Goldman Under 100 pips From Being Stopped Out On EURUSD In 24 Hours, As Expected

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On Friday, when we learned about Goldman's latest FX recommendation which said to "go long EUR/$ with a narrow stop at 1.35 for an initial target of 1.40 (currently at 1.3715)", we said: "Time to sell the EURUSD with both hands and feet, not to mention with MF Global-type leverage: that uber-contrarian FX indicator, Goldman's Thomas Stolper, who has not had a notable call correct in the past 2 years, just came out with a long EURUSD call, calling for a 1.40 target and a 1.35 stop loss. Yes, this means Goldman is now selling EURUSD until 1.40 and will begin buying it at 1.35. As a reminder here is how Stolper's last EUR/$ recommendation ended." Sure enough, 24 hours later, Goldman is under 100 pips from being stopped out: at last check the EURUSD just touched on 1.3596.

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If you trade Goldman FX advice, consider yourself gone full retard. Unless of course you use them as a contrarian indicator.... especially Stolper.

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These fuckers are good.

Real good.


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No seriously: This has gotten to the point where Goldman needs to do *serious* damage control. There is literally no one left that doesn't laugh at their guidance. That's not a problem you bounce back from in a month, a year, or even 5 years.

Goldman has become one of the market's most obvious and compelling fades.

If you play your clients, and the general market for suckers -- it can be enormously profitable over the short term. But long term? This is how you destroy yourself boys. keep it up. We've all seen this movie before. Perhaps you haven't?

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You get what you pay for.

sullymandias's picture

Pay your dues

Pay your respects

Pay for what you get

myne's picture

Gold man speak with forked tongue.

It must be obvious by now that this guy isn't an idiot; he's lying.

Either that or he's George from Seinfeld who just happens to have figured out that his instincts are always wrong and goes against them.

What was his bonus last year?

LawsofPhysics's picture

The markets will do what it's master wants.  Any questions?

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Which leads me to wonder if the Masters want that 11/11/11 high on the SPY which occurred at 11:00 am (line chart hourly basis) to hold or are they just teasing us ? 

btw that 11:00 am high could also be counted as a 5th of ending dia. C bitches!  Looking for lower from here on out.

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He sounds like a shoe in for the next Treasury Secretary!

Stuart's picture

that was nothing but a pure pump to round up a herd to sell into....  standard MO.


kengland's picture

Volume on the ES is at a DRIP. WTF? With the nuts falling off the wheels there's nothing but a small drip in the SNP

HD's picture

Goldman used to be invincible, now they are more like this...

junkyardjack's picture

Guess they won't be eating food tonight

Belarus's picture

Well....with the market barely down on the EUR/USD, and if Golman is a buyer at 1.35, then expect the DOW to hit 13,000 by the end of next week.

Not even sluge-hammers can take the market down thesedays. The robots have a firm handle. 


topcallingtroll's picture

Goldman isnt buying at 135.

That is just their public call.

We have no idea what their super secret VIP letter at $100,000 annual subscription is calling.

The Axe's picture

who is trading. it feels like no one?????

Belarus's picture

Anyone who understands no volume equals Ben's robot's are in charge. Trade long. No volume melt-ups are  the new normal.

RiverRoad's picture

Except for the Wall Street honchos punching it up to get their bonuses.  Once those babies are pocketed look out below.

topcallingtroll's picture

So....if goldman is long gold publicly should we get out?

Must resist urge to speculate.....must resist.

NoClueSneaker's picture

Tylers keep humiliating the poor GS, there is some savage guy hunting squids with the spear, Europe doesn't like Marios Baby Squids .... shocking, if I may say ...

But I like calamaris, so keep it on :-P

Desert Irish's picture

Looking at the downticks on the Goldman comments above I suspect there's at least 1 baby squid here.....

Can2001's picture

Mister 100%. congratz. cu @ 1.3500

ziggy59's picture

Ms. AJC from AuMaleSacks will be out soon, to explain how wonderful the economy is..

sheeple2012's picture

yes, seeing more green shoots every day - my S&P target for 2012 is now 1700

YesWeKahn's picture

So, lying is just a part of their daily business?

ziggy59's picture

No, not lying.. banks never lie, neither do the more-ons that supposedly lead..

ziggy59's picture

Like George Constanza said on Seinfeld, if u believe it, its not a lie.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

It's not lying if you're doing God's Work... 

(aka Taqiyya)

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EUR/USD should clear 1.37 tomorrow easy on the backs of all those rosy Q3 Euro GDPs.  Today is the set up to get long EUR/USD.  MSM has scared everybody that EZ is in a recession, but Q3 should still be good, if rearview mirror, and this should provide relief to the desperate wannabe-bull suckers who think the GDP q/q should be negative.  I predict a nice gap up overnight.   

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So much for this artucle, no longer 100 bps, now that Europe is closed the ripfest can now continue.