Goldman On Today's Apparently Completely Unpredictable NFP Number

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I Don't think we are at crisis levels yet, LIBOR is still in check though it may be showing the beginnings of the cracks in the dam:

Click on the 3 yr time frame on the interactive chart below the short term chart.  As you can see it's relatively mild, compared to 2008, but if this goes bonkers, run for the hills.

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"friday, friday, market's going down on friday
everybody's looking forward to the weekend
friday, friday, going down on friday
everybody's looking forward to the weekend
partying partying (NO)
partying partying (NO)
not fun, not fun, not fun, not fun
looking forward to the weekend" 

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pdizzle, I am absolutely dumbfounded at how depressed short-term eurodollar rates and the TED spread are.  You would think banks would be more concerned about counterparty risk in this environment.  I guess they think central banks thoughout the world will back-stop everybody indefinitely.  Normalcy bias...

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The last sentence shows how much GS is just guessing based on hope: "As we believe at least a few jobs were created in July..."   

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Now that OBOZO has a cool $1T in his pocket the bankers are pulling the same scam they did in 2008. Crash the markets and come to the president begging for more cash. OBOZO, weak minded, will give them something, maybe all of it. All of that cash should be used to create real jobs, but it won't. How's the Hope and Change president working out eh?

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hope and change?

dope and 'caine, bitchez. 

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NFP might possibly print high,

Gov 101 - maintain positive outlook

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Unless you want QE3...then this will be the final straw.

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Oh give me a freaking break already. Likely, they will blow hopnium smoke up everyone's ass with a halfway decent number, then revise it into the red before next week like theyve done a gazillion times before.  You can never believe any number they publish.

Wait about 3 weeks mininum, because it takes time for the steaming malleable turd we call a statistic out of the BLS to become something hard.

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If BLS has not leaked it to anyone, then it must be bad... 

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look for rapid pre-market move hour to half hour before BLS release....someone will spill the beans.

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The "Kudlow Bottom" in EUR/CHF. 

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was this not a 5;30 am EST release?? caNNot find the data anywhere???? bueLLer, bernanke, tiMMah, obuMMer, anyone...

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Due 12:30 zulu time, so 08:30 EDT.

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Well you could start by looking at the BLS web site:

You can also subscribe to their calendar:

iCal users -- webcal://
Google Calendar, Mozilla, and Evolution Users --

It's an 8:30AM EDT release.

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Just remember, if the Gov't wants to come out with a decent number all the BLS has to do is lower the labor participation rate again by dumping workers off the back end. I say watch the participation rate if you want to know whether or not the numbers were fudged.

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Correct, if participation rate is lowered, then the report is BS, as, in truth, we should see a higher participation rate.  This higher participation rate should be what skews the report to a higher overall unemployement rate. 

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Does anyone know whether the Minnesota layoffs are going to be included in this jobs report?

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Just wait an extra month to announce a number that's more inline with the revised (more realistic bullshit) number!

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Not leaked.?..Gonna go with two sets of numbers, based on whether they have enough to try to end the correction now or if they need to let out more line.  A better than expected will have Liesman touting "See! we're correcting", he seems to be very smug lately. So far its been weird, very controlled panic selling. As if everyone is waiting on the Fed, preventing capitulation.


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SP500 bounce is possible from current oversold levels due to Thursday sell off.

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