Goldman's Roadmap For Europe - The Next Steps

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Europe needs a Putin to put its house in order.

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Good Citizens of Metropolis!

I've got bad news.

Goldman Sachs runs the world.

In fact, Mr. Blankfein fucked Putin back in high school. Everybody is Lloyd's bitch.

What Goldman wants, Goldman gets.

That's a wrap.

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Hey, check out this ZH mention on the Saturday entry on the fucklloyd cited above.


I surfed the internet.  My favorite site is  It's run by a former Goldman-Sachs flunkie who's changed his evil ways for the betterment of mankind.

But be careful.  Many of the users are insane.  They worship gold and silver.  And often refer to paper-bugs as sheeple and punks.

If you have the audacity to belittle gold or silver, the powers-that-be might send thugs to your house.  These hooligans will then savagely proceed to fuck you in the ass while killing your poor old sweet mother.

All of this is true.  Cross my heart and hope to die.  So please be prudent when dealing with these wild beasts.


Hah hah.  And he thinks we're fucking sickos :)

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Hey Knukles,

Thanks----I feel flattered to be among this bunch of crazies

insane  worshippers of gold and silver    hooligans   wild beasts

Shit, its a goddamned honor to be amongst you

I almost wished I was still drinking

I'd sure as hell celebrate this moment!                       

thanks to one and all                  om

I suppose the only thing left is to work on becoming, as you so elegantly put it, Knukles------ 'fucking sickos'

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"These hooligans will then savagely proceed to fuck you in the ass while killing your poor old sweet mother."

I wish you wouldn't use the word 'fuck' in the same sentence where you're talking about my poor old sweet mother.

Good God man, have you no sense of decency?


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lagarde is on her way, stiletto's and all

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This is a road map of what Goldman wants so that Goldman can save its own ass.

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You may be surprised that about 98% of the time, what Goldman wants ends up happening. Speaking of which, is it time someone noted the affiliation of America's ambassador to the one country in Europe that is not a complete basket case: Germany?

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Only 23 years at Goldman, and he wants to take a massive pay cut to be a "public servant doing god's work."  Well ain't that special?

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You may remember Philip Murphy as "Joe the Policeman" from the "Whats goin down" episode of "Thats my mama!". Ladies and gentlemen Sexual Chocolate! Sexual Chocolate!.

Sorry you are probably right that there is an important aspect to all this but as an average shmuck just trying to make it in this world I just think things are rigged the way they are and I am losing my zest for the conspiracy aspect of things. I mean no disrespect. I will go watch live quotes and hope gold moves up a few bucks in the pre markets.

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Hah!  Ain't any conspircy angle to it. 
It's all just plain simple fucking fact.
When (who was it Vivinar?) somebody at GS said that they "own the world", it was not too far from the fine art of understatement. 

A fellow I know has Tourettes.  It's so cool to yell "Goldman" at him and listen to his tirades.  I think that he thinks they're evil, but I dunno.  Can't seem to get a straight answer out of him.

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You sound defeated.

Watch out for depression, then.

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The question is, does this paper put the public on the other side of the trade Goldman wants.

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so he bought himself an Ambassadorship. No news there. Granted "Goldman Sachs is the second largest bank in Germany." One thing's fer sure...whether or not the German and American people are speaking with one voice the German and American leadership sure are. Under the moniker "campaign contributors of the world UNITE!" no doubt. Anywho "where's the friggin' money" comes to mind in this fiasco. But that's why God gave us France--a reminder that nation trumps personal interest every time- try as we might to "destroy the country to save it."

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Hi Tyler,

I am not surprised that what Goldman wants, Goldman gets, but I am very tired of it happening while the rest of us are expected to just quietly eat our gruel at the orphanage. 

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After all they've done for us and that's the thanks they get? Ingrate!

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Agreed...  and their driver appears to be the Council on Foreign Relations.

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nice term paper but unusable

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"From an equity market perspective, we think the near-term outlook is likely to remain volatile, with the market continuing to trade the implied risks (in either direction) of the evolving news flow"

Holy shit.....these guys are good.

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The usual drivel.  Cry me a river for the political hacks and the banksters.  Here's the real bitch.

When, not if, the piigs default, thousands of businesses will be left with debts in the new stronger, stub euro, and earnings in lira, pesos, or goat droppings.  That doesn't work.  A 50% haircut might be reasonable on private debt, but you can't negotiate a blanket deal because every contract is different, and exchange rates will fluctuate wildly.

Lots of shops who are hanging in there now will crash, and that will naturally create a downward spiral.  Not a soft landing, or a pretty sight.

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there is no haircut. "it's voluntary." get it? i mean there i was thinking i was good at stand-up comedy...i ain't got nothin' on the EU. Now "proceed as normal" and everything will be jusssst fiiiiinnnnne.

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Italy's number is about to be called

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Isnt this the same Crime circus (Goldman) that ruined te USA?  

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I don't really need GS to "tell" me that markets will grind higher to finish year "earning" pension funds the much needed 8% to then fall down enough to start printing, Greece is just a side show, Italy will "start" the HEIDELBERGER Monster!

Short term LONG, long(er) term SHORT! After the "election" LEAVE!!!

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Wall Street is getting ready for the EURO end game. 

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I hear a piper. Wondering what his gig fee is.

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I am so fucking tired of these damn sociopaths "planning" the future.  Even me, simple man that I am, know better than to try to "plan" ANYTHING more than a couple of days in advance.  It's laughable.

I would like to take JUST ONE of the oligarchs to a homeless dude, a starving family, and have them see the people that are COUNTING in these fucks to "run the world."  This should get thim a good, hard, cold, slap in the face in what living is.

Let them spend a few days sleeping on concrete.  Felling like a king when you get a few cans of cat food.  Literally eating rats, even cockroaches to survive.

The limo's and soft pillows should be a cold comfort after they see the lives of the millions of "little people" who depend on sociopaths "planning" thier futures.

It's just sick.  Totally fucked up sick.



(Yes, I'm in a fucking bad mood, and I had a  good day today.....)

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I would like to take JUST ONE of the oligarchs to a homeless dude, a starving family, and have them see the people that are COUNTING in these fucks to "run the world."  This should get thim a good, hard, cold, slap in the face in what living is.

You could do that but the response would be; "Get these guys in a uniform. They need a boost in morale and a tour in Afghanistan would would do the trick". Those sociopaths would then front the TV cameras and wank on about how mortified they were about the loss of life of another poor slob. A few fake sobs and back in the limo.

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If I could do that. 

That's the thing, they just don't give a damn.  And therin lies the real problem.

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"...and have them see the people that are COUNTING in these fucks to 'run the world.'  This should get them a good, hard, cold, slap in the face in what living is."

The more likely outcome would be chills, followed by an erection.

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Look inside yourself and see how fucked up you may be.

Cabreado's picture


If you knew how badly you misconstrued my comment, you would be duly embarrassed.

JohnG's picture

Explain then, please.  I'm always open to change in my opinion, yet respect that others are enititled to thier own.

JohnG's picture



On translation of your psudonym only,  I think I see that you are about as pissed off as I am.

Therfore, my statement above is retracted.  Please accept my apology. My bad.



(apparently I'm just jaded.....and old.)

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John, no worries.  Apology accepted.

We need to support each other, and I surmise you know that, and I also have flown off the handle when tired and cranky (and you said you were).

And if it helps at all, remember that we're all aging at an inappropriate rate these days.
We need to pace ourselves, and keep our wits about us (all of us), as it's going to get worse before better.

Take care, my friend.


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Agreed.  Thank you sir,

JohnG's picture

This comment has been retracted.  See above.

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Gold is kicking it up a notch! Up a half percent right now ... $1800 by tomorrow night?

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On Apmex's website the 2011 quarter ounce gold Philharmonic coin seems to be sold out. Maybe people in Europe really are preparing for the worst and buying gold. I've been monitoring Philharmonic coins for a little while now with everything going on in Europe. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of tenth ounce though. The more these coins become sold out on major websites, I believe the closer the EU is to ending.

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I saw some very big premiums on gold coins in France two weeks ago----a couple of hundred buks over spot for US 1 once coins and equal to the premiums on francs and sovereigns---pretty surprised, I was                 


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Yeah, seems like the smarter people in Europe getting ready for the defaults.

Stupid Question: Is gold the best currency to have when countries are transitioning to another currency?


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"We had to destroy Greece to save it." Amazingly "Greece agreed...and still does."

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 Sometimes a " Head Line", tells the whole story!  The  SLUM MANNS Public relations crew is at work


   What does the other O'Tool have under management Tyler?   " HinT ?   Bill and Warren combined"  

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GS gets what it wants, but only in a shrinking playground.  Reality---much larger than GS---ultimately prevails.  I like what George Soros said:


George Soros, who knows a thing or two about finances, likens the threats to Europe and the United States to that of the dying days of the Soviet regime.

“Something similar is happening in the West,” Mr. Soros told Bloomberg Television. “You had a financial crisis where the market did actually collapse, but it was kept alive by the authorities. People don’t realize that the system has actually collapsed.”