Greece Bars All Short Selling For 2 Months

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And..... the idiots are back in charge.


No seriously, it will work this time. We promise.

Goodbye Greek stock market. For a case study of what happens next, check out Vietnam.

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For a case study of what happens check out Vietnam. "


LOL Tyler

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the war or the stock exchange?

i think tyler means the war.


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I think we might need an "its on like donkey kong" picture for this...

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Hercules (Greece) steps in front of a two-mile long runaway freight train -- tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion...

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NOTHING instills confidence like a BAN of normal market activity!!

NOTHING instills confidence in a bank than limiting withdrawls!!

NOTHING instills confidence in the markets like lies from puppets!!!

Shell Game's picture

'BTFD or we grind you into soilent green..'

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How come short-selling is normal activity? Short-selling is a trick which requires borrowing of shares from some strange guys who does not have the shares. Normal activity is when you buy or sell shares you have.

Missing_Link's picture

Are you nuts?  Short-selling has been around for as long as the market itself.  Calling it a "trick" is like calling the car a "horseless carriage" and therefore "unnatural."

Join the 20th century  ...  (not even the 21st, short-selling is a century old).

fuu's picture

He also thinks ratings agencies should be arrested because they use capital tetters to denote credit worthiness and that is wrong.

vicorjh's picture

I think he's referring to naked shorts and the failure to deliver.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, as long as there are shares available to borrow, it isn't a trick (nobody is forced to loan shares, either). If they aren't available, but "loaned" anyway, then it's fraud.

Besides, without the short sellers (who correctly observed that the asset was over-priced), the market lacks their price discovery pressure looking for a bottom, as they cannot afford to miss it.

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

The key word here is requires "requires  borrowing of shares"  By NOT not borrowing, the market can be, and is, manipulated. Just read how much the banks have shorted silver. If they don't play by the rules, then just don't allow them to play at all.

Debt Rolling's picture

When a beast is desperate, it will tend to do insane things. Bets that can't possibly pay off. Anything is good to "buy more time", even if that means being in a far worse shape the day after.

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Looks like the S&P-anking continues - just took a shot at Fannie & Freddie.

redpill's picture

"The more you tighten your grip, Tark, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

Sophist Economicus's picture

Are they talking about stocks or underwear?

Long-John-Silver's picture

There is a run on underwear due to excessive shitage. You are limited to one 3-count pack.

JJ McApe's picture

what comes next...

we ban inflation!!! ^-^

fuu's picture

I am waiting for the ban on ALL selling.

Gmpx's picture

No need to ban selling. Only fraud should be banned: rating, naked short selling, HFT.

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Terrorists!  The definition is so broad these days, we might as well add stock sellers to the list.

kridkrid's picture

They've seen how willingly people accept anything done in the name of fighting terrorism.  Why not extend the meaning.  I would do the same thing if I were a psychopath/leader.

agent default's picture

Coming soon to a market near you.

Global Hunter's picture

Say goodbye to the only kind of rally left (besides central banks lifting all the offers), the short cover rally.

Quintus's picture

How long, I wonder, will it be until this goes global?  This week?  Next week?

The Shootist's picture

Does this have much precedent?

Quintus's picture

Quite a lot of it went on during 2008.  Particularly in Financial stocks.

papaswamp's picture

Wow this shit is snowballing downhill quickly.

That will stop the collapse....banpocalypse bitchez!

Stoploss's picture

GOLDen. Steady as she goes..

Hulk's picture

Speaking of shorts, the fraudulent commercial paper Au shorts should be puking up blood about now...

Quintus's picture

I wish.  Unfortunately all they appear to be puking up are even more fraudulent paper Au shorts.

I wonder if they are planning a 3rd consecutive day of raiding the metals at 12:00 precisely.   Why not?  It's not as if anybody can or will stop them.

Hulk's picture

No argument here. But one day, the fraudulent paper market will bust...

Smiley's picture

When can I buy the Acropolis for 10 Gold Eagles?

Ratscam's picture

It will be sold to Timi Geithner for 1 Eagle. Capiche?

buck777's picture

Greeks = Pea munching


lizzy36's picture


So we are back to blaming gravity for plane crashes.

Bet Bernanke is stroking that beard furiously right now ;)

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

More like circle stroking with his "buddies".

sulfur's picture

Please ban HFT and long buying for the next 5 years

so Kramer can suck it all...

anynonmous's picture

I guess they can't find anyone to interview at Bloomberg today

so the dimwit  anchors are  interviewing each other


Lisa: so bethany do you think Moody's will follow S&P

Bethany: well you know that's a great question Lisa but I don't have a clue

Lisa: stay tuned for more with Bethany, we'll be right back

Lisa: investors getting whipsawed, the VIX is all over the place all right lets turn back to Bethany (for some more mindless banter)

pepperspray's picture

LOL nI've got the audio player on so I heard it too.  Except the quiver in Bethany's voice is pronounced when there's only the sound.

Tinsu's picture

Bethany has a really big ear holding back all of that black hair.

anynonmous's picture

I think that was still Saturday nights hair 

Tinsu's picture

...looked like Sat nite's little black dress too!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

And..... the idiots are back in charge.

They have always been in charge. They were just pretty good at hiding their idiotcy.

And we were pretty good at not looking.

Ethics Gradient's picture

In the meantime, the headlong rush for parity between Eur and ChF resumes.

I wonder how may underwater European mortages there are now given a 34% increase in 3 years.