Greek Colonization 102: Europe Calls For Reconstruction Commissioner In Athens

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First they force now officially defaulted Greece to bailout European banks courtesy of a Greek funded Escrow package, then they make Greek pays for the privilege of having a job, then they send in German tax collectors, and finally they prepare to pilfer the gold. And simply because nobody is home, the colonization continues, with the formal take over of the country by a "Kommisar"


And since not even this colonial escalation will do much if anything to stir the locals, we can't even imagine what the next annexation steps will be.

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Sophist Economicus's picture

Wow!   Europe is futher to the right than we are!   The dumb-craps in Washington would have called him a Reconstruction CZAR

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I vote Asmussen in for the job of "Reconstruction Kommisar."  He would be perfect. 

magpie's picture

Geez, where's old Europe heading to - no archdukes, viceroys or even "Reich Special plenipotentiaries" to go with the Stalinist drivel...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The waiter who, just now, spilled a tray of beers on Merkle had the right idea. 

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What is the Greek equivalent to the FEMAcamp going to be?

Or should I be asking what the German equivalent is?

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Here's the thing: The Greek people didn't vote for a debt increase EVER, so technically they are not responsible for running up the national debt. The Greek people only voted for increased benefits, not increased debt. It is the BANKERS and IMF that are responsible for the debt, not Greek voters.

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We are crime, and crime don't pay.

-- Pizza the Hut

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That's awesome! I hereby vote you a gold-plated, 5 story mansion with a bevy of fembots to attend to your every need. You (and your family) will have to pay for it, of course. But I vote that you should have those benefits :)

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I thought Reconstruction ended in 1876 after the fraudulent Hayes-Tilden election.  Do the field hands in Greece need freeing?

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This "reconstruction" idea will not last for long. There is only one solution to the debt crisis outside of a revolution:

The Cure to Greek’s Debt Crisis: War with Turkey

And the first battleground is ready with Cyprus becoming more militarized with each move.

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Der kommissar geht um.

margaris's picture

The coolest austrian ever to walk the earth!

Probably even the coolest human.

Sorry, cant stand the english version. It has to be watched in german:


redpill's picture

Soon they will be eating bratwurst and french fries with mayo on them.

kito's picture

german to be taught in all greek schools as primary language......

german national anthem to replace the greek one......




McNoob's picture

It's called Pomme Frites...

No cheese eating, onion munching frog fries for mein Teutonic brothers...

Overflow-admin's picture

Next: dungeons & torture chambers will be rehabilitated.

cossack55's picture

Next step:  All Greeks will be given a train trip to Oswiecim, Poland for a vacation.  This will free up more beach space for the Master Race.

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End their gold, End'em hehe.

SunnyDD's picture

What? No burn baby burn?

Hell. I'm going short and Zohedge 'em hahaha.

Big Corked Boots's picture

Newsflash: Britian returns Elgin Marbles... to Germany.

Sandmann's picture

Why should Britain return the Elgin Marbles ? They were bought by Lord Elgin. On that basis Louisiana should be returned to the French and Alaska to the Russians.

Rogier's picture

And Manhatten to the Dutch...

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Makes sense that's where the Dutch store their gold.

Ghordius's picture

don't mention the gold, Gene, don't mention the gold

may the NY-FED, in it's endless wisdom, do with it what is necessary for the progress of humankind. amen.

where is the lazy bastard millon-dollar-bonus today? can't do his job, too!

LowProfile's picture

You mean the Wappinger indian confederacy.

LowProfile's picture


"Why should Britain return the Elgin Marbles ? They were bought by Lord Elgin. On that basis Louisiana should be returned to the French and Alaska to the Russians."

Yes, under the perfectly legitimate and auspices of the Ottoman Empire.  Yes, yes, all very well and proper, wot, wot.


Sandmann's picture

Yes, under the perfectly legitimate and auspices of the Ottoman Empire.


So now you want to get the Hagia Sophia back and expel the Ottomans from Asia Minor ? Great. US forces can liberate Constantinople

Ghordius's picture

oh no, now the trotted Juncker out again... someone should tell him to just keep quiet...

Ancona's picture

I wonder who the reconstruction Komissar for the US will be?

Sandmann's picture

Maybe they can borrow L. Paul Bremer ?

NotApplicable's picture


He's already got the belt buckle, after all (as well as the accent).

Element's picture

 Reconstruction Commissioner In Athens


eh? ... they're getting in ... before the war this time?

German efficiency bitchez!


(the attack on Libya was more entertaining though)

Dr. Engali's picture

What in the hell are those Greeks doing? Are there any Spartans left? I sure hope to God we aren't as pathetic when it's our turn. I 'm getting this sickening feeling we will be though.

dwdollar's picture

That sickening feeling you have is the cold hard reality of truth. For what it's worth, I have it too.

Dr. Engali's picture

Based on what I'm seeing now with the seemingly daily government encroachment on our civil liberties and nobody even batting an eye , I have to agree with you.

StychoKiller's picture

Ya gotta turn up the burner slowly, or the frogs will jump out...

cossack55's picture

All the Spartans moved to SF for the same-sex marriages.

NotApplicable's picture

What, have you no faith in the "Occupy Movement" and all of the other divide and conquer collectivist political operations? Now that the weather's nicer, they're coming back out of hibernation.

Remember, it's all about THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVAH!

Well, at least that's what the political class want you to believe. Selling the sizzle because they have no steak to sell (they ate it all).

Dr. Engali's picture

Can't tell you how sick I am of hearing " the most important election in our lives". What will be important is when people finally get off their asses and do something.

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Que up ... "The Clash"

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Didnt they do the same thing to Libya?

bentaxle's picture

Best just drop the name Greece altogether. Maybe rename the area, the Juncker dust bowl.

bobola's picture

Greek ministry of justice web site still down;

Does that mean Anon is doing the reconstruction...???