Greek Bailout #3 Coming? Barroso Working On "New Greek Program"

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Loss of confidence coming? What's going to change long term outcome idiots?

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Greeks getting greeked, french style.  Nothing will change other than the banksters will milk longer before they stick the bad debt to the public.

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Russki standart? Ach was! Leibstandarte!

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It is time for a default.  The French and German politicians are just trying to figure out how to make a Greek credit event politically palatable.

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Greek default means Italy, Spain and Portugual default. They have used Greek debt to "shore up" their capital base. Where do you suppose that low cost collateral is going to come from to plug the hole?

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What are they gonna do? Default bwahaha. Greece really has the EU by the balls. They can lead them anywhere promised them and spit in their faces because nobody wants to rock the boat and ruin the status quo.

Euro should be trashed, but nope. But maybe that only shows how shitty the dollar is.

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It is worth remembering that the same cabal of banksters control the euro and dollar, just like they control the republicans and democrats. We, the sheeple, are presented with phony, pre determined alternatives that never deviate from the status quo. Different branches, same rotten tree.

papaswamp's picture

Fuck this is comical! 

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comical in a non funny way :)  but all is good, who cares that prior plans never worked - or were even implemented, with this and QE3 we should be at new highs!

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^This.  Announcing new plans periodically is the policy.

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God bless you EUO November calls.

centerline's picture

And yet the world seems to ignore the spiral pattern, in tighter and tighter circles around the drain.  When the big flush comes, everyone will say they never saw it coming... of course.

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Greece is like the drunk relative that gets free drinks from family members so he'll go away for a while.


MS7's picture

More like the family wants to get him drunk so they can clean out his pockets.

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What will really be a hoot is Greece going under and the rest of the EU taking a non catastrophic hit.

The threat of taking everyone else with it is getting old.

Although, if the opposite happens, then proof that the EU was a house of cards that is so fucked up even a printing press won't help.


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I admit.. it would be an incredible bummer for Greece to "officially default" leave the EURO and for nothing to happen.

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Bloomberg just reported that Greece "denies" that it hired a US law firm, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steern & Hamilton, LLP, to prepare for the countries exit from the Euro zone.  Ooops.....

Dick Darlington's picture

We all know what it means when politicians deny something in public...

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To quote Billy boy: "I did not have sexual relations, with that woman, Ms. Lewinski."

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Never believe in anything until it has been officially denied.

-Otto von Bismarck-

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Headlines from Greece also contributed to a muted tone. The heavily indebted country's parliamentary budget office said in a report that its debt dynamics are veering "out of control" and the country is unlikely to meet its deficit targets for the year. In addition, Greece's finance ministry denied a local press report saying that it had hired U.S. law firm Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton LLP to prepare for a potential exit from the euro zone.

DosZap's picture

If they bail these dipwads out one more time I may commit hara-kiri.

I am so sick of this I could literally scream.There,just did it, like a tree that falls in the forest no one heard.

 I mean how many Do Overs do we get?.

SeverinSlade's picture

I'm looking forward to CNBS insisting that all is well when the 5th bailout of Greece is announced.

centerline's picture

Yahoo Finance will report "Stock Market Rallies on 5th Greek Bailout Success"  LOLOLOLOLOL

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Tyler, calling this Greek bailout #3 is simply rediculous, Barroso is simply trying to put himself on the map by playing aroud with a few million from the regular EU budget. Zero Hedge does perfectly fine without hyping this sort of non-news.

Dick Darlington's picture

Barroso is just paving the way for his own insolvent country to get some juice out of the european taxpayers.

lizzy36's picture

Everything happens in 3's; bailouts, QE's and 3rd anniversary of LEH bankruptcy.

Hard to believe that that the answer to insolvency or overleverage isn't to inflate the assets side of the balance sheet but to forgive some of the debt on liability side. Of course the status quo loves the former, because it creates the illusion of a solution plus has the added benefit of making them richer. The latter, is the only actual solution.

Dick Darlington's picture

There was headlines today where the Ponzimaster Rehn made comments that Greek debt ratio subject to unfavorable developments and that EU figures show Greece's gross debt ratio has increased.

So, who would have thought that pouring 200+ bn into an already insolvent black hole is a BAD idea...

EU conclusion: We need to pour in some MORE!

Greece, default now and then go back to drachma. It's time to disintegrate. It will hurt, just like it hurts now, but it's necessary.

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Usually when Barroso makes an announcement like that , there is also problems surfacing in his beloved Portugal. I will give it a week and we will here more from that quarter. News out of Lisbon has been awfully quiet of late. 

sudzee's picture

The european bank run is having its desired effects. Zero interest rates mandated by gov'ts is not a free market rate. What's a bank without depositors? Government.

mfoste1's picture

When will these fuckers get the point that GREEK BAILOUTS ARENT FUCKING WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All they are doing is literally stealing from citizens

youngman's picture

Once....Twice...Three times a LADY.....and I love youuuuuuuuuuu.......and your free money.......I have to admit....the Greeks are money and they just keep on giving....

MS7's picture

I wish they were winning. No free money is going to the people. Their standard of living is in steep decline, their unemployment rate has skyrocketed. You may say that this would happen anyway if they were to default. True, but at least then they would have had all their assets and their sovereignty. The government of Greece does not do a single thing that the people of Greece want. It is the servant of the Troika.

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When all these euro youths riot, why dont they just go straight after the policymakers or banks instead of fucking up shit in the streets? Thats exactly what should have happened in London, they should have went sraight to liverpool St and destroyed the place.

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When it comes to recapitalising our banks, Europe has been acting decisively. Our banks are significantly better capitalised now than they were six months ago and further measures are being taken following last July's stress tests.

But did not the stress tests conclude that a mere €25bn was all that was required to recapitalise the banks? Why is this still an issue? /idiots

 tightening rules on insider trading and market manipulation; and presenting a framework for the resolution of failing banks.

It was the insiders that did it. /idiots

markar's picture

speaking of quiet lately the Irish seem to be suffering in quiet desperation. What's the word out the cored and pitted Emerald Isle? silence of the lambs?

Lord Welligton's picture

Unemployment at record levels. over 14% officially. More likely 20% when you count those who are not registered.

Government revenues €34bn. Expenditure €52bn. Deficit of €18bn to be reduced to 3% of GDP by 2014. So cuts or tax increases of say €13bn.

Public service exempt fro redundancy and wage cuts.

 All of the domestic banks bar one now in full State ownership.


Mortgage arrears growing. Businesses failing.


No policy other than "austerity".


Waiting for a domino to fall.

The the politicians will blame "something else" and proceed with default anyway.

Buck Johnson's picture

Let Greece default, but they can't or won't.  There is no way that they can pay back anything.

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