Goldman Says Good Riddance to 2011

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A shame we couldn't say good riddance to the squid, which is morphing into yet another diabolical financial beast.

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Clarity, did you say morp-hing? As in present continuous? I think it was a diabolical financial beast at it's inception. Behind every great fortune no , not a woman, a CRIME.

Banks are criminal organizations. As are insurance companies. 

And I'll second and third your feelings... Let's say Good Riddance to Gold Mansacks.



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Too bad we can't say goodbye to Goldman.

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LOL 2011 will be heaven compared to what's coming in 2012.

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Silver down for the year - but dont worry its cheap now!! You are right and the market is wrong

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Silver down for the year, but up 4X from $6 only 4 years ago. Stocks never have recovered from 4 years ago levels, not even close.

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"In sum, the experience of 2011 suggests that the global economy remains at a delicate juncture as we head into 2012. The dynamics of a post-bust recovery that we have highlighted in past research are reflected in a growth outlook that is pretty fragile to shocks."

so, Bad, or Worse?  I am betting on Worse. Shocking.

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To echo above sentiments in a different way, we should have been saying "good riddance" to the VampSquid back in 2008, but NOOOOO - we couldn't have THAT. We needed to save those enslave us.

Economic calamity and tanks in the streets and all that jazz.

Eh, who cares anyway? The NFL playoffs start in a week, and the Steelers are right there in the hunt for another division title and possible first-round bye-week, dontcha know?

Priorities, bitchez!

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CNBC/Onion headline: Jobless Claims Drift Higher, Still Below Key Level

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Oh! Well as long as we're not at the 'key level' yet, rock the party ON!

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I think Goldman won the Onion contest this morning though with "Manufactured US-Debt Ceiling Crisis"

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That is true the debt ceiling crises was totally manufactured.  In reality the economic collapse is going to be caused by too much debt and not the lack of a debt ceiling.

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i think their flow desk had a pretty good year. at least given the terrible advice they gave to their clients.

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Warning OT.

Breaking. Holy Shiite! Delta Force targeting Straits.

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BUT, we STILL rule the WORLD!! 

Muahhh hah ha haaaaa

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Of course, for many 2011 refuses to just go away--Japanese government is informing some areas that they will be the 'national sacrifice zone' for storing radioactive debris (because decontamination is 'impractical'):


Govt requests sites for waste soil storage

The government has officially requested permission to temporarily store radioactive waste soil in 8 municipalities around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Environment Minister Goshi Hosono on Wednesday met governor Yuhei Sato of Fukushima Prefecture and the mayors of 8 districts of Futaba County.

Hosono said Futaba County was chosen because areas exposed to over 100 millisieverts of radiation per year are concentrated there. He said this makes ordinary decontamination methods impractical.

Hosono said the government will buy up or borrow land on long-term leases to build temporary storage sites.

After the meeting, Governor Sato said it will be very painful for the people of Futaba County to accept the government request. He said the government should adopt great courtesy in explaining its plan to the relevant municipalities and residents.

The governor said he would decide whether or not to allow the plan after listening to responses from the municipalities.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 17:08 +0900 (JST)

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Are clients still listening to what these guys are saying ?

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If you had faded Goldman's superb "gold call", like i did, you would have $20k per contract in your bank by now. even more for that flea-ridden dog SILVER has made. Look for $1225 gold by Jan 15th. $10 Silver will be an excellent entry point!

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oh boy, these greeks. again, their tax collectors won't work. two of their "top" anti-tax fraud prosecuters (Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis) just threw the towel. and all public employees working in the tax collecting agency are on a 48 hours strike.

this is how you celebrate new year

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Tax collectors off the job? Any way we can import this?

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The DOW will close up for the year.  If the S&P can close above ~1257, that will be positive for the year ,and the PR machine (ministry of propaganda) will sing its praises ad infinitum.

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Try to imagine being a hedge fund manager explaining to clients why their accounts are down 25% or however much in an 'up' year. I predict 1256 just so they can spin it with "We'll do better next year when the market recovers". 

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I can't say I disagree with Goldman on this front.  Good riddance 2011!

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We're celebrating. One of the best years we ever had actually. Now if you're planning on celebrating New Years in New York City I have one word for you: don't.

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Not many of your clients are looking at green. Only your prop desk that front-runs clients provides any cash for the Vampires that inhabit this shithole of a firm.

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If only 2012 could say good riddance to Goldman

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+10 Out of the frying pan into the GS perpetrated fire!

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GS started the year around $160. It's now around $91. No wonder they are saying good riddance.