Greek Parliament Speaker Hires His Daughter During His Only Day On The Job

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There are no hyperbole in this headline. Nepotism is not just alive but it is blatant and thriving in Greek politics. As Athens News reports revelations that Vyron Polydoras, who held the position of speaker for just a single-day during the hung parliament of May 2012, rushed to hire his daughter - Margarita - as an employee of his office. Not only did he hire her on his one and only day in office, despite defending himself by stating he was entitled to hire up to six staff, but he also managed (all in this one day remember) to approve a two million euro 'election bonus' for his staff and police. We suspect the TROIKA will be permanently boots-on-the-ground here for a lot longer than anyone believes - and if we hear the word 'committed' or the phrase 'trust us', we know its all over.

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ha!!!...would if i could...anybody here claim they wouldn't do the same thing??

skistroni's picture

I wouldn't and I haven't, repeatedly, having been given the chance.

I don't want to end up my life being one of those who broke the country and stiffed millions.

Good enough for you?

Precious's picture

I hope she wasn't hired as his PR chief.  FAIL. 

Nussi34's picture

No she was hired as tourist marketing expert.

The campaign "visit your taxes" was her idea. It promotes vacation in Portugal Greece and the rest of the pigs.

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Just read TD's whole post and it's quite simple: she just wanted to work for a "hung" parliament.........

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Well he's at least a little better than Bunga-Bunga.

He left quickly.

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His son Mojito is however jobless.

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Looking for my lost shaker and salt.

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I can trace my ancestry to Abraham does that count.

magpie's picture

You could apply either in Israeli or Iraqi government then.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Didn't the Greeks invent nepotism? They're really good at it.

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trivia of the day: it was actually introduced by European catholic popes and bishops during the Middle Ages, because they tended not to have children due to their vows of chastity.

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Sorry, but I just saw your comment.

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but they sure had a lot of "nephews" and "neices"

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The Greeks did not invent nepotism. You need to read the history of the Catholic Church and how Popes who could not have children showered their nephews with positions, wealth etc. My comment is not meant to be derogatory of the Catholic Church. It's just the way it was.


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You're confusing nepotism with sodomy.

Zola's picture

Keep fighting the good fight ZH, these people must be publicly shamed and embarassed for their actions.

Peter Pan's picture

These mongrels have no shame. Otherwise they would have resigned or taken poison.

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You are talking about Corozine, right? 

orangedrinkandchips's picture

Very sad comparison but it feels like we are all in a gas chamber and are trying to survive for the final minutes. That means the strong climb on top of others in a fleeting attempt at getting clean air before you suffocate.


It always ends up the same way, time and time again, the young and weak on the bottom and the strong on top. All dead though.


It's like you and your buddy vs. a bear.....YOU JUST HAVE TO OUT RUN YOUR BUDDY......NOT THE BEAR......


Nothing like the decline of civilization!! slow and painful

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he also managed (all in this one day remember) to approve a two million euro 'election bonus' for his staff and police.

Do we need to wonder why governments go broke when you see actions like this ?

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This decision has been overruled in the first days of the latest government. They're not getting a cent. This fact is missing from the report.

And Vyron, who was a frequent talk-show attendant, has disappeared since. And about his daughter, if she does not resign within the month, she's going to be in trouble. 

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The nepotism equation for females is as follows:


skistroni's picture


Who gives a fuck about abilities anyway? 

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And this is why the Troika is really hated buy the Greek masses. Had they come to Greece and ordered a complete audit of politicians' wealth and income over the last 20 years, they would have uncovered great economic "atrocities". Instead they let the scum of the hook while and instead took it out on those lower down the economic ladder.

Had Greeks seen the outing of Greek political thieves they may have been far more inclined to embrace reform but now they feel they are being asked to shoulder the full punishment and responsibility.

Then again the Europeans let the politicians off the hook because had they done otherwise the politicians would have preferred default rather than the Troika going through their personal lives and bank accounts.


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I don't understand this. It's not like I'm going to hire my son to come help me with my website TopTheNews...(plug)


Nepotism fail.

Apeman's picture

This makes me sick. This guy should be locked up for blatantly stealing from the people while they are already desperate. What a filthy dog.

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This is why the Greek citizens stopped paying taxes years ago.  They realize the government appetite can never be satisfied.

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I will bet that any Greek with access to or authority to the government funds is paying themselves every vacation that they will take in the future..all health costs for the future and as much of their future salary as they can in the future....and even pensions that they will recieve in the future....get it now while the gettin is they say in Greece

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Nepotism etymology: ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French népotisme, from Italian nepotismo, from nipote ‘nephew’ (with reference to privileges bestowed on the “nephews” of popes, who were in many cases their illegitimate sons).

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That's what people do when a kleptocracy is sinking; steal anything that's not nailed down.

America is the same way. Anytime there is social unrest over any issue, the first thing that happens is people break the windows out of the local shops and make off with whatever they can carry. Every. Time. What does that have to do with anything except getting theirs while the getting is good?

Through complacency and moral relativism we have created a spoils system. Whatever you can get, is yours, and nobody blinks. That's not capitalism, but it was born out of it. That's not democracy either, but it came out of it. It's what we have become.

Point at the Greeks and laugh. But we're even bigger clowns playing for larger stakes, and the Greeks cannot hold a candle to the inferno of our moral failure.

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Vyron Polydoras held the job of Speaker for one day but managed to hire his daughter and get a €2mm bonus for is staff and the police. American politicians do stuff like this, too.

I remember when Christie Whitman resigned the governorship of New Jersey to become EPA head under Bush in 2001. The NJ constitution provided that the head of the Senate became acting governor. Since the Senate was split evenly between the two parties, they agreed to split the office serving three and a half days each. They had all their stationery printed out as souvenirs, threw parties in the governors mansion, and are entitled to the benefits of a "retired" governor. Since New Jersey was solvent at the time, no one really paid attention. 

Say what you want about New Jersey politics, but  voters handily approved a referendum creating the Lieutenant Governor position so this nonsense could not happen again. Do you think the Greeks changed their laws to prevent politicians taking advantage of one day posts? Do you think they can?

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What a pity. Can you imagine what he could have accomplished if he would have been longer in position? He could have given the whole of Greece a job and could have given every Greek a big fat election bonus. He could have saved Greece!

</sarcasm mode>

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now the truth starts coming out, cronyism causes poverty everywhere. same here in America also.

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Jesus this guy would make a hell of a congressman

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At least one Greek daughter that does not have to work as a prostitute in Frankfurt, like all the other Greek 6 Spanish girls...



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and here's to you mrs. vatican... nepotism is such an honorable way--'hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes'... 'it's a little secret, just a vatican affair'... and yours', is going to the candidate debate? ,... Yo ho, yo ho, Hey hey hey 

mixed and mashed S&G's, Mrs. Robinson :-))

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I suspose they are lucky he didn't have 6 daughters.

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To provide former prime ministers and parliament speakers with offices and employees, even though the Formers do no longer hold an MP seat or have long retired from the active political life. “Until they die”, so to say…( which cannot be soon enough in my humble opinion)

“Former Prime Ministers like K. Mitsotakis (no longer MP), K. Simitis, K. Karamanlis and G. Papandreou enjoy the privilege of offices and employees. A total of 70 people.

Former Parliament speakers: Kaklamanis, Petsalnikos (PASOK), Psarouda-Benaki, Sioufas (Nea Dimocratia), are no longer MPs but offer work places to six people each. Benaki recently hired a niece, Sioufas daughter has a permanent work contract.”

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This country is in desperate need of a Vigilante..