Goldman On Why Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better And Gives An S&P Target If The Eurozone Breaks Up

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The squid declares math and logic to be bearish. Very insightful.

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tylers--goldman wants to become a major market presence in Europe?  They toppled two governments in a month without eliciting a whisper of dissent.   I'd say the tentacles already reach to europe.  I think it is bigger than that.   they are goal-seeking the united states of europe.  

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they are goal-seeking the united states of europe. Wrong GS ... it's really a George Soros goal

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well as long as it isn't a George Smiley 'Circus' goal, there is still hope.

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They still don't get it; stagflation means uglier margins AND sales.

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Everything is interconnected--If Europe failes China implodes. If China implodes, BRICS implodes. If BRICS implode, US implodes.  If US implodes, Japan Implodes.


globalization is a daisy chain  feedback loop for prosperity or ruin.  Unfortunately for us, prosperity was based on unsustainable debt

Most analysis assumes equilibrium, but the feedback loop predicts otherwise.  Expect  ruin in the near term.



Cut out the cancer, so the host may live.

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Things can only get BETTER when Goldman Sacks is DEAD..........

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"BETTER" for the squid means successful bubble blowing.

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Does this make sense?

"JP Morgan Crashed MF Global to Avert COMEX Failure, European Derivatives Implosion"

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Yes.  It buys the bank (with a lot of Physical Silver and Gold) time to keep their "holdingd" and any holdings that are actually owed to clients at MF Global and or use that physical to keep meeting orders for physical.  They will hide behind the forth coming ligation that will follow and take years to resolve.  Now is the time a "buy silver, crash JP Morgan" campaign might actually work  I simply don't know how much dry powder people have left.

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How much would world GDP rise if Vampire Squid stopped making predictions for clients? I mean, if they stopped fading their clients so partners paychecks weren't linked to how many customers were fucked? Everybody pretty much knows the prop desks pay the bonuses.

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On that note, this article is extremely Bullish for 2012

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Better watch out.

A collapse of the Euro could cause a "recession".

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But say the ECB finally does print, wouldn't that send the Euro lower and the Dollar higher, causing the equity market to drop like a brick in the process. I mean, the ECB keeps saying it can't print due to the treaty, which is probally just code for something else.. that they don't want to print and have no intention to because it wouldn't be beneficial in the way everyone assumes.  It would probably drive up the market for one day.. but we'd have to be down huge to get that one day pop. They just let the market drop, and then 'guess who' steps in with the printing press.

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wouldn't that send the Euro lower and the Dollar higher,


That would be the way of the world circa 20th century. However, since it is now the 21st century, robots control all trading, the rule of law is a fantacy and it is illegal for the USD to gain value, all scenarios are bullish for the EUR, the future reserve currency, because it is a model of stability.

 Collapse of PIGGS, Euro goes up.

Civil unrest, Euro goes up.

Total insanity, Swiss intervene and the Euro goes up.

Chaos, MSM publishes lies and Euro goes up.

War, Euro goes up.

There is no such thing as gravity. That is an illusion.


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They ain't gonna let us have the satisfaction of shorting the stinkin' Euro..

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I would also add that another reason that the Equities might not go down is because many companies, especially financial paper-pushing fucknut companies, can book their revenues in euros or dollars and play the EUR/USD to their advantage no matter what.

It really is a club folks, and 99.9 % of us are NOT in it.

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Gravity? It's at 1.425...
Just wait and you'll see

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squid just frontrunning what we already knew

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market pressure necessary for progress...

Is Goldman giving a hint to Ben Shalom Bernacke ? Stock market is the only proxy for Federal Reserve.

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Goldman or Jamie Dimon or Larry Fink or Robert Rubin don't give hints. They simply pick up the phone and call Ben directly. The guys that run the joint don't F around by dropping hints or subtleties.


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Goldman Sucks is bankrupt

taking guidence from these walking dead zombies is beyond stupid

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Progress? Look at the various proposals to raid Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for tax/favors. F&F are the NEW Social Security.  And look at the Isakson proposal - merge Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into Ginnie Mae! Too Big To Privatize!!!!!!!!!!

Cash Cows on The Potomac – The Further Adventures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

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Standard & Poor's Announces Changes in the S&P/TSX Canadian Indices


We must entice our clients to buy at the bottom, they will never see these prices again. Pump & Dump.

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Right - a break-up of the world's largest economic block (which WILL BE disorderly as there is no mechanism for exit) is only going reduce the S&P by 25%.  These guys are idiots....

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Does the majority here still see Goldman as letting this catastrophe go to waste?

I don't and I think I detect Goldman egging it on.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the ..........

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............0.1 %.  It really is a fucking club folks and 99.9 % of us are not in it.

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blah blah blah....was this written by a co-op student at GS?  This is written as if we are in a period of incredible stability.


I love their forecast of $100 for S&P earnings, versus consensus of $108 based on some variation in, that is sooooo bold!  Sort of like the chief engineer on the Titanic focusing on the drag coefficient of the hull design as they plow into a massive iceberg that rips the hull to smithereens.....

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I think GS have a special team that's largely made up of lower primates writing this stuff. 


Let's see.

You have two scenarios for S&P goes to 900 or 1250. 

Go and sell a crap load of 1255 calls. Make $130 or so on every one by the end of next year (or much sooner if the 900 scenario materializes), committing about $130 in margin. Since there's no upside scenario there's no risk!

That's 100% riskless return - why would anyone bother with "high quality stocks"?

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GS won't go all in short until every last Bear is blow torched. Which I guess is the way we should all trade....

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what, no bazooka, BiCheZ?

guard yer testicles from the squid's grasping tentacles!

was the squid resposible for THIS???

the annual Cannabis Cup was raided and shut down by amsterdam's finest (paste):

It seems that this year’s exhibition hall, Borchland, a new sports facility on the outskirts of town, accepted the High Times event without understanding it is an unabashed cannabis exposition.

Hager couldn’t say who had alerted the authorities, but some suspect it was the proprietor himself who was evidently freaked out by the massive consumption of cannabis on his premises and, fearful of being cited for smoking violations and other possible improprieties, called in the police to shut the thing down. [Crackdown at the Cannabis Cup » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names] (my emphasis on the freak)

L0L!!!  must.blame.squid:  are the banksters and their technocrappers anti-THC?  stay tooned...

and, TEPCO was also featured @ alex and jeffrey's: TEPCO: Fukushima Radiation Isn’t Our Problem » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names  in court, making the "legal argument" that since the radioactivity fell on your property, it's your problem(!) and...losing!

there are a few decent hits about #OWS there, also...

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I said it several days ago in a post.  The sure thang is a Euro dis-association of sovereigns.  (that is already a foregone conclusion if not a conclusion already)   Repairing the Euro and Europe has a very high probability of failure.  Which side of the coin would you put your money on?  Euro Si or Euro No.

Goldman is in control with its x-goldmanites PM's in Europe and I dare say its shorts on anything Euro.

They will be there to cover and pick up the cheap-on-cheap pieces once the debacle is over.

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Can you explain why it's a foregone conclusion that the Euro has a "very high" probability of failure? 

If that's true, why is it trading at more or less its long term average vs USD? Doesn't that mean the USD has exactly as high a probability of "failure"? 

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Forgone conclusion in USUK, yes
Nof forgone in the EZ. Who usues the EUR more? You all talk about 325m people as if they would not exist, not produce, not export, not invest, etc.

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OT: BIS Working paper of interest 12/9/2011

Perceptions and misperceptions of fiscal inflation

"It is widely perceived that fiscal policy is inflationary if and only if it leads the central bank to print new currency to monetize deficits. Monetization can be inflationary. But it is a misperception that this is the only channel for fiscal inflations."

Others available here:

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"We expect the situation to worsen before it gets better with market pressure necessary for progress



Here's a fresh dose of reality from our friends across the pond...people yanking their money out of banks may be the next headline

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Last time they were expecting a sell off, the s&p ran up from 1200 to 1350. I don't believe their bs.

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" Stocks that continue tro work " JPM down 20% YTD , WFC down 12% YTD. Works when it's other peoples money and you collect a fee .

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"We expect the situation to worsen before it gets better"

Could Goldman be right this time?

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Whoa!  So now we here at ZH are serving Goldman's purpose????  Ugh....Barf.

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Quarterly year over year profit growth is already at it's lowest point since this "recovery" began.  One year ago, year over year quareterly profits were up more than 44%.  Today we are at less than 6%.   What do we keep hearing?  Things are good because we have record profits in the latest GDP report.  I am calling BS on that.  Just wait for the reveisions...down.


We are already below the threshold for adding jobs in the private sector in twelve months.


The last people to acknowledge we are in a recession are the same ones that will tell us they have the methods to get us out of it.  

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The market outperformance of the 80's, 90's and beyond is DONE! Put a fork in it. Only the wealthy will continue to invest in the Market. Everyone that I know who works a regular job and has a 401K has forever given up on equities after having lost so much and intends to get as much out as they can as early as they can. Fool me once, shame on you! The tsunami in exits from equities and Mcmansions is just begining and won't peak for 2-5 years on the outside to 6 months to 2 years on the inside depending on whether the panic sales cascade or dribble. In the Pacific Northwest home owners are terrified to try and sell their homes and all the real estate mags are only a few pages in length. It's the calm before the avalanche as sellers are afraid that they will get low-balled into bankruptcy. If you check Zillow you will see houses of every price on the market where the seller lowers the price 10, 15, even 25 percent only to take the home off the market and start all over again at the original no-sale price! Let's face it, ALL MARKETS are virtual PONZI schemes in that they require demand/inflows to exceed outflows. The markets may eventually stabilize but it will be like the 50's and 60's when it is done. Only the well-off will be trading with each other which will result in very slow growth and the rest of us will be renters living as larger family units inc. several generations under one roof. At least kids will get to really know their grandparents as they will be living and raised by them as any one old enough to find a job will be working/looking. Maybe I will finally be able to get someone to cut my grass or shovel the snow from my sidewalk without it costing a fortune!