Greek 1 Year Bond Yields Pass 150% For The First Time Ever; Presenting The Hyperbolic Bond Curve

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Today, all is good in Europe... Except for the festering wound at the center of the contagion of course. It appears someone forgot to tell Greece all is well - it must be that Columbus day holiday or something.


And this is what a hyperbolic bond curve looks like:

Source: Bloomberg

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Merkle will buy them....tomorrow.....

Or maybe Wednesday.......

Just give her a minute she wants to make sure she BTFD.

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This optimism about the EU is entirely the product of excitement about a small man (Sark and his Napoleon complex) and a small woman (despite physical corpulence): quarter man, quarter woman, the rest hot air, light gas making the market rise, just like the Hindenburg blimp.     

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Yes, the Hyperbolic Bond Curve mirrors the Hyper-Bollocks rise in markets.

espirit's picture

Gangrene, bitchez.  Time to amputate the limb.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

No, the optimism of the EU is, the optimism of the Euro is based on a "flight to safety", like the dollar trade once was, and still is in fits of desperation.

Of course, the real flight to satey is and has been, for the last decade, gold.

All fiat is worth nothing.  People want to play the game of which will last longer?  Fine.  Why?  When you can get P for prices that will NEVER be seen again, I don't know.

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What's the symbol for the European Bond Volatility Index?

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how is Germany going to fund all those Greek pension liabilities.  You take them away, and Greeks will blame zee Germans.

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I am pretty sure either people realize that "unfunded liabilites" means you will not receive something that was an IOU, and you should never have counted on an IOU, because it is an IOU, or civil wars break out all over the globe, from Europe to China to America.

Reality is beautiful if you realize that sitting on a couch all day watching TV is a waste of time, and farming and doing physical labor is way more fun.

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This is a direct result of the completely irresponsible grand-standing by Slovakian politicians against the European Financial Stability Facility. Eastern European countries like Slovakia are known for being bullies and trouble makers, and I believe it's time for the ECB and other compliant EU states to take the initiative and show that they are not going to be intimidated by far-right extremists and nasty nationalists. I believe it's high time we created a European super-committee which with its OWN constitution, and powers of direct taxation. This fund will be able to carry out large, bold and courageous fiscal operations without constant political ramblings and tedious referendums. This will restore peace, stability and freedom across the region once and for all.

doomz78's picture

and allow for more debt...tool.  lol

SheepDog-One's picture

I cant wait for this evening! I hope and pray the 1 little guy pulls the rug out! Go Slovakia GO!

BurningFuld's picture

I actually kinda liked that. Give it a 7 out of 10 on the sarcasm scale.

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I'm going to give myself a green arrow for that one. 

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raise the interest rates! hold out for more money!


papaswamp's picture

1st time eva bitchez!

So can we call final default shortly...this dragging on is a drag.

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Speaking of drag, does anyone else think Angela Merkle looks like Hitler in drag?

surf0766's picture

When does the giant bullshit flag get thrown on any plan coming out of the EU?

Ronaldo's picture

Apparently, not until it crashes completely.  Human are such optimists after all.

SheepDog-One's picture

Grasping at straws in the quicksand pit...not really optimism.

KlausK's picture

Heavy, cold & shiny ... I love delivery days.

KenShabby's picture

A lot easier than traveling down the Amazon looking for El Dorado no?

I love Aguirre Wrath of God.

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Special guest on CNBC, RuPaulson, to offer some commentary on the potential duration of this drag.

doomz78's picture

there will be a rumour of a rumour about a strong plan!!!  Maybe a Euro Bond rumour to absorb all of this..  next month of course.  The markets will surge.  Politicians will disagree over the fine details.  The markets will surge.  awesome!

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Yay! Confetti in the form of Drachmas!

Conman's picture

She wont actually buy them, she'll just announce that they are planning on the plan to buy them. Good for a 30 handle on the s&p.

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Easy money, bitchez. Who is selling these yokes?

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Judging by the market reaction, this is the second most bullish news to come out of Europe in the last week. the most bullish was clearly the Italy downgrade since the market has done nothing but go parabolic ever since.

it makes perfect some bizarro universe.

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Add the 2 notch downgrade of Spain on Friday to the list of bullish things from insolvent Europe. And i guess the insolvency itself is bullish too.

HardlyZero's picture

Not bizzaro at all (heh)... in the time domain...we now won't need to discuss Spanish or Italian downgrades now for another .... few weeks.  Tha's quintillions of machine cycles.

In the meantime its algo Bunga, Bunga !!

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The only thing that would make this market more bullish is widespread starvation in the EU or perhaps a massive earthquake in the heart of Germany.

AndrewJackson's picture

Assuming a 30% return on the bonds, the implied haircut would be (2.5-1.3)/2.5 approximately 50%. Unfortunately for the tbtf banks, that # could be very generous.

Tense INDIAN's picture

does it matter...anymore..

LawsofPhysics's picture

My god, simply amazing yield, I am all in,  winning!  < snark >

High Plains Drifter's picture

cnbc keeps saying that gold and silver are not the safe places to be like we thought.........fine......


fuck it, i am selling my gold and silver and buying greek bonds........i love that roi........




former gold bug.......


NOT !!!!!!!!!

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Its not over with dexia. Greece hasnt defaulted but will. The china economy is imploding. Efsf looks near dead and even if it lives is not nearly big enough. Japan is collapsing. The us economy is on life support.
Dont fret the short term.
Long term fundamentals matter most. Always have. Always will.

Everybodys All American's picture

AAA ratings apparently no longer matter. If France and Germany are going to support these banks and bond purchases then they better be willing to pay more in interest. Might want to inform the little guy though.

PivotalTrades's picture

The Euro banks will be capitalized to allow the Greeks to default.

pufferfish's picture

>In the gold shop.

>Bought gold.

>Transaction compleated, try to open door.

>Gold lady "Oh, sorry that was still locked. It's like fort knox in here!"

>Me "A bit like fort knox, only, you've acctually got gold."

>Hilariy ensued.

>Gold lady "I'll use that one myself"

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Maggot infested gaping wound at the center of Europe, but the periphery is busy in a massive all-is-well euphoria party!

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Wall Street -- "the happiest place on earth"TM.

jsavage's picture

there is a plan to deal with this

baby_BLYTHE's picture

All they need to do is reissue the drachma and put gold backing behind it to attracted investors. Reissuing the drachma alone wouldn't be enough, as it would devalue immensely against the Euro. At least with gold behind it, there would be discipline in place to prevent a violent decline

SheepDog-One's picture

BLYTHE I think at this point they have to hit absolute rock bottom...and they are speeding towards it...we're dealing with depraved addict self destructive personality disorder types here, psychos.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Reissue the Drachma and back it with Discotheque free drink coupons.

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Die Kakke ist am dampen