Google Trends Shows Why The Status Quo "Powers That Be" Should Be Scared. Very Scared

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The volume of searches for the phrase 'Bank Run' has just hit an all-time high - higher now than even during the peak of the Lehman Brothers 'moment'. While English dominates the language choices, the Europeans (Dutch, Germans, and French) are extremely 'interested' as are the Chinese...but it appears the Singaporeans are running the most scared (as we noted here) is perhaps not surprising, followed by the Irish and the Americans - with Germany a disappointing 10th - perhaps they really do not care as much as everyone's bluff-calling hopes. It seems the fears of real 'bank runs' are becoming virtually 'viral' - not a good sign for the stability of the fictional-reserve-banking-dependent status quo.





Source: Google Trends

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Coming soon to a branch near you.

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Cant run on your branch if you keep deposits below $250.

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Starting with a domino 5 milimeters tall and increasing each successive domino by 150%, the 29th domino will be large enough to topple the Empire State Building!

Part 1 is the bank run, part 2 is to buy PM's.

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Bank runs: start early & often!

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3:30 smackdown in progress - fucking hysterical

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Where can I buy me some Eurobonds. Fuck QE, I want the Eurobond.

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Well, personally speaking, that depends on whether or not said "Beer Runs" are of the 'pre' or 'post' party variety...

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My reaction to this thread:

If I was a disinformation agent of TPTB, how would I frustrate a bank run in progress?

I think my best ace in the hole would be to hijack the site and make reassuring posts as TD.

Something to think about: what is the expected disinformation campaign?  How will you corroborate information? 

Assuming MSM chokes crisis info during the critical period, how will you corroborate a bank run?  Social media?  Perhaps facebook will impose one-sided mirrors on personal content, so that it appears as though everything is normal--even though everyone thinks they are sending inquiries to each other--they just never arrive in the recipient's content.  I don't think they could pull it off, but who knows?

How about texting? 

How about time-outs at online banking websites?

I would expect black propaganda in a true bank run. 

I would expect to be too far downstream from settlement failures and frozen M0/M1 to effectively defend my own claims to M0/M1.  Given the current lack of accountability in the US to citizen claims of M0/M1, why should I expect my claim to be heard?  Given the level of fraud in the financial sector, I have no evidence that such a claim will find remedy.

The only thing keeping me from pulling M0/M1 is the lack of evidence that a bank run will occur.  That's pretty stupid.

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People would know there was a bank run because they would see queues forming outside banks when they went to work.

Unless TPTB shut down the telephone networks as well, there's no way they could keep it secret.

You're right, though, a media blackout would slow it down a lot.

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Here's a preview of bank runs gone wild.

Gold Just Went Over $2000, By Tonight That'll Cheap; Rollover-1981

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I've figured you out! Government troll! You just got me to waste 2 hours watching Rollover (1981). Damn you!!!

Actually, as cheesy as it was, it's not that far fetched (aside from the Arab demonization - lord knows Bernanke is just as capable of being a soulless piece of shit). I enjoyed the film, but I lost out on a couple hours of research . . . . and now I'm suspicious . . . send my regards to the DHS. J/K, but I'm sure they're watching, so >>>

DHS & Other Agencies

Domestic Security

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That'll be an intercontinental ballistic bank run then...

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Well, these guys must feel especially twitchy


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TD stop the nonsense.

Here is the actual google ranking...

with 'allen iverson' or is that "Alien Invasion" at #2.

Btw, what does your graph show? 5.5 people looked up "bank run"?

Mymy, the end is nigh...! lol

What has become of this site?

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Appears its being searched for more than generic a factor of 6 so who knows what that means. Pretty sure ONE person is not the only one looking for the word porn. Who knows what their numbers represent




vs Bank Run


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Traffic from Singapore and Michigan is off the scale.  Hmm, wonder why?  Michigan, OK, it's been collapsing for a long time.  I can imagine people in some parts there of, looking around at their local surroundings deteriorate, and as a result being inspired to querry about 'Bank Runs', but I don't think Singapore fits that demographic.

Do alot of these masking techniques, like TOR, wind up generating IP addresses that map to Singapore?

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Easy explanation of the Michigan stuff:  The 25K Fifth Third River Bank Run.

Fact-checking is fun.

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Any thoughts on all the traffic from Singapore??

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Try looking at Q3 from Singapore's MOF FAQ page....

Perhaps people are wondering just how much and where the gov's "investments" are, and how safe.

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Nice catch.  Plus one has to remember that zombies rarely run.

Maybe it will be a Bank Lurch instead...

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UWSP grad?  Me,'95.  fact cheching is fun.

UP Forester's picture

Nah, I went to Tech.  Fact czeching is fun, too.

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you certainly learned more about spelling but can you drink? :)

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dup, .... and BICHTEZ........ USA, USA!

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The main google trend page just shows what is trending at that specific time.  If you look at the trends over a specific time range, you get the info that TD presented here.

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Btw, what does your graph show? 5.5 people looked up "bank run"?

Do you really think ZH is that dumb???? Nice Tits.

7. How is the data scaled?

The data is scaled based on the average search traffic of the term you’ve entered.

There are two modes of scaling – relative and fixed – and the only difference between them is the time frame that’s used to calculate the average. However, fixed scaling is only available as a .csv export. Please note that the ability to see numbers on the graph and to export this data with either mode of scaling are available only after you’ve signed into your Google Account for Trends.

In relative mode, the data is scaled to the average search traffic for your term (represented as 1.0) during the time period you’ve selected. For example, if you entered the term dogs, the graph you’d see would be scaled to the average of all search traffic for dogs from January 2004 to present. But if you chose a specific time frame – say 2006 – the data would then appear relative to the average of all search traffic for dogs in 2006. Then, let’s suppose that you notice a spike in the graph to 3.5; this spike means that traffic is 3.5 times the average for 2006.

In fixed mode, the data is scaled to the average traffic for your term during a fixed point in time (usually January 2004). In our example, 1.0 would be the average traffic of dogs in January 2004. If you chose 2006 as your time frame, you would be comparing data for dogs in 2006 to its data in January 2004. Since the scale basis (1.0) doesn’t change with time, you can look at different time periods, and relate them to each other. (Note: For keywords without a historical record, it may not be possible to establish a fixed scale).

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Hey!  That's my voting strategy!

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Beautiful bankrun....No matter what. a dynamic system that is unsustainable will seek stability.

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I do a bankrun every month after pay is in (Dutch here). Today for the first time ever, the machine was almost out of paper. As mr. Hugh Henry stated well, the one who panics first panics best. 

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bank runs are irrelevant since banks are no longer in the banking business; rather, they  are the instruments of central planning and vice-versa.

At recent levels of intervention we transact in trans-fractional fictional banking, ZIRP, central buy-backs and shadow books. Put even more simply: once upon a time there were interest rates on savings and consequent multiplier effects as function of said savings; today, it's an enitrely different story.....the markets float with few retail investors and banks function with few retail savers and even today there was a report that banks had record profits in 2012 so far.......TPTB aren't concerned. Too bad. I'm shorting the planet and SKYNET foils me almost everyday from 3pm till close. 


Tyler: keep repeating it and one day....

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Sure an electronic bank run ie transferring funds from one bank to another, probably won't do anything. If folks start withdrawing physical cash, that would be different especially once/if word got out.

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So, in today's day and age, Greek banks, for instance, will be able to function, ie. keep up the facade, as they trend towards zero depositors' deposits??

Banking, what a gig ...

Germany will have plenty of work as the Euro cheapens.

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You have some great points.  If there is a run it will take an unsuspected form and cause previously unseen chaos.  It is no longer the 30's, case in point being those once obvious food lines now stealthily disguised as many regular Walmart shoppers.

If things get really nasty and the TPTB don't get their way they can always threaten to maintain a cancellation of the EBT cards at local Walmarts.

How's that for a widespread network of human misery reactors in meltdown-mode, embedded in communities scattered across the country.

And everyone thought Fukishima was bad.

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dcrb: saw u got junked.  must be a newbie.  glad ur still around. - ned

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A self-serving + 1!

Thanks, Ned!

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Google trends wants QE to infinity. What am I missing besides the axis not being labelled accurately as usual?

Oh the notion that this represents pure data and isn't being gamed?

Well the one good thing is they won't have to sell gold to meet depositors demands.

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I did my bank runs 18-24 months ago - 3 currencies in 2 locations, neither of which have tellers.

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US captains of industry are gettin' their Euros out while the gettin's good too.  Only question is where are they gonna put it?????

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Bank run + Interest Rate Swaps (JPM)=20,000$ Gold

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My sources tell me a bank holiday is coming as soon as Monday.

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This would be the weekend to do it, there isn't another western 3 day weekend holiday alignment other then Christmas and New Years.

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I've heard the same each of the last four memorial/labour day weekends!

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Holiday Monday, January 2 New Year’s Day (Observed) Monday, January 16  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, February 20 Presidents’ Day Monday, May 28 Memorial Day Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day Monday, September 3 Labor Day Monday, October 8 Columbus Day Friday, November 12 Veterans’ Day (Observed) Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Day Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day


There's 4 more 3 day weekends for banks in 2012