Greece Announces Troika Call Is Over - Announcement Expected Shortly

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Greece is the word...

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Greece conference call summation: Long Jawbone, short Private Parts

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Anyone notice that Christine Lagarde puts Angelo Mozillo to shame in the fake-suntan department.


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China offers to buy Greek debt

Uploaded by on Oct 3, 2010 <---------------- see the date? Thanks.

China has offered to buy Greek government bonds, in a show of support for the country whose debt burden pushed the euro zone into a financial crisis.

Wen Jiabao, the Chinese prime minister, made the offer before Greece's parliament on Saturday at the start of a two-day visit to the country.

But his offer has also called into question China's own financial policies.

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Let us hope that the western alliances are not so stupid or desperate as to sell their souls to the yellow menace.


We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.
Mao Tse-Tung 


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must be the brilliant work and stunning connections of MHFT

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GREECE SAYS: `BUNGA-BUNGA either on 20th or 21st or later'

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My Big, Fat, Welfare State, Cradle-To-Grave Benefits (retire with full pension at age 22; 2 government workers for every 1 private sector employee), Which All In The EU Expect As A Birthright, Greek Debt.

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Again, its amazing how the underlying problems are NEVER addressed! And isnt this the perfect example of just why socialism can not work? Oh the 'retire at 22, 6 months paid vacation, cradle to grave total life coverage as a European birthright' may work, for a WHILE....but then when the system collapses and you have to take it away, the people then go NUTS on you!

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US equity market credibility is, right now, committing suicide.  ES, 100% electronic [not manual] jerk off fest is an absolute guarantee that the equity market will fail here.

But I am sure that, any minute now, Mary Schapiro is going to step in and demand market credibility, along with Larry Fink's demand that people are "forced to invest."

Gordon Charlopp tosses his cred on the fire again citing a rising market on "a little bit of good news."

Good lord.


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Magic bid lifting selling now complete.  Garden variety selling takes over in equities.  

Will the natural forces of supply and demand actually cause the market to fall back?  Stay tuned.

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Abby Joseph Cohen can see spooz 1450 from her front porch.



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Fuck that! They roll her out when the market tops, every fucking time

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YES the media will soon DEMAND 'market credibility' be restored immediately! Again. I remember that used to be one of the chattering chipmunk Erin Burnetts favorite topics when she wasnt outside riding the Wall St bull for amusement.

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she's hot.  



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Market credibility...yes...yes.

If that is desired, arrest warrants should be issued by the Justice Dept. for firms currently trading AMZN.  One of the most profitable, bid lifting, option selling, price fizzy lifting drink operations I have ever seen.  Two days and bam...weath effect.

Do Wall Street firms know that even average Joe has tools to see these very special equity crimes now?  Do they know they cannot simply say "DOW up 100 pts." on ABC Nightly News and expect sheeple to come charging in to buy tops?

And what is Mary Schapiro's excuse for not seeing what I am seeing?  Seriously, what does she do all day?

Maria "I lost my curiosity years ago" Bartiromo is very impressed with the bullish market action at the close.

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Amazing how the underlying problems are NEVER addressed!!!

And there you have it, the mismanaged money train afforded the incompetence to morph into/to become the system, now the feared unwind into (gasp) responsibility,

with half assed props.

American Autumn...

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both the greeks and americans are iddicted to bumming, lacks of ambition.


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Getting ever closer to that "moment" of truth!

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I see theyre running out of carrots on sticks to drive the world markets, this one looks like an old potato on a stick.

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More like a sponge on a stick.

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buy buy buy ???


ummmm...I think I'll just stay with what I got

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no kidding, vote!

buy, sell,hide, WTF.

thank god ive got my dimes....

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From update,

how do you keep a turkey in suspense?


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The meltdown may commence.  Ouzos on the house.  

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ahhh, better....

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AAPL leads the way as a cash management alternative. The ultimate flight to safety!!! <sarcasm>

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Exactly. We now witness another market meltup while paper PM's meltdown and oil falls to a more manageable 85 (of course ignoring that Brent is still above 110). This all is par for the course (rinse, repeat) as I have said before:


Mon, 09/05/2011 - 12:52
I don't like it but watch out for TPTB selling paper gold to prop up market tomorrow. Another paper gold -100 day. Just like before.

Fri, 09/02/2011 - 09:59
I don't like it but, as I said elsewhere, the TBTF's will sell their paper PM's near the near term top and then prop up the market with the proceeds next week (maybe sooner).

Mon, 09/12/2011 - 16:22

"How many times can the idiotic market keep falling for the same old rumor over and over and over again?"

In a nutshell, this is the forte of D.C. and the Financial elite. Create perceptions. It will be successful as long as there are those that are even slightly more inclined or invested in maintaining the current paradigm. Indeed, it is the same situation, when we believe there is no correlation between a drop in paper PM prices and a 'surprising' rally in the markets. Watch, again, as paper PM prices are 'allowed' to appreciate for a couple of days only to be sold down so as to prop up the market again shortly thereafter.

Fri, 09/16/2011 - 11:31

".....Why? WTI/Nymex broke $90 for a little while and then retracted. You watch, whenever it gets close to $90 there is suddenly a break lower...all this while Brent stays above $110. $90 resistance? arse."



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All this means is that you must follow your own thesis. As scary as it may seem (like when gold drops $100 in a day). This is a consolidation in an uptrend and Gold is used as a quick cash dispensary as needed when USD are tight. They obviously are which is why we may see even more USD upside (unless FOMC changes things again). Last week's swap lines is all in preparation.....In either case, you either have enough PM's to survive or you keep accumulating until you get there. As for Oil, well there's just not enough, period.

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if there are money makers then there are also money losers.....somebody is getting pillaged that the TBTF's can stay afloat. Probably, the pillaged are the taxpayers.

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its my fault i short oil at 90

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Relax....everything is under control....


Nothing to see here...move along sheeple...

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"Relax don't do it

When you want to go to it

Relax don't do it

When you want to come"

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The weather here sucks... Hope atleast Greece can put smiles back on our face. Come on Pap do it....

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Tyler... In other news:



Venezuela To Ban Gold Export; State To Hold 55% In Gold-Mining Ventures - DJ

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Good luck to all you mining equity "holders." You're gonna need it.

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The 'gold mining stock' trade never made any sense to me. If you want gold, buy gold coins and keep them in a safe. 

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be careful with those coins, dog,

i was talking with some vets about a MINT they found 'overthere' in the beginning of the war. makin' counterfiet gold coins.

that plus all the counterfiets coming out of china, at least according to my coin dealer... $1800 an oz. is a big mark up on tungsten gold plated coins.

thats why i go for dimes, junk dimes.

be careful, bro.

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Thanks, well aware and been buying gold and silver for years.

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Sure there's counterfeits and people pushing collectible coins over bullion.
Research and know what you're buying before hand.

I love junk silver silver too. It's still a treasure hunt when I get my hands on old coins in a jar.

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<---Buy the Rumor

<---Sell the news.

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<--- KIll them ALL!

<---- Kill You with Them!

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Need clarification on "You". Is that meant as you the reader, you the poll poster, or you Doc Smith?

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nevermind  it's just those silly siby mushrooms from ocala talking

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Blabla, we are on track, it was a constructive and vivid discussion, blabla, we will work through this difficult time, we will all come out stronger in the long run, blabla

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Damn, you guys gotta admit I literally NAILED this! I called the shot today!

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Congratulations! Your grasp of the obvious is an inspiration to us all.