Greek Neo-Nazi Party Surges To Third In Polls, As Anti-Bailout Syriza Back On Top

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While there is still some debate whether the proper alternative nomenclature of the Greek ultranationalist party Golden Dawn is "neo-nazi", there is no debate that the party, which is a manifestation of every broken Greek hope and dream, after posting a shocking result in the recent Greek parliamentary election which saw it coming in fifth and entering parliament after, continues to soar in popularity and is now the third most popular party in Greece with 12% of the vote. Above it are only two other parties: the conservative New Democracy which won the June elections with 29.6% of the vote, which is now down to 28%, and on top, in an ominous development for EUR-bulls, is the anti-bailout and anti-memorandum leftist coalition Syriza, which has threatened to end the bailout, and effectively to take Greece out of the Eurozone, setting off the much dreaded dominoes.

From the WSJ:

Greece's anti-bailout leftist Syriza party would win if elections were held today, while ultranationalists Golden Dawn would become the third-largest party in parliament, a poll showed Friday.


According to a survey prepared by VPRC polling agency and published in Ellada Avrio newspaper, the opposition Syriza party would garner 30% of the vote, while conservatives New Democracy--who lead the coalition government--got 28% of the support.


New Democracy is the major partner in Greece's coalition government together with two center-left junior partners, the Socialist Pasok and smaller Democratic Left parties. The conservative party won Greece's mid-June elections after getting 29.6% of the ballots leading the radical-left Syriza party by three percentage points.


The ultraright, nationalist Golden Dawn, which was elected to the parliament for the first time during the last elections, would receive 12% of ballots and move up from being the fifth-largest party.


Backing for the two junior-coalition partners dropped further. Socialists Pasok are supported by 7.5% of respondents, among the lowest levels seen by the party since being established in 1974. Greece's small Democratic Left party saw its popularity drop to 4%, versus 6.3% at the latest national polls.


The survey conducted Sep. 4-5 with 1,000 respondents, found that 76% of Greeks believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, while 86% aren't satisfied with the coalition government's performance.

And while unpolled, we are confident that the question of whether Greece should remain in the Euro, paradoxically the cause, and solution to all of Greece's problems depending on who's talking, would have received the support of the vast majority. Because "only in Europe."

But most importantly: keep track of the rise of the ultranationalists, not only in Greece, but everywhere else. Because for Europe, that development, too, is a case of very distinct deja vu.

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Element's picture

Surely the re-exertion of national sovereigns and currencies will lead to political nationalism?

This doesn't necessarily mean fascism will result though, whereas, in the US ...

Newsboy's picture

Check out what the "Fascist Populists" in Hungary are doing.

They have thrown out and plowed under Mosanto, given the IMF the "signal finger" and enacted a financial transaction, "Tobin" tax on central (and other) banks.

Go Hungary, the new Iceland! 

lakecity55's picture

I bet they don't do (insert national secret service)FB either.

economics9698's picture

Any of these fucking bankers ever think of what is going to happen in the USA when all these retired government workers realize their retirement check isn’t worth shit?

And all the food stamp 85 IQ mother fuckers that will be starving soon?

Those mother fuckers at the NY Fed better be moving that gold to Montana.

clymer's picture

i'm sorry but that symbol is a laughable excuse for a swastika. The thing looks more confusing than anything. The passive blue and gold color scheme, combined with that overly right-angled corn maze appears to be a crop circle dropped by drunken aliens.

Surely, whoever is steering this misled group of misfits could have come up with a better logo. 

Admitedly I haven't followed this too closely, but are they pushing the whole 'racial purity' thing? Because a confusing mix of balkan / albanian / yugoslav (Armenian? Turkish?) lineage lends quite a bit to the confusion.

just fucking sayin.

(friggin financial elite couldn't even get their hegelian 'reaction' stage right with this one..)



Western's picture

nobody cares about your thoughts on the pseudo-swastika.


my dog thinks greece's people need to free themselves from the slavery-union.

EscapingProgress's picture

Montana is the last place the banksters would ever move their gold. The safest place for bankster gold is right smack dab in the middle of that Orwellian nightmare known as NYC.

Michael's picture

Greece's anti-bailout leftist Syriza party would win if elections were held today, while ultranationalists Golden Dawn would become the third-largest party in parliament, a poll showed Friday.

Figures WSJ would get this backwords, right not left. Who owns the WSJ?

This article is about the Greek right-wing extremist group. For film of 1930, see Golden Dawn (film). For historical organization of the late 19th century, see Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn (Greek: ????? ????, Chrysi Avgi, Greek pronunciation: [xri?si av??i])[note 1] is a right-wing extremist[8] political organization in Greece. It is led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos and has grown exponentially since its inception to a widely known Greek political party with nationwide support.

Scholars and media describe it as neo-Nazi[7][9] and fascist[10] although the group rejects these labels.

The party ran a campaign during the Greek national elections of 2012 based on concerns for unemployment, austerity and the economy, as well as virulent anti-immigration rhetoric, which gained a large increase in support from the Greek electorate.[16] It received seven percent of the popular vote, enough for the party to enter the Hellenic Parliament for the first time with 21 seats.[17] Following a second election in June, this was reduced slightly to 18 seats.

Update yourself here and beware the bias of the writers.

The party states its logo is a traditional Greek meander, not a Nazi symbol.

Meanders are common decorative elements in Greek and Roman art. In ancient Greece they appear in many architectural friezes, and in bands on the pottery of ancient Greece from the Geometric Period onwards. The design is common to the present-day in classicizing architecture.

yrad's picture

Why are Ron Paul supporters the only ones who are able to see the forest through the trees. The media are bullshit whores. All of them.

Michael's picture

For some reason the links I gave got broken. Google to get the working ones.

Greek art of their symbol;

Mary Wilbur's picture

News Corp of hacking fame owns the WSJ.

LasVegasDave's picture

The world is full of small minded unsuccessful people who will always hate and blame the Jews.

What else is new?

Michael's picture

There is not one post since before your one so far saying the word Jew in it?

Do a find search.

CompassionateFascist's picture

The Jews viciously look out for the Tribal interest while pretending to Universalism. Would that Whites did the same...minus the Universalist crap. 

WillyGroper's picture

There is hope, at least one place on this planet.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Fascism is always the Wave of the Future. This time, it's going to be even more compassionate than before. 

TruthInSunshine's picture

Greece can still pull an "Iceland," and refuse to bail out its domestic banks, which the ECB/IMF/ESM monies it is receiving are largely being used for as is (bailing out global banks having exposure to all things Greece or derivative of Greece), opting out of the EU and going its own, free way still.

I have more than a hypothesis that those pushing hardest for ECB (and German) bailouts of the PIIGS+France are multinational banking entities bestowed with TBTF status by key central fractional reserve banks, such as Goldman, Barclays & JP Morgan, et al., as they have much expsosure to PIIGS-France liabilities, and see a rising risk of massive losses should the ECB (via Germany) not bail out the PIIGS, or should the PIIGS decide to split from the EU (essentially pulling an Iceland and telling foreign creditors to piss up a rope).

A return to the drachma might be the less damaging of the two choices as between staying in the EU and being extended the "privilege" of using euros, or going Icelandic.

I'd go much further, and argue that the people of Greece will never be economically free again, with the ability to pursue independent, debt-free lives, unless they opt out of the EU.

This will soon become abundantly clear for Spaniards and Italians, as well.

Doña K's picture

Your hypothesis is no longer. It is a fact. From the last bailout money of 125 bilion euros, Greece only took 15 billion. The rest went to service the interest and the roll over.


TruthInSunshine's picture

One would like to believe, assuming rationality is still possible, that someone- anyone- in Greece or the other deeply indebted "sovereign" nations in the EU, would drive this critical & fundamental fact home to their fellow citizens, so they could realize how badly they are being raped by the banking/financial cartel.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Fear not fellow ZH followers, for God came to me last night and spoke of his grand plan. He said that one day Gen-Y would rise to the challenge and deliver us from austerity, despair, and helpessness...that a Gen-Y prodigy would emerge from the crowd and create a new following, heralding a new era, and that he would write an App which will cure all our financial ills and deliver us to salvation.

God also went on to say, that his previous message, to CJ Bolland, was misinterpreted and what he really said was that Gold and Silver won't rot at all, that he shoud write a song for all to buy shit-loads of PMs, just in case he's wrong...he also confessed that he wasn't really an Isrealite; that he only said he was because it created so much entertainment for him.


Element's picture

Well Moses was found in the bullrushes ...

I guess it's only proper that gen-Y Moses be found in the bullshit ...

They Tried to Steal My Gold's picture

Makes sense to me. In this Bizarro World....the Communist makes the most sense. Its seems to me he is the only guy that understands free market economics......all the other parties are zombied bureaucrats.

magpie's picture

Nationalists without irredentism are insincere in the first place.

LetThemEatRand's picture

While all of the anarchists  and libertarians dream of a world with little or no government, the reality is that this is what happens when the working poor and the unemployed are told to go fuck themselves.   

Henry Hub's picture

Yup. It looks like history is "rimming" again. Kind of scary!

economics9698's picture

Maybe when the poor are told to fuck themselves they will learn how to make a living and not sponge off others, or starve, either one is okay with me.  

sessinpo's picture

Those below the top are always told to "go fuck themselves" regardless, thus your statement is irrelevant. It wouldn't matter what system, economic or political is used.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Wrong.  If the masses have basic health care, education, etc., they let the more productive/motivated carry on and prosper.  But the greediest and most selfish among us always seem to ruin it and then there are world wars etc.

nmewn's picture

"But the greediest and most selfish among us always seem to ruin it and then there are world wars etc."

The greediest and most selfish among us are very close to government power. I don't see too many bakers, mechanics and electricians starting world wars.

Ricky Bobby's picture

Yes yes we need more goverenment power to control government power.  

knukles's picture

The Uber-Liberal California Solution!

dwdollar's picture

I thought we were making progress with you...

So what part of the last 40 years suggests larger governments have increased prosperity?

LetThemEatRand's picture

where do you see me advocating larger government?

dwdollar's picture

Probably this statement that you just posted...

"While all of the anarchists and libertarians dream of a world with little or no government, the reality is that this is what happens when the working poor and the unemployed are told to go fuck themselves."

LetThemEatRand's picture

I've said over and over that government is currently too large.  You mistake my desire for more limited government, with what all of the ideological anarchists and libertarians desire (little or no government).  But I understand your inability to understand because my thinking is not black and white like yours. 

dwdollar's picture

You're attempt to place the blame on libertarians for this current state of affairs is sad and pathetic.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Do you have voices in your head?  I don't blame libertarians for the current state of affairs.  I disagree that they have the solution.

dwdollar's picture

That's weird, because I read something similar to this a moment ago:

"While all of the anarchists and libertarians dream of a world with little or no government, the reality is that this is what happens when the working poor and the unemployed are told to go fuck themselves."

Here you are implying that limited government is the problem with the current state of affairs. If that's not the case, then you need to word it a little differently.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yes, and the limited govt you scream about is exactly what Libertarians propose.

Quit talking in circles.


Bay of Pigs's picture

It's difficult to understand what you're advocating because you spend all your time criticizing other posters ideas and solutions, yet you offer none yourself.


LetThemEatRand's picture

That is completely false.  I consisently and repeatedly advocate for smaller government but one with specific priorities you would consider socialist.  I have had many lengthy exchanges with posters here about my proposed solutions.   But go ahead and do exactly what you are (falsely) accusing me of doing.   

dwdollar's picture

You can spin it however you want, but the reality is, if you added up all the crap you wanted government to do (in your fairytale world where government is always benevolent) it would pretty much be the size it is now.

knukles's picture

I just want the county traffic court to go away for the next week.

nmewn's picture

Which revenue generating source are they naming belt or speeding?

nmewn's picture

Pretty sure government(s) and their agents are the ones telling them to go fuck themselves here LTER.

Brussels was pretty adamant about Greek citizens and "their voting rights"...whatever happened tp Papandreou ;-)

LetThemEatRand's picture

The oligarchs who control the government told them to go fuck themselves.  You always miss that distinction and you always assume incorrectly that the oligarchs need elected government to control the masses.  History says otherwise.

nmewn's picture

So, if these oligarchs are always (have always) controled government, why do you constantly turn to it (and them) for relief?

LetThemEatRand's picture

They will always try to gain control.  Without elected government, they will not have to.  All of human history shows that they take control by force if there is no elected government to keep them in check.  The trick is real regulation and accountability, which I believe is achievable.