Greek Left Coalition Leaders Says Bailout Accord "Null And Void", Demands Greek Debt Moratorium

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Hardly a surprise to anyone, but here it is black on white - Greece officially makes the odds for a Euro departure well over 50%:


And here it comes


Remember Odious Debt?

EURUSD and all other risk assets, so carefully bought by US traders as they walked in this morning, are now sliding.

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viva Democracia! 

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The time for 'elections' in Greece has passed. Now is the time for ACTION. The two leading parties in Greece need form a coalition and get on with running the country, without tedious 'referendums' and participation from fringe parties. The bailouts are absolutely essential to uphold the stability of the global banking system, and whiny protesters need to suck it in and deal with it.

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DEBT JUBILEE, bee-atch!

Don't nobody care what you say ...

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I believe that is how the people of Iceland dealt with the snake oil salesmen of finance -

Debts laden in fraud are no debts at all.  Fuck the IRS, Fuck the Fed, and Fuck the left/right horse shit.

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It is nice seeing the d-bag banksters get it after screwing pretty much everyone else!

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It's not a done deal yet.  Banksters don't take this shit laying down so expect some hefty counter-salvos.  But it is encouraging.

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deal with it.


Check's in the mail.


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So what's your gig, MDB?  You're just the resident troll now, posting crap you know will generate insults and negative marks?  You know you're only wasting your own worthless time, right?  The rest of us know you don't believe this crap anymore than we do - despite your spam otherwise.  And, with the exception of my post right here, you spend far more time crafting this vomit than we do glossing over it.  You're only hurting yourself with your lack of brain power. 

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Sorry but MDB has nailed it - Greece does not control its own destiny any longer- the Trokia - ECB, IMF and GERMANY run Greece now no matter the populous desires...somewhat similar to our representatives here in the US...

Now junk me to your hearts content....

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Why would I junk you?  There is a difference between explaining the sad truth and telling the public to suck it up and shut it.  One is lamenting about the sad state of affairs and the other is trolling.

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You are wrong, TooBearish. The troika's position is deceptively weak. They have no physical means of compelling countries like Greece to pay back their enormous debts. The only lever they have to continue their wealth-extraction racket from Greece is the compliance of Greek political leaders. The Greek political leaders so far have gone along with the troika's wishes as mean to stay in power. All that is needed to bring the end to this game is for one or more Greek politicians to realize they would get more power if they stand up to the troika. We may be at that point now. If that happens (and it's still a big "if"), the Troika will be revealed to be toothless and the other PIIGS will quickly follow.

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Let's just push and see. The long -term destruction of Greece is the existing plan, and

everybody in Greece knows that. They know they're being made into guinea piigs by

libertarian assholes who have no time for small shit. Unfortunately, for them, the Greeks

are small shit.

So, if Greece defaults, it will have a couple of years of hell, but what's the opportunity cost

of this choice when they've got the bankers' boot on their throats already? Not very high

You have to risk and it takes bravery. Zh commenters have always said

"do it Greece. F&*k the Troika".

Sometimes, the rich will present you with a manufactured crisis, e.g. a war, and other times

people have the chance to stand up to them, and half the time, the rich tuck their tails

between their legs, and run away. How else do you find out how far the banksters want

to go? You risk.

If the US or UK start a war, for Greece (say with Turkey), the consequences may go out of control

(e.g. NATO will be scrapped).

However, if the rich don't get their guns out, Greece will challenge them, and send them

packing.It has come to that. A shitty little country is saying "let's see what you've got. Show us your weapons."

"otherwise, fuck off."

This banking thing is a manufactured crisis.

You can thank the PIIGS later for the forced debt jubilee.


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Libertarian? Given all the bailouts for Greece to leverage up the "pay back" of debts, that doesn't really look "libertarian"

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Dude. Weak. But it's early. We'll give you a chance to get some coffee and get back to form.

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Yeah, I was expecting him to say something more like... "finally we can get on with a proper Keynesian solution like Paul Krugman and other economic talents have been telling us for years.  What is needed is more government debt on unprecidented levels to revitalize private sector growth and get the econcomy back to positive net growth once again."

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Hey, Centerline! Nice imitation, kind scary actually haha.

centerline's picture

Channelling my inner MDB!  LOL.  Deep inside all of us lives a wanna-be troll I think.  They have all the fun and most of us are such easy targets.  Good stuff.

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Yeah, he nailed MDB well. (Centerline - don't go there!)


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Somehow I don't consider the continuation of the global banking system to be a priority.

And those protesters do a "little more" than whine.

Are you flammable? Your bonus is!

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Tsipras is smarter than they realise. A debt moratorium is the first step to a debt write-off. And why not? How many people realise that the Greek government does not even own the Bank of Greece which is the equivalent of the FED? That's right. It is a publicly traded share on the Athens Stock Exchange and the Greek government owns under 10%. Not only that but its shareholders are not really known as they are exempted from this level of disclosure. So who do you think owns the central Bank of Greece? That's right, probably the same people who own the FED?

So if you have over 260 billion euros in debt, your unemployed are almost 25%, your office space vacancy over 20% without taking into account rental drops and arrears, you run a trade deficit, you don''t have a government, your social security and tax systems are rorted, your bank deposits are fleeing for foreign banks, your politicians are corrupt, and wages and pensions are being gutted, do you still believe that a write-off is not a dead certainty?

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MDB is a consistently ironic poster. If you read his posts as if he intends to state the exact polar opposite, then you will begin to appreciate them more. He is not a troll. He is the ultimate pseudo-troll, making his points by almost caricaturing the opposing view.

It took me a few weeks to figure out MDB, but now that I get it, I feel almost enlightened.

Keep up the good work, MDB!

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If you have to explain MDB to us, the "unwashed masses", then his "wit" is wasted here. He should leave at once for DC or the EU where he will fit right in.

They will toast his comedic genius and I am sure upgrade him to Billion Dollar Bonus...

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For Italy & Greece the election for Prime Minister was SKIPPED entirely.

Generally that makes riots and civil war.

Those protesters are armed with fire-bombs. They are going to deal with it. They're going to burn shit to the ground.

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Viva cds defaults.


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Now all they need is a President Leonidas to kick the bankers into a large, deep hole.

PS I wonder if that's why the futures turned back down...hmm...

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Gold is a very risky asset unlike the US$.

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I's not like they can mine US$'s.


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Are you kidding? It's so much harder to mine out Treasurys than to print gold.

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What was I thinking?


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It costs only $5 to dig a treasury bond from the ground.

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Heh heh......Classic.


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Sort of miss mathman..  MDB is s poor substitute.

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No, not really.  But when a nasty event occurs, people want to hold liquidity either to cover for bad bets, of to exploit an emerging opportunity.  The sudden moves across asset classes are better explained in terms of liquidity damand than anything else.

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Very good point, and one that is lost on many people. Gold is pretty liquid, but has become a risk asset it seems, as it's getting monkeyhammered this morning. Which is good news for the stackers.  

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Gold as in futures trading or gold as in physical holding?  If you want to treat gold as a speculative risk asset, then you go into the futures market and play the long/short game, or collar price ranges with options.  If you see it like that, then gold is a risk asset, since you are essentially trading volatility.  Then again if you play it like this EVERYTHING is a high risk asset.  If you hold physical, maybe you are in the red for the short run, but what do you care anyway, it's not as if the damn thing will go bankrupt or disappear or become totally worthless.  Can you say the same about equities, bonds, or cash?

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Agreed, but the risk for physical is that if, due to all the speculation, the value in terms of fiat is beat down, and YOU need to liquidate some physical for some reason, you've lost some money. I'm not disagreeing with you, I treat it as a hedge myself, rather than a speculative risk asset (because I hope I don't need to liquidate anytime soon). But the way the physical stackers view it, and the way it's treated in the market are two different things.

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Just think of gold is as a competing currency absent the manipulation of a CB.  You don't liquidate gold, you SPEND it.

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Those who don't agree have either no gold or no US$. Because my US$ buy a lot more gold today than they did yesterday.

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Good for you, but in case you haven't noticed, the US dollars you had in 2000 can now buy just a whiff of what you could buy back then.

You need to understand that your US dollars are the backing for a horrendous level of nationl debt and unfunded liabilities. Your gold however does not have to cover or back the government's lunacy. Your gold has only one

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

So no bailout #3 then?

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Is the rebranded Nazi party - Golden Dawn - part of this new Greek coalition? Or are they busy planting land mines around Greek boarders to keep the immigrants out (or is it to keep greek citizens in....can't decide).

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Mines are soooo Passe', plus being frowned upon by the UN and Princess Di.  Drones are waaaayyy cooler.

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5%? Likely not. The claims are largely exaggerated.

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they've got a lot of shoreline in Greece. They also have great businessmen. "It's starts with an inventory" as they say and "you go from there." They'll find out very quickly they have much more of value just sitting around not being used once they get out from "under the yoke." I know i'd look at moving should they "Bolt from the Blue."

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Am I the only one who keeps reading that as the Goldie Hawn party?