Greece Has A Prime Minister

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Congrats Greece: you are no longer Belgium, even if the new leader is the same as the old leader




Now: we eagerly await the list of Greek bailout renegotiation "conditions" to Germany.

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I'm hoping for the deer today.

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A bevy of black swans.

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Everyone knows that under bankrupcy, it is always the bankrupt who sets the conditions.

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'Now: we eagerly await the list of Greek bailout renegotiation "conditions" to Germany.'

Oh this one's easy, if you don't give us any money, we'll ask you again very nicely...

and if that doesn't work we'll throw ourselves down on the ground and scream and scream and scream until we're sick...

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Better snap the picture quick.


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There's Nothing In The Streets
Looks Any Different To Me
And The Slogans Are Replaced, By-The-Bye
And The Parting On The Left
Are Now Parting On The Right
And The Beards Have All Grown Longer Overnight

Meet the New Boss, same as the old boss

The Who

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A car has 4 wheels!

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You could be in government...

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3.10pm: Ahead of the football match between Germany and Greece on Friday,  Among our favourites:; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">

Unemployment on the Greek team reaches record highs. Only 6 players remain and the goalkeeper has moved back in with his parents.

Corporate sponsors are asked to take a 75% haircut on all their advertising. The Coca Cola sign now just reads "Coc".


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And nothing will change except

 the printing presses will need more ink......

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-No Ink required

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OPA! Don't call it a comeback!

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What happens when Germany beat Greece 5-0 in Euro2012 on Friday with Merkle and Samaras watching?

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Wheeew, that was a close one, glad to hear the Greece problem is solved once and for all         sarc

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Who would have thought? Elections can't possible be rigged in the sacred Western countries.

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Why do you pull the Mighty Kingdom Of Belgium into this conversation?....

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Belgians should be outraged!  This indignity is enough to make Manneken Pissed...  ;->

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Because they started two world wars. Miserable fat Belgian bastards.

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RT : Odds on Greek win vs Germany about same as paying their bonds on time. 21/2

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Meet the new boss...

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Congratulations on electing a group of people with the power to boss you around. You deserve it.

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I remember Ireland had elections once. They were supposed to bring big changes. Not so much.

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New sex house with the same old whores.Simply doesnt work.

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Bad comparison. A whorehouse is normally profitable!

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"Same as it ever was."

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Hugo Chavez repatriating more hard assets - move over phyzz, hello geology

Venezuela demands Germany hand back 35 ton rock Venezuela is demanding that Germany hands back a 35-ton rock regarded as a "grandmother" by a tribe of South American Indians that claims its removal from their native land has precipitated a series of natural disasters.




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And is a goldman sachs´friends

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its like giving the drunk driver that ran you into a tree, the car keys again.

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Welcome the new boss, he's the same as the old boss ...

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The final twist of the knife into the soon to be corpse of Greece.

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Greeks got punked.

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Venizelos = Ministry of Food

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so just zackly how much does the new Begger-in-Chief make?