Goldman Stock Price Drops Back To Double Digits For First Time Since March 2009

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It is too early to proclaim that ding dong, the vampire squid is dead, but it just dropped below triple digit range for the first time since March 2009. To anyone who enjoys to wager, this may be a good time to put some money that a Management/Buffet Buy Out (MBBO) of Goldman Sachs may be in the works.

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MS under 15, looking shitty as well. 

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GS is private arm of US Treasury to raise funding for bubble cycle operations and to training ground for future Treasury secretaries. Stock may go down, but GS will never go out of business just like Japan will never let Toyota fail, Russia will never let Gasprom fail, US will never let GE/Ford fail, even war lords in middle east never let the bread and butter industry companies fail.

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Hey. I just visited your blog a couple days ago. You're french government creates a bank run article. Is screaming across the entire universe just about. It's making folks deaf on pluto at the very least.

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"Teleprompter In Chief" suppose to be squawking about something soon.

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All the signs of a pattern are emerging.

General sharp down-draft, humpty-dumpty moment for anything fragile, and then up, up and away for real world and down down and ??? for paper.

Not that GS is going to hurt in any of it. Squids can keep re-growing lost tentacles (is that what they are caled in Squids?)?


Source of US Geopolitical  Power

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Great!  Keep going down until it gets to $1.00 and Lloyd Blankfein is behind bars.

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I will be thrilled  the day it is at $1 but the govt will keep their little company up there and throws trillions at it if need be.  Nothing I would like better than for Goldman to become Lehman or Bear Stern

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did u guys hear that...the sound of goldman wanks realizing there will be no bonus this year

lest they put a gun to bernankes massively shiny head

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Bernanke is going to put his own gun to his own head, like Bart in Blazing Saddles.

"Hold It!"  "No QE3 and this Central Banker gets it!"

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I'll be happy when GS is a single-digit-midget...

I remember Lehman going down...  at the office, I gave people a reverse history, $14.53... Constantinople just fell... $10.66 Battle of Hastings... Anyway you get the idea.

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last three teleprompter events have resulted in some major dips in the dow while he is speaking. Try and notice what the dow is when he starts his reading. the jobs event speech in Ricmond was epic.

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glad I took my profits on that pig....booked some others last week as well....i feel a trading range coming on?!?!?!

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Awwwww... The Staaawks are down, and so is gooooold. You do realize that if the EUR implodes, the USD will go volkswagon and send the price of gold to something like $300. After the metal rocks back and forth from 300-3000 it will not look like the store of 'wealth' that it does now.

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Whatever happens, the fed will print, then print, and finally print some more.  Early ain't wrong.

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Doesn't matter... EUR, USD, JPY.. They're all going down eventually. Plan accordingly.

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OMG everyone that owns gold is starting to panic. What's next, riots? Demands for paper with ink on it?


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hmmmmm... I think Gold will outperform everything except silver...

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as your unpaid unsolicted advisor you may want to take some PM profits...all asset classes can get creamed in a you know fear drives more volume than greed.

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addendum to the above (bill):


(sent from my idiotpad)

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If I was thinking like a criminal banker, I would be hittin' the bids on that sucker 'til it was pushed down to $50 and lookin' like it was heading to zero; then I would take that baby private. Cost about $35 Billion. pffft. No brainer. Last year Goldie paid out $15 Billion in bonuses. Oh, and I would have a secret promise from the Fed in my back pocket of course. Lloyd would have to take one for the team and plead guilty to something and do a year or two at Club Allentown. Sounds like a plan.



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I bet we'll learn soon why 'ole Lloyd felt the need to "lawyer up".

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But at what point do they lose bank holding company status?

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geez deutsche gettin dropped kicked in the face on a daily basis...


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ZER O Damus now waving some "Bill" which WE will have to pay for?!?! Fuck YOU!

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if i had to choose, i would buy shit instead of gs.

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Ninty nine is looking good, but number nine would be even better and take jamie with you. see-ya!

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OT (?)

Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control

In the first such analysis ever conducted, Swiss economic researchers have conducted a global network analysis of the most powerful transnational corporations (TNCs). Their results have revealed a core of 787 firms with control of 80% of this network, and a “super entity” comprised of 147 corporations that have a controlling interest in 40% of the network’s TNCs.

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S&P 500 May Plunge 21%, Bank of America Says


little more than i thought...but close enough

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did buffett ever exercise his warrants?

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Call being made to Geithner for Operation Twister to buy stocks ? Bank stocks ?

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EVERYTHING rests on BAC. $7 seems to be a death spriral number. Above it, all hangs by a thread. Below it, it all, ALL, unravels. Everything else is just noise. 

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who/what is backstopping it?  their button finger must be bloody by now.

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at the rate they give away stock to insiders they won't have to buy it. good riddance.

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"this may be a good time to put some money that a Management/Buffet Buy Out (MBBO) of Goldman Sachs may be in the works."  - WRONG!  Management has no balls, Buffett's terms are much too costly. 

But QE-3 and/or TARP-2 are definitely in the works


John Law Lives's picture

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys...

Maybe it is God's will.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

GS under $100?


To be consistent:  /sarc

tahoebumsmith's picture

Hark, is that bathwater I hear running in the background?

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Whoever is doing such a great job of propping up BAC stock with a $7 floor should reveal their self. Maybe Goldman will want to hire them too.

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Jump you fuckers!

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i look for a bounce in the low 90s, at give or take 92.50, on the way down.

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Star Wars Knights of the Old republic needs 12 million customers to keep a 300 million dollar investment from getting flushed. It's got. 1,690,000 and a we're fucked christmas card list. Lucas can't get 4 million customers for all the stuff he shits in a box. No way they are coming up with 12 million.

This crap and repeats of this crap on larger and smaller scales is all over banks.

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