Greece Launches Rent-A-Cop To Fill Empty Public Servant Coffers

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Now that the time has come to expect Greek March economic data, which will show an acceleration in the total financial collapse of a society which is merely used as an intermediary to bail out insolvent European banks, something that virtually everyone takes for granted, together with a third bailout package sometime in the late summer, we can focus on the more entertaining developments out of the country that has become a symbol of all that is broken in Europe. Such as this story from Greek Protothema that one can now hire a cop for as little as €30/hour. €20 more gives one the option of chosing between the Athenian version of Erik Estrada, together with bike and ambiguous sexual tendencies, or a K-9 option. Finally, for those who are in need of urgent transport from point A to point B in total security, the Greek police choppers can be had for as little as €1500 an hour. In other words, one can own a 24/7 full-time militia of 20 policemen for as little as €14,400 a month. Naturally, the Greek PD has stooped so low because it simply has no money, and in its attempt to protect and serve, it has to do a little paid moonlighting on the side. As to what happens when all the wealthy robber barrons and tax evaders in Greek society end up owning all the officers in circulation, leaving the rest of the country defenseless, well, we are confident the local underworld elements will be more than happy to find out just what the consequences of that particular outcome will be. But at least Greece is still in the euro. And that's all that matters.

According to Protothema, police officers can be engaged for example to accompany transports of valuable goods or as bodyguards. There will also be bulk discounts for good customers. Google translated:

The police explained that these services "in exchange for payment" to a "convoy of explosives and / or hazardous materials, private high-value goods, works of art and cash, accompanying security services to persons and training services to individuals, resources and facilities to film and television productions. " As noted, "the consideration to be paid, subject to approval of this request, revert to the State Budget as public revenue in order to recoup the costs of provision of logistical equipment and infrastructure of the Greek Police, but also to upgrade in order not to affect the primary task and services to citizens. " The Hellenic Police officials argue that "for years by the services offered free of charge without any payment of compensation to the Greek State on the experience and expertise of Police Authorities, "while stressing that" support is offered in several EU Member States on the same terms, conditions and procedure for approval and payment of consideration."

So with various government services now being rented out to the highest bidder, how long until prison wardens will be happy to hold open door happy when one of their guests offers them a little "bailout" of their own? Or until the local banks "rent out" their deposit base to other, still solvent banks? Or until virtually any other public servant does whatever he is supposed to do, only if some comparable "rental" payment is incurred?

Because that, not with a bang, but a banker-induced, technocrat-facilitated chokehold whimper, is how society dies. But, again, at least Greece is still in the euro. And that's all that matters.

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Here we go. Where's the Greek ZHers? Let's get a pool going. GET TO THA CHOPPA! Mow those banksters to the ground.


If it flies, floats or fucks, rent it. 

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" how long until prison wardens will be happy to hold open door "

The way things are going over there, that open door policy might be for inbound traffic.

They might be paying for cozy digs, three hots and a cot  and an open door with a nice Agean breeze.

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Oink oink oink oink! Rent-a-pig.

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As in all failing societies throughout history, the trained enforcers/heavies go where the money is.  This is why I rail against the Randers day in and day out.  When government collapses, the oligarchs hire the goons for themselves and they become the law without any pesky government middle-man in the way.

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This is way too cheap - the cops could just take over and call it a day

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You laugh, but that's the likely reality for Greece, the return of a Junta.  It would be nice if the ECB and IMF would set this up without a messy "unplanned Junta."  Perhaps they could arrange a Technocrat Junta with very nice uniforms?

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A cast bronze RoboCop in Detroit?  Brilliant.  How long will that last?  Copper thieves will cut it down, chop it into pieces for scrap within six months, I bet.  It doesn't matter that the price of copper is down, municipalities and private owners in California are either reinforcing the security and footings on pieces or they're watching them disappear on a regular basis.  (And that piece is gonna cost a whole lot more than $50,000.)

At least if this Robocop were fabricated instead of cast, the silicone added to the sheet bronze would make it unsuitable for scrap processing.  They'd still destroy it but wouldn't get anything out of it.


BTW, Careless Whisper, I'm a fan of your links, too.

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Haven't seen that one in a while. Thanks for the laugh. BTW the look on Shaun's face indicates that he is in the third catagory.

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same thing happened after the 1989 collapse of the USSR, they had roving bands of police, military, etc providing protection for money. Here in the US, WallStreet rents out cops to protect them.

On another note, when the collapse happens here, don't be surprised to see foreign troops here to "keep the peace", as they have no qualms of murdering US citizens.

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Oh poor, poor defenseless US citizens! Whatever will they do! Those fearsome Blue Helmets! Shoot them.

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Oh yes, but I think there will be some Reds in there too as they own a good chunk of our debt and will want payback

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Conrad! You made me LOL! I love that movie!

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So if you want to rob a bank just hire a bunch of cops to act as lookouts and one of their helicopters for the getaway.



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That's the point, the banks got no money left.  What are ya going to rob?


Chopper ride will be good though.



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Wake me when the Montgomery County, Texas, Sherriff's Department starts leasing out its drone.  I have some nasty neighbors and an uncontrollable armed drone sounds like just the ticket.

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How is that helicopter supposed to operate with the fuel being cut off due to non-payment of said fuel from the suppliers?

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Can you rent one cop to arrest another cop?

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If you also pay for the cleanup, why not?

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Where is the uprising?

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Don't be silly. They are all watching 'Greek Idol' or whatever other pap-for-the-masses zombification with which they are provided.



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No doubt, Greece people setting sheeple standards.

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"The Black Panthers have been offering bounties and all that," he says. "But if we called for a bounty on someone's head, I guarantee we'd be locked up as quick as I could walk out of my house."


Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are "Prepared" For Post-Trayvon Martin Violence UPDATED

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Damn! I'm late for work!

Police escort bitchez! Move outa my way!!

Now go get my laundy and pick up the kids after school!

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Sad to hear but necessary.

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Welcome to Gotham City

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Achilles Blart, Mall Cop


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"Eric Echtratchia Chip Schools, Inc."  Learn to use your job skills as a boot for the Troika.  Our school will show you how to act on TV,  sell reclaimed swamp land and malaria to Canadian-Americans,  sharpen your police water cooler and motorcycle riding skills.   All for the low price of 400 Euros.  Sorry,  432E,   damned inflation,  500E.  Hurry and call now before the Euro tanks!    

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Revolution Bitchez

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After Socialism finally flops Greece goes Minarchist? Ron Paul 2012!

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Ron who? Is he even in the race still? The MSM doesn't even mention him anymore. Like they think if they ignore him he doesn't exist. So far it's working pretty well for them.

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So can the protesters hire their own security force and have them battle it out?

j0nx's picture

Gladiator style. I'd pay to watch the traitorous wall street protectors aka The NYPD go at it amongst factions of themselves. Shame on them for working for those devils.

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time for americans to hire their own army! let's make CNN worth watching again!

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"In other words, one can own a 24/7 full-time militia of 20 policemen for as little as €14,400 a month."

What?  24 x 7 x 4 = 672 hours / month x 30 euros = 20,160 euros / month for one cop.

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see that´s what i was can someone take an economics blogger seriously if he/she´s not able to do 3rd grade math. wtf

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Guns for hire, the 2nd oldest profession

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Why buy guns? Nowadays men are cheaper than  guns!

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One more step towards Anarcho-Capitalism.

Go ahead Greece! Show them all how it's done!

Next step: all taxes repelled and replaced by voluntary payments and free market. EU apparatchiks would go mad.

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According to my information, it's US$ 30 a day; not per hour; and the patrol cars come at US$ 10 a day

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Not "Serve and Protect."  "Observe and Collect."

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When was the last time Greece made an interest payment with their "own" money? They realize what game The Banksterz are playing, and they are letting them play it. But not with "their" money. I'll bet they said fukkit a long time ago.

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Yeah, I agree, but when was the last time the USA made an interest payment with its own money?


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The next blockwatch captain will be a hired cop.

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CHIPS ....??........ someone is showing their age. LOL