Goldman Sachs Headline Of The Day: German Unemployment Higher, Employment Also Higher

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Today may be the final snorefest before tomorrow Uncle Ben Chairsatan disappoints everyone (sending the market even higher on hopes and prayers he is really saving the super-duper nitrous turbo bazooka for the Sept 13 FOMC meeting) with nothing actionable coming through the J-Hole teleprompter, but that doesn't mean the day has to be boring. Luckily, Goldman has made sure of just that with a report on the surprising higher than expected rise in German unemployment, which coupled with yesterday's higher than expected inflation in Deutschland (they didn't build that inflation, someone else did it for them) is certain to get all ze Germans in a very bailouty moody. However, this being Goldman: the bank that runs the ECB, the Fed, the BOC, and soon, if all goes according to plan, the BOE, the base coverage is enough to make one's head spin. To wit: 'Unemployment edges higher, but employment continues to rise." In other words, add both German employment and unemployment to that other list of items that just goes up come hell or high water, such as stocks, bonds, VIX, crude, gold, blood pressure, coffee consumption, and so forth. Why, one may ask? Simple - "the new central-planned normal." Which of course is the same as the old central-planned normal from circa 1954 Stalingrad.

From Goldman Sachs

Unemployment edges higher, but employment continues to rise

Bottom line: Unemployment continued to edge higher in August. Employment, however, is still rising, albeit at a slower pace, suggesting that companies are becoming more reluctant to create jobs.

Unemployment (seasonally and calendar adjusted) rose 9,000 in August after a similar increase in July. At the same time, employment increased by 16,000 in July after +25,000 in June. The unemployment rate remained constant at 6.8%; the unemployment rate according to the ILO definition was also unchanged at 5.5%.

The slowdown in the economy is starting to affect the labour market, as reflected in the rate at which new jobs are being created: the average rise in employment was only 30k in the second quarter, after +46k in Q1. It has now slowed further to just +16k in July (latest data available). To be sure, the lack of skilled labour may in some regions also be a factor leading to the slowdown in employment growth, with unemployment rates in Southern Germany remaining well below 4%.

Overall, the labour market continues to support growth for the time being. A weaker underlying momentum of the German economy will lead, we think, to a more pronounced slowdown in job creation. At the same time, there is no indication so far that the latest developments at the European level have led to a fundamental reassessment of the medium-term outlook for German corporates.

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This is bad......if the Germans are out of work....who's gonna pay for all this crap?


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first: last time in Europe we had a crysis like this, germans started wwII


secondo: germanzzzz productzzzz are NOT crap. china products are crap

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Yes! Someone needs to bomb the PIFGIBS again., so they can ask for GErmany money for another 60 years!

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Adopting a new change of heart.....a wise. older, and repentant Adolf moved to India and opened a clothing shop.


"No sure what I was thinking with that 1000 year Reich crap....seems batsh!t crazy now." - stated the grey haired Adolf.

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mate you're on funny mode today?? :D hahahah

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The Germans will never start another war.  They, unlike Americans, are acutely aware of the suffering and devastation it brings.  If anyone is going to start WWIII it would be the most militaristic nation on the planet expanding its hegemony in a last ditch effort to sustain its status quo.  That nation is not Germany.

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i m not necessarily saying that.....


just comparing times.... as i said last time that in Europe we had a crysis of this proportion that have been the worst time in Europe's history....


prepare yourself even for the worse cause nobody, i mean really N O B O D Y, can predict what will happen

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Peak Doublethink  

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Bullshit numbers

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I suggest that Germany should seriously consider exporting goods to herself for local conumption. Her people may as well consume and enjoy the fruits of their labour rather than lend the fruits of their labour to the PIIGS who in turn buy German goods until realising repayment of their lines of credit is not possible.

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How in the $&@!

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You could have an in-flux of foreigners which, even if the number of employed people was rising, could still lead to a sinking ratio because of the (even) larger denominator.

I wonder how they count the work-sharing setup in Germany vis a vis employment...are they fractionally employed or do they count as completely unemployed?

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Bullish!  Bearish!

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The real story is actually in the number of companies throttling production and cutting hours (kurzarbeit).

As of Sept. I will be working upto 8 days a month less. Go figure what kind of effect that will have.

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From Goldman Sachs

Unemployment edges higher, but employment continues to rise


What a J-Hole...

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SHIT....the chicken or the egg? Answer the fucking question fuck face!

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...and you needed more evidence of Biflation??? Ha

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Its all of those Greeks moving to Germany....file for unemployment...and live in fat city...

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Statistician wanted: Must be able to follow directions.

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The ability to turn crap into peaches and cream is a plus.


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Lets get real about markets etc .Ben owns them ,as long as volumes stay reasonably low.I got abit suspicious when the dow dropped 660 points in one day in 2008 and next day had a dead cat bounce  of a mere 700 points.In spring 2009 Ben bought into all the markets stocks,pms,oil,bonds and commodities.Why? Because the virtual world of the markets allows him to influence the real world and make a lot of money with his friends from WS

You see Ben can use this choke point to do many things

 for example a.Increase tier 1 capital levels for banks by driving  up stocks.b.Drive down interest rates by buying treasuries.cIntroduce inflation to head off deflation.dIntroduce delation to head off inflation.Punish the gold bugs when necessary to support the dollar,etc etc etc.Of course the magnifyer of Bens actions is the WS gang, GS JPM etc  these are the ultimate insider traders.

By the way Bens working to a script but he didnt write it,It was knocked up by Rothschild ,Warburg ,Sieff etc.There is only problem, Europe wasnt in the script,thats why hes so worried about Europe ,but at least it gives him one thing,a good excuse when the SHTF.