Greek Election Aftermath In 1000 Years Of Context

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We have already posted this fantastic timelapse in the past on various occasions, but it is always worth putting things in Europe in their proper context, such as this 1000 years of "Old World" history summarized in 3 minutes. Many say the European experiment will end if Greece votes the 'wrong' way on June 17. Somehow, after watching the below, we doubt it.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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"The more knowledge and awareness you seek, the more you are tempted to blow your head off". -Confuckion

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confuckion inventor of the head up one's ass pose? New religion for sure! 

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Time to buy a boat and a fishing rod me thinks...

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The only True Church is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM)


A whole lot more fun than Catholicism. A lot less buggery too.



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Perhaps you are correct although I believe that weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield as well as in the financial sphere, combined with the lightning speed with which these things travel across the world and the computer screen, leave us all exposed due to our interconnectedness and interdependence.

Bottom line is that these map changes look impressive but tell us little of the human misery that resulted from each and every border change.

More misery to come.......much more.

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Look at that mere 1000 years and marvel.

And KNOW that the Nuke Plants REQUIRE ONE MILLION years of CARE.






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One word:   Subduction.

Another:   Zones.

Some assembly required.

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Virtually every border change, with a few exceptions, was the result of a war.  Europe looks to be about due for some conflict.

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Except this time is different...

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That video looks like everyone's "ex" fighting over the loot... Everyone knows how this story ends, you end up sleeping on a couch in a one room apartment while your ex becomes a cougar and has 3 ways with the 2 pool boys she can now afford to hire...

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I've never been married (which is why I didn't write the tale with a first person reference)... Just going by countless tales of woe (with which I'd fall on the side of empathisizing with)...

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that video brought to mind "contentious amoebas"

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I do not agree.  The map was great.  Did you see how many change there were? We may have what seems long at time but changes come in a flash just like the map.  One discovery or one disaater can change a country or the world in a short time and long times -the it explodes in a nao second.  The 1950's seem to last a million years but the 60's were explosive.  In four years we have had a 88 million reduction in our total work force.  We have the the smallest work force in 30 years - that is not slow and that is change.

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The maplines are only slightly more stable than they used to be.   What would be interesting is seeing the government changes listed as well.

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European here.

Watch this to see why Europe is doing so great!

Whatever colored country we live in - we will still be around...

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That fragmentation of Yugoslavia at the end was rather sudden and quite explosive.

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And Greece only just makes it into the video, nearly everything south of Athens is chopped off.

Maybe that part is sold to the Chinese.

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It was the outcome of a process similar to the one that created the EU... 

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Congradulations, Ustashe genocidal maniacs!

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Let me be clear here.

In Croatia, in power are descendants of prominent secret service families which keep society in check by stirring up nationalist (genocidal Ustasha regime) and socialist (communist) feelings.

Those families have to create this quasi-division in Croatian society, or they would be called up for all the crimes they have done in the past 70 years.

The majority in Croatia enjoyed easy life in the last 20 years due to the cheap Western credit. Consequential Idleness of mind is responsible for the stupid, horrible and irresponsible comment above.

England prevails.

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I want this madhouse experiment to end. Fuck the NWO.  Just one step for world gov't.  The conspiracy theory they are crashing it on purpose isn't really worthy imo.  They're trying to save it all costs and it's going to cause so much damage it will be a major setback.

Other problems include the US getting their asses handed to them in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We have no business being there.  The only problem is that the elite are using the military might and printing press of the US to accomplish these stupid little conquests of theirs and we're all going to be left in a wake of total destruction when it's over. 

The elite have the opinion 'if we can't have it all, no one can' and it's obvious the timeline has been speed up.  Even though shit is crumbling apart at their feet they are too stubborn to let go of the big picture and keep pressing forward at the world's expense. Anyone sitting on the outside looking in can clearly see it's one huge failure.  The methods they will use to maintain control and power will reach epic levels of insanity and I truly believe this place will just literally come unglued.  And that's if we don't end up in a big war with the likes of Russia and there is no winning a war against them.

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What is so bad about One World Government?

As long as laws are enforced fairly and equally, what's the difference between what we have now and OWG?

How many people follow laws they don't agree with anyway? Ask any pot smoker, or Christian using birth control or eating lobster.

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What is bad is that world government ultimately only benefits a small elite who is able to coral control of a swath of resources and wealth to their benefit.

There is no logical rational argument for a global world government for normal Joe Bloggs. The supposed benefits do not accrue to citizens of states but rather a small elite via corporate interests.

De-centralization is the new black. Get with it.

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This happens with or without government, Read much?


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"De-centralization is the new black. Get with it."

Like that line

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It revolves around centralization vs. decentralization.  Read some of Peter Druckers work and you will see centralization only favors the few and does not provide shareholder value or value to a local community.  A local community will take care of their own much easier.


Do you really think Detroit would be in the mess it is in if local community banks were still around and the bankers had to live with their decisions to finance inventory, the next set of small businesses, public works?  I think the answer is no.  Then think about how many people you know who are psychopaths and I am not talking about the Hannable version.  They would probably be running your one world gov't so the laws will favor the few.  This is the nature of centralization vs. decentralization.  It never works out well if you use history as a guide.  Blow back is a bitch.

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Please explain how a decentralized government would have been able to prevent the dismantling of the American manufacturing sector by private holding companies during the "barbarians at the gates" phase of 80s leveraged mania?

Ignorance is a bitch too.

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GMAD - I did not say centralized gov't dismantled the manufacturing base but rather the creative destruction process was not allowed to happen and we have had a one-way capital flow to centralized institutions the past 30 years.  Some communities won and many others lost.  The TBTF banks have bought most of the local banks.  Now we see Chase, CITI, BofA, Wells on every corner.  The big banks are able to collect the money from the local communities, but the TBTF did not return the capital to the local communities and they are starved of capital.  The next generation of small business where not created.  Now we are in a global mess.  If it was decentralized, the local banker who lives in the community and has control over the local banks balance sheet would be able to make loans and benefit the community.  He also is in a position to make decisions instead of calling the home office for approvals.  It is pretty simple to understand unless you get off on controlling other people as centralized institution do.


JPM took 100-200 billion of capital that were our deposits and decided to buy derivatives.  This is a misallocation of capital brought to you by centralization.  How many local communities did not receive the benefit of depositing their money with JPM?  If you assume JPM has 1 trillion then 10-20% was not returned as loans to the communities assuming we did not have a fractional reserve system.

Where is my ignorance?

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What do you mean "our" deposits. I've had my savings in a local credit union since the early 90s. The .1%ers found your capital flow; it was in the Hamptons the whole time.

Who is to blame for people still banking with JPM? Did the centralized government require them to bank with dipshits?

Your ignorance: front and center

The growth of the Octupi and Squidz can be tied to government: the subsidy of the housing market (implicit backstop of GSEs now proven explicit) and regulatory favoritism for (the Big 5) banks that could take on riskier loans that allowed them to game the merger rules (they had minority loan percentages that allowed mergers while small banks generally did not) directly lead to their market dominance (and also their bankruptcy, in effect, if not public admission).


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I do not bank at TBTF.  I am small potatoes and on the margin it does not matter where I bank.  I like knowing my banker and this is why I am at a small bank in addition to the obvious. 

GMAD, good luck if the dollar does crash.  I hope you will not have issues maintaining relationships which you will need when/if paper assets become bid-less.  You will have to produce something in your community.  You will also find out quickly what the above arguments are about.  Thanks for the fight.  I tap out.  This is becoming silly.

I hope you watch the video.  It is a walk through history, you may not agree with it, but it is a good fight.

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anyone who believes this is a moron. 


centralization is the CENTRAL THEME of history. nations that failed to centralize and establish powerful armies were conquered , enslaved murdered and looted. 

the only nations left and dominant are the ones that centralized. 


just because life might suck for tons of people who are now living in the most powerful countries, doesn't mean that the people on the bottom class of countries that didnt' centralize aren't and weren't still DEAD and ENSLAVED. as a result. 

i'm SICK of liberal asstards talking about how making 10 bucks and hour is financial slavery. no. it's not. go to africa. you can buy an 8 year old child in some countries for about 30 or 40 u.s. dollars. 

yea. you're point about the rich being on top and benefiting from centralization is obvious. the rich are also on top in a decentralized system, by definition. 

there are always rich people because there is always scarcity. this so called anarchic communist utopia that exists somewhere in your fanatasies where there is no centralization , no rich people, no authority, and everything is honky dorry is actually nightmare called a power vaccum where every joe smith on the street with a knife starts shanking whoever walks by his property, or finds other people's property to steal from .


why? because without central power and authority of the state, property is simply what is always was, merely a function of what the property owner can and will do to assert said authority over his property against those who are willing to take his property, and his life, from him. 


that said. banksters can eat shit. 

but don't confound the two problems of banksterism/politcalprostitution and centralization fucktard. 

centralization is rock , decentralization is scissors, and god is the paper. 

rock paper scissors bitch.


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I was going to up you and then I read rock paper scissors I laughed.

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I hope that's a joke Gully...concentration of power is the problem.  It is very evident that evolutionarily human beings are unable to handle large amounts power at this time.  We are the sickest kind in the realm of Mother Nature.

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Agree. Until we breed a strain that can handle power without going insane and develop an effective mechanism for keeping the sociopaths out of the political system, a one world government cannot work.

In the meantime, individual freedom creates the best, most workable society. There is no Human 2.0 as of yet.

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Well said....until then, I am assuming history will repeat.

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the Brits managed to run the world quite well ( until the Germans broke them and the US stole what was left) and where are we now????



There are not a people in the world that have been less corrupted by great power than the British, In spite of the poor view they themselves take of their Imperial past. They possess a capacity for self-criticism unequalled in any other Nation and a sense of decency so imaginative and searching that less scrupulous opponents in the modern world have frequently used it against them.                                                     Laurence Van der Post.


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Total BUll. They do not have our values.  You sellout for a low price you give up liberity.

koperniuk666's picture

The Catholics have been trying for One World Govt for two thousand years.

They have burnt a lot of people along the way.....

Don't underestimate the ability of these c.nts to make a come back and start burning people again.


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Funny how Germany took forever to appear and then nearly took over Europe.  I wonder if that was the morningstar...

Gully Foyle's picture

Hopeless for Change

Isn't Germany the bastard remains of Charlemagnes empire?

JimBowie1958's picture

No, that would be Germany, France and the Low Countries who are the remnant of Burgundy. These were the lands of the heirs of Charlemagne, who split his territory among his three sons.

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gULLYfOIL has got to be some kind of random-stupidity bot.

No actual human being could be that stupid

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In short, I agree.  GFoil is a bot or truly the monumentally stupidest.

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Dude the only thing that stopped Germans earlier in history was the fragmented nature of the Holy Roman (where?) Empire

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The pen is mightier than the sword (or Luftwaffe or V2, as the case may be.)  This time the bankers and lawyers will accomplish what the Stormtroopers could not.