The Greek Neo Nazi Manifesto

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In case anyone was wondering why such a fuss was made about a few far left and far right parties gaining ground in the Greek elections, here is the leader of the Greek Golden Dawn party - treating us to his world view. No commentary necessary.

And as a gentle reminder - we discussed these issues from a socio-economic perspective here earlier in the year.

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Crazy as a shit house rat...

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wow ... that's more than a bit scary

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Watch next month's elections... Poof... And it's gone.

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This is the reality of the "anti-bailout" parties. Each and every one of them espouses extreme views that are of a distinctly conspiratorial nature. This journalistic video  exposes the true nature of these extreme parties, and of the Greek "protesters". This is a serious blow to the credibility of anti-bailout-ers, and I'm not sure they will be able to recover from it. 

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You do yourself no favours whatsoever in trying to score political points from this...

This man is here after your so called fiat system. To blame it on something that has not yet happened is pure fucking idiocy.

Do us all a favour and STFU.

It is you who will not recover from this.

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You probably get upset and complain at the comedy club dont you?

MDB keeps baiting the hook and reeling them in!

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Of course he does.

But some things aren't funny.

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can we go ONE FUCKING DAY without hearing about the Holocaust.. Just one fucking day is all I ask.. Jesus fucking Christ..  What a God damn mind fucking we have to endure..

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zerohedge needs the read count to go up...nothing better than to bait the jews with the key word search program. you know...jew...six million...death get the point. i'm tired of it to..but watch how they crawl out of the wood work when any of these words are used in any post....and not just here on zerohedge.

p.s. note the reads and comments are off the chart for this post

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Perpetuity Growth Model (unsustainable). Or, "It's hard out here for a pimp." Fear not the lithping, chubby nazi.

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Greeks barely have anything to ear and they have them focusing on the holocaust.


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I think you might have missed the point here somewhat...

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According to the report prepared for the Soviet Politburo based on German/Nazi documents collected by Soviets during their occupation of Germany, ~600,000 Jews were killed during the WWII. However, Soviets tried to keep quiet about it. After all, Stalin was one of the prime founders of the State of Israel.


It is the fact that Nazi "did not like" Jew but it is also the fact that about 150, 000 Jews served in SS and Wehrmacht during the WWII. The second man in Nazi Luftwaffe behind Goring was Field Marshal Erhard Milch. According to Wikipedia, “Field Marshal Erhard Milch was one of the few high ranking Jews in the Wehrmacht."


Something is very strange about the Holocaust story. No wonder there is a taboo about having an independent investigation of the Holocaust and, for this matter, the entire WWII.


Why do British, Americans, and Russians still keep secret most of their WWII files and documents? Sure, we must trust our governments since they never, never, never lied to us. Did they?


Finally, any economic collapse always leads to a totalitarian/dictatorial system (regardless of its color – red, black, brown, etc.)

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Something is very strange about the Holocaust story

Yes, it is totally fabricated, much like 9-11. There were no "death camps" and no ovens. It is all propaganda and there is plenty of excellent research online that explains in minute detail how the story was concocted. (Let's not forget tragedies like the extermination of native American Indians)


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or the American moon landings. Haaarrruummphhh!!!

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Dude, the dug up piles of bodies and the actual ovens are the proving physical evidence, Man, you sure are a dick. Just because Israel today is a Nazi genocide state for killing Palestinians on their own land does NOT give you free reign to pretend this raw physical evidence was not found. It was.  It's fact.

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If i didnt know better i would say that golden dawn is a banker plot to discredit alternatives to the status quo

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possibly, but then that would only work for as long as it took for any reasonable politician to open his mouth and it would then all fall apart...

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My wife said that the other night.

I wouldn't worry too much, though. If Greek neo-Nazis are as useless as every other Greek government since the late 40s, they'll spend so much time skimming the economy and in-fighting amongst themselves that they won't have any time left for actual fascism. Worst that will probably happen is they'll declare ownership of a hamster illegal - on pain of a stiff talking to. At some unspecified later date. But you have it coming, rodent-lover!

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Pop question:  define fascism, without circular references or historical allusions.

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Government for industry by industry.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Merger of Corporation & State is Fascism.

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Have some forgotten that MDB doesnt use the sarc button?

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This "interview" smacks of a playbook character assassination. They address horrendous atrocities in the past and hook this guy to them. Typical manipulation tactics of our puppet masters. 

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Or the man could be just an outright fucking tosser who might soon be in a position to do a great deal of damage to the rest of the world.

I don't think the benefit of the doubt is particularly warranted here...

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True. He could just be a whack job. I find that the media ignores and then attacks what it perceives as a threat to TPTB. To that end, I pause in my own judgement for more facts.

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I do too, until he opens his mouth and spouts this shit, which is all of his own accord. Then he all done and dusted.

I don't see any teleprompter here. The man is dangerous, and just like Hitler, the sooner he's removed from the human gene pool the better eh...

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What shit did he spout? Did you even listen to the interviewee, or did you rather get convinced by the interviewer pushing his interpretation of the conversation on the viewer?


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Removed from the gene pool because he has an OPINION? Excuse me, but you sound much more the nazi than this guy. In America, we allow british bankers to run our financial system and you think THIS guy is dangerous? What a clown.

Harlequin001's picture

Actually I never thought of it like that.

You've singlehandedly managed to convince me that it was absolutely right that the world should fight a five year war in which 100 million died just so that Adolf Hitler could have his fucking opinion. Dick head.

JeffB's picture

So you want him killed, and the sooner the better?

That doesn't sound much better than any ideas he's proposed, do you think?


Harlequin001's picture

Yeah, except I'm not running for president, eh?

and I'd rather not have my kids embroiled in the war he's likely to start...

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This looked like a hungry reporter trying to box in a politician.  Their conversation was all over the place and on a really stupid topic, Hitler.  The only meaningful thing I heard was that history was written by the victors. 


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It looked like a dead straight question to an outright fucking racist, who might one day soon wield considerable political influence.

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a serious blow to the credibility of anti-bailout-ers


Cui bono?

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5/10. You're normally much better than this.

Are you long the euro right now? Seems like a bad day..

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Surely your not implying they haven't been exploited ie. conspired against.  

The newly hungry are always extremist.

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Hey MDB, how does it feel knowing Greece is gonna walk away from all those bonds your banker bosses are holding?

They conned your banker bosses into giving them a few hundred billion euros, now now they're gonna skip out on all those bonds when they go back to the drachma.

That's not an extremist neo-nazi view either.  It's just simple reality.

Like Jim Rogers said, your fiat ponzi scheme has had a nice 30 year run (40 yrs actually), but its over now, your banker bosses pushed it too far and its all gonna collapse, starting with the euro. 

Athio sas suckers :)

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It is nice to consider, but I guess we shouldn't get too cocky, as his banker bosses are going to get bailed out by the central banksters who will be laying the tab for it all at our feet, one way or another.


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Watching this guy is like watching Dr. Strangelove.  He wants to "Heil Hitler" so badly he can barely contain himself.

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Is that scary?  Or is the fact that the comment above you has been voted down 12 times?   There are more neo-nazi/golden dawn sympathizers on ZH then you can imagine.  That is scary.  As long as it is bucking conventional wisdom the people on here will gobble it up.  I am curious how many votes a golden dawn party in America would register.

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you get a lot of jew haters on these pages... unfortunately.

It's just a pity they won't get to see the inside of a functioning gas chamber themselves and with their own children, so that they can't possibly deny that it ever happened. This bloke, like Hitler needs to be shot before he can do any damage.


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I,m sure the uranium depleted ammunition used in Falluhja Iraq 60 years later is much more pleasant for the kids on the street suffering cancer as a consequence. what,s your argument?