from +1.7%.


2.    Nominal personal income increased by 0.2% in May, as expected. Real disposable income increased by 0.3%, and has accelerated modestly to +1.1% year-over-year (from a low of +0.2% yoy in February). The PCE price index declined by 0.2%, as expected. The core PCE price index increased by +0.12%, less than the consensus had forecast. However, because of upward revisions to earlier months, the year-over-year growth rate in the core PCE price index was in line with the consensus expectation at +1.8%.

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Once a QE fiend, always a QE fiend...

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Blankfein is a pretty pretty girl and it's a womans prerogative to change her mind.


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The bitch needs a beaten....

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"God's work" sure can appear confusing from the perspective of us muppets ...

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...and the USD falls while the EUR rises due to.....hmmm no new printing by the Fed....are they going to print dollars in the EZ now?

LOL at WTI up +5% already.

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... and gold up 45 bucks ...

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These days the consumer and business are also keyed in to these forecasts and adjust their behaviour rapidly to suit the prevailing economic mood. So shouldn't we also have an FOMC decision at least every second day to keep them in check/lift their spirits accordingly?

C'mon Ben I'm freakin bored of this Euro shit I don't even know where that place is. Can't wanna wait another month need some of that soothing Fed speak to help me sleep for an "extended period".

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Peter Madoff, the younger brother of Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernard Madoff, was arrested at his lawyer's Manhattan office today.

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and yet Corzine walks free ...

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And yet Jon Corzine is still walking the Earth as a free man.  What a world we live in.  

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The system is coming apart at the seams.

Warp speed Mr. Sulu. Get us the hell out of here.

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Captain there seems to be a gravity well pulling us in, we are unable to jump to warp.


Activate emergency protocol Captain, everyone else to the lifeboats!

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OT/ Japan finds a huge deposit of rare earths that could secure its autonomy for 270+ years. Read this :


Japon: un important gisement de terres rares découvert dans le Pacifique

Down the road, China loses its key monopoly in this sector!

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For those who don't read French.

"Once a mining technique is developed to secure the minerals from the seabed, which is at a depth of 5,600 meters, Japan may be able to attain complete self-sufficiency in supplies of the mineral."

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Just pulling the muppet strings.

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This is all so absurd. Like a 3 ring circus where the clowns have no idea which ring they belong in. So we bail out again, and create more debt world wide that can NEVER be repaid. And this is bullish? Well for our gold, silver, miners it makes perfect sense, but are we going to buy more Burritos, flat panel TVs or a third I pad. Oh well. Just watch the inmates do their thing until they are put back in their restraining jackets.

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Looks like Goldman is on the wrong side of the Trade.  I believe they are really short the Market.

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Goldman's short S&P call was a signal for me to close my short position. It never fails.

sickofthepunx's picture if the anal-ists at GS didn't know this yesterday

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Didn't they make a call on the S&P a few days ago for 1285?