Greek Bank Deposits Decline For 7th Month In A Row: Tax Collectors Celebrate By Striking

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chinese sticking it to greek shippers:


never sign a contract with a chink.

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True, but Let's keep it at chinaman.

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i started to write that but got lazy. i'm not prejudiced, i h8 everyone.

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I know how it goes. I say stuff just to piss people off.

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This line was once used on me here: Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature - The Big Lebowski.

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I have no malice towards the Chinese People, but in all honesty, after dealing with Chinese business people, anyone who wants to be honest and forthright will admit that they are nearly impossible to deal with, as there really is no point, after handshakes, oral assurances or even the signing of documents, that they won't try to deny the most obvious facts and agreements, and in many cases, I do believe they'd be able to look anyone in the eyes and swear up and down that any agreement, no matter how detailed and clear, is completely opposite of reality.

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Obviously then Obummer is our first African American/Asian American President.

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Nice! But  Chinese don't have that market cornered. Politicians in general behave that way. Lawyers too. Obama is the trifecta of liars in that case.

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No surprise here. Next: Chinese sticking it to Microsoft, Apple, Nestle, et cetera.

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Our Tax collectors never strike:(

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Perhaps they will if it's THEIR salary getting cut...

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Everything is getting liquidated today.

Except for bonds and all the triple-whammy inverse ETF's

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just because a 3X short fund is up doesn't mean it isn't being sold.

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Everything is getting liquidated today.

You're right. And that is your answer to why Gold and Silver are selling off and were in Asia markets on Sunday. Europe looks more like the U.S. in fall of '08. Everything getting liquidated. 

So, either they print more money (ahem, IMF with NAB, G-7, ECB, and FED) and Gold and Silver will continue to outperform everything....or everything collapses, including stocks, gold, and silver and the only winner....

Physical Precious. So either way, PM's win.

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jacketed lead is now a PM?

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if that head and shoulders breaks correctly on the /es, tallyho down to 1121.

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What is Bernank trying to make the case for Sept 21? 'While the markets are for the most part very stable recovering most all losses within hours, and still within 15% of ALL TIME highs, we're going to embark on huge new stimulus for stawks'?

If anything, theyre desperate to funnel money as fast as possible to TBTF banks, and equities will be sacrificed to do it. No matter, it will be the endgame final monetization bailout anyway.

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Goat Republic

Sheep Republic

Olive Republic

Ouzo Republic

Whats a Republic

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Republic: Verb: from the roots Re: again, Pub: drinking establisment, and lick: a lick or kiss, especially while brown nosing a banker...

Put it all together and its time to head to the bar again.

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Love how they're adding the new tax to their electric bills to be sure people pay. Otherwise lights out!

I say go long extension cords!

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On a long enough extension cord the electricity bill for everyone drops to zero.

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Jus plug into your nearest gov. Run building and back feed to your house. Everyone is on strike anyway, who's to notice.

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Now see, why is it that YOU aren't in Govt, proposing solutions? :>D

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How pitiful is that?  The tax collecting authority says, "fuck it.  they'll just lie to us and get around paying taxes."  Really? lol....

So is a "walmart" implemented tax going to come to america when this finally hits our shores?

I guess greeks may be presented with a little different build or buy decision with solar, etc. if the electricity bills will increase very much...  goodbye electric bill, goodbye tax...  pays for iteself in no time.  (might even generate enough to sell to a neighbor or go in halfsies).

fucking hilarious...  and by hilarious I mean of the tragic comedy variety.

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participation rate in the strike is over 90%," said Yiannis Grivas, head of the tax collectors' union, or POE-DOY. "The workers are striking to protest the looting of their income."


You simply cannot make this up.

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JUST SAY NO!  To Austerity, Bitchez!

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All I'm saying is that PM's, oil, grains, etc. are not immune to a credit event selloff.

As Bob Brinker likes to say, "Everyone goes, including the piano player"....

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Well I don't Robo

So go ahead and sell all your PM's to these crooks who are scooping up the shares during these panic sell offs. 

And when your done go hang from that cheap shower curtain in that shithole rental that none of us really where its at. 

Just make sure you throw that cell phone in the toilet before you go about your business. So you don't disturb the rats. 


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Robo sold his gold before it went over $1,000, calling the blowoff top there. Then spent the last year making fun of 'Gentleman Jim's' calls for higher gold upon every slight dip all the way up another $800.

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"The participation rate in the strike is over 90%," said Yiannis Grivas, head of the tax collectors' union, or POE-DOY. "The workers are striking to protest the looting of their income."

The unintentional comedy quotient of this statement cannot be measured by human science.


We now know that the US is an Onion Republic, which leaves open the question: what is Greece...


Since no single vegetable will do, let's use several and call it:



TruthInSunshine's picture




If Greece is an Onion Republic, Amerikranski is the Land of the 5 B's:

  • Bananas
  • Bubbles
  • Bullshit
  • Bluffery
  • Bankruptcy


Amerikranski, fronted by Obama, The Bernank & Timmmmay, is full of noise & fury, yet signifies nothing (thanks for breaking all global markets, Bernank, you righteous imbecile of the highest order).


And by the way, we're about to re-live that special time when people would just as soon wipe their ass with their "highly volatile" certificates of stocks than they would own them.


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I was thinking maybe the US can sign van Rompuy in a multi-million dollar deal so as to solidify the dream team!

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Buy...the Floating on Air trade, the Costa speaking in tongues trade. 

Super bullish that the Greeks have yet to fire ANY public sector workers, I'm sure.

Also bullish is the Buy the Ramp Trade about to fall on its face.

Also super bullish that Blight on America bank can no longer maintain their part of the Ponzi trade.

Also super bullish is that President Zero is trying to ride to the rescue with US spening increases right when the Super Congress is cut spending.

Superdee duper bullish such BlowHorn phrases as "the bloom is off the vine" and "the race to the bottom" and "long, painful process."

Wow...I can hardly contain my bullishness.


SheepDog-One's picture

Cdad is it anything like Erin Burnett's popular 2009 'Walkin on sunshine' trade?

'We're floating on air down here on the exchange floor'....uh Bob, that sure doesnt SMELL like air.

Cdad's picture

Not sure, Dog...if the FOA trade is anything like the WOS trade.  Can hardly remember E. Burnett, either.

If the BTFR trade is to succeed, it is going to need some serious criminal manipulation trade gasoline.  Don't see it...not on things I am watching.

SheepDog-One's picture

'Cut spending while increasing frivolous handouts to career unemployed the Legend of Baggerbama! That is one magical negro right there!

TruthHunter's picture

"President Zero is trying to ride to the rescue with US spening increases"


Uh, Its spelled spinning...

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A peach... as they move to an enlightened debt jubillee!

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In a country of people that prides itself on cheating tax collection this is a completely predictable event.  Just wait until mom goes on strike.  What then?


And I favor the "Garlic Republic" - if you eat it anyone you speak with will think you stink.  And you do.

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"Total, unprecedented, unbelievable chaos"

Unprecedented? Not in Greece! Same goes with Greece Sovereign defaults.

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Swiss bank deposits increased by correspondingly large amount did you say?