Goodbye Super-Committee, Hello Stupor-Committee: It's Official - "No Agreement"

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As if anyone is actually surprised by the headlines appearing from Bloomberg with regard the Super-Committee - which in retrospect is perhaps a little aggressively-named:



While not immediate, it would seem obvious that a ratings downgrade can't be far behind this event given the reasoning for the last downgrade and the clear indication by this lack of agreement that nothing-has-changed.

S&P recently said that a 'watered down' package from the Super Committee would put downward pressure on the rating. Moody’s said the outcome of the Super Committee would be informative but not decisive for its rating analysis.

We would also assume that Defense and Healthcare stock analysts will be bombarding inboxes in 3..2..1..with buy recommendations...

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High Plains Drifter's picture

ok since congress refuses to do its duty, it looks like president obama will have to take over (ah temporarily of course)  as king obama to deal with these issues and it will all be for the amerikan people too doncha know.........

Yamaha's picture

At least Michelle Obama got boos at the NASCAR race today. Looks like they are just a bunch of animals......she is just doing her part.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Shoot.  I missed that.  I'm sure it was only because NASCAR fans are racist, not that her husband has proven to be a sellout piece of crap.  But she is getting back at the fans.  She brought rain with her.  She kind of reminds me of that Mother Nature from the Parkay commercials back in the 1970s.  She is definitely ugly enough.

The Obamas don't care about NASCAR.  The NBA is their thing.  Even during the lockout the NBA players are planning a game to raise funds for Obama and the Democrats.  The game is already being announced with tickets as high as $5,000.  I love the racism discussion when clearly the NBA is only having this fundraiser for Obama because he is black.  Supporting somebody solely because of their race is racism.  But don't tell that to Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Obama or many of the other biggest beneficiaries of racism.  They are too busy pointing out everybody else's flaws. 

nmewn's picture

Some enterprising marketing dude should put her in a cowboy hat wearing cut off jeans waving around old Dixie.

Think of the possibilities ;-)

Long-John-Silver's picture

Why would you want to subject US to her fat ass in cut off jeans? Do you HATE real Americans?

nmewn's picture

It would be like the people of Walmart...the erotica version.

Give the people what they want!!!...a good marketing

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Once you go black, you never go back.

Michelle is a hell of a lot hotter than any of the other cracker first wives of recent history.  I dare anyone to name just one.


eaglefalcon's picture

As evil as she could be, i still trhink michelle obama is good looking

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Call a fucking optometrist, right now.  Seriously!

El Viejo's picture

I like Angela Merkel, but don't tell anyone.

eaglefalcon's picture

angela is as ugly as homemade lasse soup.  Worse even she was probably a Stasi agent.  Her dad definite was, how could you run a lutheran church in east Germany without working for Stasi

Joe Sixpack's picture

Actually, from what I have heard the churches in E. Germany were not bothered that much unlike other parts of Eastern Europe.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

She used to be pretty when she was younger.  Here is the best picture I've ever seen of Michelle Obama.  Look at those guns.  Gorgeous.

Bobbyrib's picture

Green arrows=racist. Straight up.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Really more of an insult to monkeys.  Straight up.

Troll Magnet's picture

long john,
there's nothing more "american" than a fat ass. they are EVERYWHERE.

Bobbyrib's picture

Nascar fans may not be racist, but they definitely favor their party's crook than to the opposing party. Bush was a sellout too, but I have never heard of Nascar fans booing Laura or George.

The NBA players are holding fundraisers for Obama, because he is a huge basketball fan. /sarcasm.

High Plains Drifter's picture

that is called big bootay.......

JPM Hater001's picture

This is really bad but has to be said...

She was boo'd cause she stole a car...

Zero Govt's picture

Nascar fans boo'd Michelle Obama because her hubby is a Marxist tosser 'leading' his country into the sewer (an historical speciality of socialists)

Thank fuk she didn't give a speech at Nascar as she's such a fragile basket-case she usually can't stop the water-works without any provacation and has a near emotional breakdown! 

Thank heavens too her husband is toast at next election it'll give him time to sort out his dripping wet wife and his own pathalogical lying when in front of a large audience

Bobbyrib's picture

"Thank heavens too her husband is toast at next election it'll give him time to sort out his dripping wet wife and his own pathalogical lying when in front of a large audience"


Thanks heavens indeed, then we can start all over again with a new bullshit artist (assuming Ron Paul is not elected) to lie to us for the next four years. /sarcasm.

Yamaha's picture

That's a joke boys and girls. Just fun watching her try to fit in...looked like an oil spill.

dolph9's picture

I don't like Nascar, but I dislike the first sheboon even more.

Mike2756's picture

They need a bond beatdown like the EU is getting, maybe it will sink in then.

DeadFred's picture

Current options prices would make it very profitable.

SWRichmond's picture

If we get the ratings downgrade, cui bono, eh?

Could it be the political class is running cover for the central bank?  Are we going to get currency weakness without Ben having to print?  Inflation without central bank intervention?

DormRoom's picture

"A house divided cannot stand" --A. Lincoln  Republican.



Boilermaker's picture

Not pick the fly shit out of the pepper, but you are aware that in that era Republican were actually Democrats....right?

DormRoom's picture

@Boilermaker.  you just proved the f--cking point.. America is failing, and we shoudn't be worrying about the culture wars, when the entire economic edifice is about to collapse. 


Get 'er done. god dammit.


Politicians should be getting sh-t done.  You have big banks leading us towards an abyss.  And now politicians are shoving us into that great darkness.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I'm worried about the culture wars.  I look at the people around me and it scares the heck out of me.  The coming difficulties and tensions will definitely reveal their character.  That is the part that makes me think I really need to get out of this area. 

Boilermaker's picture

You don't get out of the USA much then.  It's just as bad in Europe, Japan, South America, and China.  There are some serious idiots there also.  The problem isn't with the igorance of the working class; it's the empowerment of the elite class.

Zero Govt's picture

WestVillage  -  Culture Wars indeed. The politicians and bent media are already pumping the story of the richest 10% being taxed more.

The 'culture' is to point the finger at productive (rich) people and take "more, more, more" for a problem of politicians out-of-control spending

The usual scumbags passing the buck for their prolific spending orgies for others to bail the socio-economically dysfunctional retards out's beyond stupid problem-solving 

And I'm not aware of groups, even welfare spongers, demanding the private sector pays more tax ...this is purely a politico-media (double-dumb) cultural movement

Joe Sixpack's picture

A lot of the 1% are not productive, they are parasitical. The 10% probably does include a lot of productive people.

whstlblwr's picture

Isn't this good for rating, no agreement means automatic cuts kick in.

Everybodys All American's picture

automatic cuts don't even come in until Jan 2013.

dwdollar's picture

Automatic cuts... Haha...

That's like a fat-ass saying he'll start a weightless diet next month. If he was actually going to do it, he'd do it NOW. Next month it will be some new excuse for why he can't (if he even remembers)...

SeanJKerrigan's picture

With regard to "getting things done,"  any "success" here would involve austerity and cutting from all the wrong items.  No cuts in foreign aid, no cuts in military spending, no tax increases on Wall Street or conglomerates like GE, etc.

THEREFORE, the failure of the Dems and Reps to come to a concensus is a good thing.  If I were given the choice of cutting small amounts in things people need and cutting nothing, but accelerating the downfall of the economy, I would choose the second option without hesitation!  Why would you gut the social services the nation needs to kick the can down the road for elites and bankers?  Its insane.

The failure of the establishment to come to a conclusion is our victory.  We should feel good about this.  May there be many more such failures.

Edit: in addition, the automatic cuts will probably be reversed since they include Pentagon cuts.  The establishment is predictable in this way.

navy62802's picture

It needs to collapse and be rebuilt from scratch because it is so corrupt.

existentialangster's picture

.Gov to weasel out of automatic cuts in 3...2...1...

Mr. Poon's picture

Thank goodness.  Now Congress may actually have to take responsibility for its Constitutionally mandated duty of controlling taxes and spending.

nmewn's picture

Make them actually earn their paychecks & benefits?

Let me think about seems a revolutionary idea at first blush.

El Gordo's picture

There's the answer I've been looking for.  Now Congress can get to work, do nothing, and go home.  A do nothing Congress is a good Congress. 

earleflorida's picture

question - why don't we just go with a belgium type government

Reese Bobby's picture

TPTB prefer our one party system.  Plus the only thing the Belgians ever got right were waffles...

mikejody's picture

That is just not true; Belgiums also got Chocolate right :).

achmachat's picture

chocolate, beer, cheese and FRIES!