Goldman Lowers Q2 Tracking Estimate To 1.5%

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As the stock surge on escalating bad news accelerates, here is one more datapoint that should be good for at least 5 more S&P points: Goldman just lowered its Q2 GDP forecast even more, from 1.6% to 1.5%.

BOTTOM LINE: Factory orders increase, but weak inventory growth implies downward revision to Q2 GDP tracking estimate


Factory orders increased by 0.7% (month-over-month) in May, more than generally expected. Key underlying details in the report were mixed. On the one hand, orders and shipments of “core” durable goods (nondefense capital goods ex-aircraft) were revised up. On the other, inventory accumulation in the manufacturing sector was below our assumptions. Taking together, the news was a slight negative for our tracking estimate of Q2 GDP growth: we revised down by one tenth to +1.5% (annualized).

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Give us some more goldman trades so we can do the opposite ...

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As long as central bankers can keep printing money out of thin air, It's all BULLSHIT!!!

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When this thing goes to hell, its going to be like a rocket-slide on rails.  Better have your seatbelts fastened.

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Worries about world food prices are increasing, stoked by a 10% rise in US corn and wheat prices in just a week.

As a result, investment bank Goldman Sachs on Friday raised its price forecasts for corn futures contracts to $6.25 per bushel, up from $5.25.

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What's the advice for the muppets?

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China running at ~4x the US rate. Only makes sense to invest where the growth is. Yes yes, massaged numbers this, hard landing that. Fact of the matter is, i'll still take 5% (super conservative assumption) over a point and a half stateside.

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The price moves following the big ECB rate cut will set up an awesome trade. Look for the S&P to top out between 1400 and 1422.

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Chances are that domestic demand continue without much force during the next twelve months. Surely, the companies that have been made stronger in the international market, may show better results. Beware beyond Europe because consumption will fall very sharply.

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88 by tonight 92 by friday!

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QE3 in the pipeline.. global intervention beggining ECB rate cut thursday get long PMs baby

(and junior miners)

(and oil)

fuck stocks they are sinfull

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Uhm, so Goldman raised it and then lowered it and is now lowering it more...

What muppets would trust these turds?

I'm thinking the GDP is going to be far worse than 1% (officially)

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The squid has their fist up the muppet's ass.

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Growth in consumption isn't  gross domestic product. Since we produce virtually nothing but waste it needs to be reclassified as GDC.

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Quick - short Silver and VXX!

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Other than the weak ISM yesterday, which had some seasonal adjustments, Factory Orders and Construction Spending both were actually quite strong. Today, we also see very strong auto sales. I have to admit, I've been very bearish but these numbers are starting to turn confirm the trend in the market.

And, once again, Europe is shining bright green going into the close again. Short term euphoria? Perhaps. But, the markets like it and, as they say, the trend is your friend when it comes to market movements.

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What sense does this oversupply construction investment make?

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 These markets are a complete f..king joke! there is no participation, and when q-2 earnings start the cracks will open. These race to the bottom central bank moves will have the half life of a "rat in a room full of cats".

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Probably not. Analysts, media, etc. have convinced everyone that earnings will be horrible in yet another classic set up of, "yes they were bad but not as terrible as we thought". So don't be surprised when lousy earnings actually push the market higher and higher, as has any other bad news. 

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So this is how the market thinks it's going to get more QE, it's laughable.  



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someone give GS the memo. A: nobody cares. B.. Until ben lets the market be one. Matters none. Please this complete joke has gotta end. Its torture.

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Must explain the relentless bidding up in the market.

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Son, this is what happens WHEN YOU F*** A STRANGER IN THE ASS!

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Wow, how truly blantant is the bidding up today?

Just in time for the 4th of July break.  A cool hundo on the Dow.  That probably goes will with some relish and potato salad.

What a f'ing joke.  How utterly pathetic can this get?

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here's a vid mash not seen by the likes of the ZH board...

another Goldman shot across the bow... includes Orson Welles

scene used in Sales and Trading program at GS...  I promise or your money back!


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Rally Warning Confirmed...

As mentioned earlier, further equity strength and USDX weakness expected this year according to my analysis.