Goldman Turns Bearish: Squid Releases Top Trades For 2012... And It's Not Pretty

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Bullish for Canadian stocks... Goldman is nuts. Once Europe or the US goes belly up, Canadian banks will go belly up too.

Oil going up... yep, war it's gonna be.

Short German bunds... yep.

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Not pretty? That's downright FUGLY!!

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Oil Could Go Ballistic !


This is a Great must watch for all ...

Chris Martenson Lecture On Why The Next 20 Years Will Be Marked By The Collapse Of The Exponential Function

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If it is not clear now it never will be. The West has no option but to print, print, print. The only thing supporting this thing from an all out collapse are two words - PETRO and DOLLAR.

War is on the horizon.

The IAEA claims that Iran will have nuclear warhead capability by March 2012. It is winter. Soldiers move better in cool middle eastern temps especially wearing chemical suits. War is no more than 2 months away.


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Let the troops spend Christmas at home...then...

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Iran is the least of our worries.  With indefinite detention soon to be signed by President and the US Army openly posting for Internment Camp Specialists - - me thinks the bigger threat will be our own government. 

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Are there any that shouldn't be faded?

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Ha! Funny that *YOU* should ask this...

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They are bullish Canuck stocks because where do you think they are going to rule from next.


It ain't NYC.  Natives will cut them to ribbons.  Although they don't seem to understand that once they are over here, squid is on Canuck turf.  My suggestions to them is don't drive outside of cities.  There's a lot of space to get lost in.

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Read that, only thing that popped in my head was the popping noise of housing and equities.



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If things get much worse, Japanese equities should decline more than Canadian equities, still resulting in a net profit.

What kind of scenario would have lower commodity prices, with a surge in Japanese equities (in USD in the end, so more QE by the Japanese wouldn't be a positive move as the Yen would decline accordingly)?

A major housing crisis in Canada would probably drag down CAD hard, since the government explicitly backs CHMC insurance on 5% down mortgages.

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Which is it TD? GS the idiots who can't nail the euro cross if their life depended on it or the GS who's brilliant analysis is worth of making the front page of ZH.

You can't have it both ways.

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I sorry folks, but after all these years of; published opinions from the very actors that facilitate these global financial fiascoes, the ridiculous government forecasts sidelined by the never-ending vacancy of law enforcement activity all compounded by the buzz-saw media that so consistently does not report real information and in fact becomes a stovepipe for more compressed and abbreviated "reporting" - How can anyone believe anything, let alone use this "information" to trade in this "market" against co-located HFT engines?

All this swill pushed out to one client class verses another; you cannot know if what you are reading is valuable, actionable or part of a larger disinformation campaign.

We gave up watching the 'nightly (s)newz.'  We stopped supporting the whole CN-BS charade.  The vaulted NYT is no more than a co-intel de jour organ for people and motives that will never exist in your own state or zip-code.

Find 3 sources of clean food and water within a few miles of your home.  Home school your kids.  Make friends with your neighbors. Hone a real skill that has value and stop hoping that passive investing is going to feed your unemployed children.

Nobody is coming to help you.

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I'm surprised they are not shorting gold

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what is unsaid is more important than what is said.

Frankly, I think the text and charts are contradictory...but that is Goldman.  Anyone who thinks 'they' can see into the future of this mess is full crap, and those who follow it must have blindfaith.

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sooo its time to be long? I mean, thats basically what they're saying right?


ohh look at that eurchf reco, I bet thats when they were coming down from the coke/hooker binge.....

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uh oh, I'm long eurchf. This is bad news,

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Pound the sell button

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'We expect QE3 in the US, additional Gilt purchases in the UK and a reasonable chance of further Swiss intervention.'

What? No Merkel? If they could just convince the Germans this whole 'Top Trades' list gets thrown in the garbage.

Come on Germans listen to your little Mephistopheles...

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Gold is not included, good sign. Top trade: long gold.

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Why bother even mentioning it?

It is just a "barbarous relic" that some people covet because of "tradition".

You are much safer trusting a fiduciary like MF Global Goldman Sachs to look out for your financial well-being.

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Canadian equities, bitchez

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BreX, Nortel, Blackberry, Tyco...and other great Canadian equities can be yours for the low low price of...

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GS is pushing QE3 and yet is bearish. Makes sense

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Because they know the outcome, we all do.

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loyd called he said, "damn it, you weren't supposed to release this list until we were fully positioned to take the other side of this flow."

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"Goldman's top trades for 2012" a.k.a "do as we say not as we do".

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Great, now I have to reassess my entire short strategy. This must mean DOW 20,000 in 2012. Fuck.

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Yeah, I heard they are changing their name to Goldman Stops since their clients are going to be stopped into the poor house.

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Doesn't GS believe in China?  Where is Asia in their strategy?  Their fingers, oops tentacles, are firmly intertwined in the European governments and monetary authorities . . .  China and the little tigers - not so much I guess.

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GS does not believe in China.

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Ha! You show zero knowledge in your statement.

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can zh start a inverse squid etf? why just tilson? im quite sure that we would do much better investing inverse of the squid

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sorry xcehn, i have better places to put my money than subscriptions to wsj. 

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All i have 15K what should I do????

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...we think in this environment the most sensible position is to stay structurally cautious unless a sufficient policy response is forthcoming.

Get a second job and stay out of the markets.

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sit tight and don't let it burn a hole in your pocket.

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Nothing but buy gold.


The only currency left on the planet worth a fiddlers fuck.

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Farm with $15k?  Garden.

Speaking of that, our lettuce and root crops are having a bumper fall.   

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You can get 100 acres in the Ottawa Valley for 20k, just need 180k to clear it so it's useful.  It'll be good black earth though.

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For less than $500 you can be in the chicken and egg business.  With the chicken shit, you can start making your own good black earth wherever you are now.

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Price isnt' bad even with exchange rates over the border.


Proven laying hens are $4 a piece, baby chicks you can pick up for 6 of them for $2.  out of the six you might get lucky and have 2 out of the six make it to becoming an egg layer. 

Once you establish who has the best baby factory, you eat the ones that don't do so well, and make sure the rooster knows where your girls are.  After six months, swap roosters with someone else so you don't inbreed the stock while keeping an eye out for more roosters to trade other people with.

In the winter you keep the door open for wild Turkey's to come an roost with the chickens and the turkey's will kick the shit out of any animal other than humans that comes near the hutch.  Don't think of them as mouths to feed, think of them as vicious bastards that will keep coyotes, wolves, fishers, racoons and other carnivores at a distance.

Plus they are funny looking and make crazy noises.  The big thing for hutch meat here is rabbit.  Grow fast, protein is high in the meat, breed fast and cheap to feed...It's $10 for a mid sized coney at the store for roasting.  If buying rabbits to breed, don't bother, people give them away at the speed they breed.