Greek Parliamentary Garage On Fire And Other Dramatic Footage From Today's Athens Riots

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Today's deadly protests in Athens, in which one Greek has died, have been the most violent of the year so far. For footage of the Parliament's garage building as well as numerous dramatic photos of the violents riot, which is continuing over night, see attached.

This is what a fire in a parliamentary garage looks like:

And for everything else there is



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GeneMarchbanks's picture

Whatever happened to Greece?

Ah, yes... now it all seems to make sense, PEOPLES LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

The important thing is Merkel and Sarkozy are unharmed...

camaro68ss's picture

Bike helmets.... ill have to remember that next time i riot.....

Clorox Cowboy's picture

Along with massive tree limbs to hold up your tiny flag.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Don't forget your fire extinguishers.  Paint filled balloons would go a long way too. 

eureka's picture

Yeah i this is a real tutorial for TEA PARTY PEOPLE - "What to do if you hate paying taxes"

Richard Head's picture

You must be one of the freeloaders that pays ZERO federal income tax.

bruinjoe93's picture

I pay a LOT of taxes.  I'm lucky to take home 50% of my pay check unlike Mr. Buffet.  I just don't like the way my government is spending its tax receipts.

Arius's picture

just for the record ... the US government doesnt need your stinky tofu .... in the words of Big Ben it can print as much as it wants at basically no cost .... ask Timothy if you have any doubts about taxes ...

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I messed up my taxes on Turbo Tax and all I got was this lousy Treasury Cabinet position.

Cynical Sidney's picture

could someone narrate these pictures for us? what are the different fractions in the protest? who's behind the red flags black flags J.A.M flags? and why are they trying to bash each others head in with wooden rods and steel pipes?

o_rly's picture

++++++++I was there today++++++++

The group with Red Flags were communists, KKE, more accurately they are Stalinists. They were blocking parliament earlier today as they did the previous day. They basically don't want the anarchists attacking the police because they believe that the anarchists provoke the police to gas the crowd, thus dispersing the peaceful protests.

The stalinists are a weird bunch though. They never join the normal protests, but they were there yesterday for the first time in a while, but left early. They usually have their own meeting place outside of Syntagma Square. They kind of do their own thing in a way. However, PAME, the militant workers' union, an organization under the umbrella of KKE, was also their clashing with the anarchists. It was a huge battle and to be honest, nobody was really expecting it.

Let me tell you, I have never seen so much violence in my life. The last two days have been a blood soaked gasoline bomb horror show. These photos and the video coming out of there don't really do credence to the level of violence coming out of these protest. Running street battles were fought all down the alleyways off Syntagma, with anarchists hurling molotov cocktails at riot police. I was at Monsarraki train station, about half a mile from Syntagma when DIAS motorcycle cops tried to break the anarchist blocks up, the anarchists responded with rounds of molotovs. I saw plenty of people and cops on fire today.

As for me? I also almost caught on fire from a molotov an anarchist threw at a communist. I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The violence here is really out of control, and for all that talk of "It's coming to a city near you," when people from the U.S. talk about the Greek riots, I always laugh. Nah, the U.S. does not have the same kind of factionalism, police hatred, or history of street protest. I absolutely laugh at the OWS protests with the police acting like this group of peaceniks is a threat to the "system." Those cops wouldn't last two seconds in Greece. Real violence happens here, not theatrical skits or superhero costume bullshit.

winterswimmer's picture


On the whole I agree.

Many Greek people don't seem to understand the importance of NOT cultivating division and hatred among ourselves.I support neither side in today's events, but here is a video showing the start of the battle. It shows the way ordinary people were firmly prevented from passing through KKE / PAME lines, to approach the parliament closer. If this happens again and again, it means stifling all  resistance against the bankster-licking regime.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that KKE / PAME allowed all the members of parliament to pass through their lines unscathed, effectively protecting them, while not allowing anyone else to pass through.

(Argentina's ex-premier Menem would also be greatful to this kind of attitude, I guess):


o_rly's picture

I'm not really taking a side, but I don't think that KKE or PAME let all the members of parliament pass through their lines, although some did from what I saw. In the end, I'm really not sure what happened or why these groups did what they did. I'm sure the rumor-mill will spin but in the end, it will just be some speculation.

I do think it's funny how the other communist group, EEK, ended up supporting the anarchists and attacking the police who were trying to close in on them from the other side of Syntagma. Even the commies can't get along or pick a side.

In the end, the real enemy is in parliament, and this factional fighting always happens on the Left. The fighting today between people was a symptom of a crisis that has gone out of control.

winterswimmer's picture

The KKE's leader, Ms. Papariga, stated clearly that members of parliament would certainly be allowed to pass through.

This is a fact, because if any member of parliament had been stopped, this would become frontpage news in Greece.

Ah well, (as a result) 154 zombie-MPs voted yesterday in favour of an irrational law that will impoverish Greeks even more, while also debilitating the _real_ economy.


o_rly's picture

I didn't know that, fuck those bastards then.

AldousHuxley's picture

Greece invented the Trojan Horse. What did the Germans expect?

illyia's picture




Spigot's picture

If the Greek police would shoot the fire bomb throwing anarchists, I believe you would see a dramatic decline is anarchist fire bombing.

winterswimmer's picture



You could be right, as a matter of fact.

But only in the sense that Athens will be burned, after this, most probably. So, if it's already burning, everywhere, there will be no more need for fire bombing! :-)

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

It looks like a bunch of commie red flags to me. Yes, the gov't is screwing you. Supporting a discredited system wins no one though.

Abitdodgie's picture

If you are still paying taxes ,then how is that 70,000 people you have helped kill in Libya, or the one how they cut the breasts of the wimen they rape so then when they have the kid they can watch it starve to death , way to go fucker, you are part of the problem. I konw what you will say " but i have to pay taxes it comes strate out of my pay check , then quit.

RSVPilot's picture

have you stoped paying taxes. Has anyone on here made up thier mind to stop feeding the beast? Does the mere thought strike fear in you? anyone?

MobBarley's picture

Yes but I commited mass murder to protect your freedoms to obtain this stipend.

Is that ok with you?


SWRichmond's picture

Whoever the red flag people are (communists?) they are better armed and equipped, and apparently more willing to be violent, than the rest.  No surprise there.  This is why the Tea Party is now being ignored: too law-abiding.

Tramp Stamper's picture

Typical divide and conquer technique.  Fight each other not the real problem.  Probably paid people to create violence amongst themselves rather than unite together against the govt

redcorona's picture

You're probably right.  The internationalist Reds have always been on the side of international capital.

Phil Free's picture

"This video has been removed by the user."

Reptil's picture

Yes, IMO hired goons.
And very probably not communists. Though we can't be sure, now, can we.
Red flags are attached to a stick, and all the same size. No other communist flags or slogans. Neh..

AldousHuxley's picture

yes because communists caused world FINANCIAL diaster by not doing the due diligence required for loans?

bunch of communists at these banks right?


communism is a symtom of inequality. Well fed peasants have no need for regime change or riots. Do you see corporate executives rioting on the streets because their bonuses aren't enough?

In america, they do it with "dancing of the stars" or some other reality show so peasants can escape their harsh realities of meaningless wage slavery.


Unfortunately, the easy solution politicians pull here would be wars. Wars to give these folks something to do.



traderjoe's picture

Taxes are obsolete for revenues.

ZackAttack's picture

By their logic, it's their own fault for not moving to a state or country with lower taxes.

LFMayor's picture

those make better clubs guy.  Don't go taking some pansy ass dowel rod to a street protest.  Get yourself a closet stick.

ZackAttack's picture

Aluminum baseball bats FTW. Light, easy to carry and wield, body armor isn't worth much of a damn against it.

These guys need to take up our former national pastime.

AldousHuxley's picture

it is hard to swing in a crowd.


what they need is a dogcrap bazooka. Shoot that directly at banksters faces.

PAPA ROACH's picture

yeah, helmets and more importantly, gas masks to thwart the tear gas! I will start selling gas masks now on every corner, like the chinese ladys in NYC that pop out from under rocks when a raindrop falls.


NotApplicable's picture

Don't forget hockey sticks. They are a great multi-purpose riot tool.

Big Slick's picture

Re Hockey stick use in a riot... For those thinking that you are joking, it was amazing seeing Canadian rioters (no joke) using hockey sticks to shoot tear-gas cannisters back at police during G10 a few years ago.

Temporalist's picture

Batteries, Pirated DVDs, Umbrellas and Gas Masks.

Quixotic_Not's picture

I'm sure Tyler et al. will be happy when this insanity reaches the USofA...

God help us all!

junkyardjack's picture

Americans are too overweight to riot, their hearts couldn't handle it.

SemperFord's picture

I am going to be hated for this but...Lazy Americans can just hire some illegals to protest for them, "ESPN has excellent coverage"


MachoMan's picture

Juding by the pictures, it looks a whole lot like a renaissance fair... which some americans already participate in...  kinda like that movie Role Models

I SHALL DUEL YOU SIR FORD WITH MY RAGGEDY TREE BRANCH OF FREE LUNCH +4.  Please hold your attack until my company has had chance to waive the banner of red.  I shall wear my flamed helmet of 100 lb. virgin road muscle into our battle, SO BE ON YOUR TOES!  I must warn you, I have recently learned to grow a beard in contravention of my parents' wishes, so be forewarned I am very capable! 

Winner shall have to work one hour less for one hour more pay for life.  In the event either man is knocked out by flaming ball of heaven storm, then the match shall end in a draw.  

Quixotic_Not's picture

You think that "Americans" are the ones that founded, funded and guide this new movement aka OWS?!?

OWS-NY is a couple of blocks from where I work (no, not in financial mafia) and I was for a short time a member of it...when I thought there might be hope to stopthe tyrants with the RULE OF LAW...

I can't speak about the other locations across the nation (and I have no interest/affiliation with Europe et al.), but what I see happening at OWS-NY is nightmarish!

If you care about the AMERICAN experiment, you should be aware that there are -0- AMERICANS @ OWS-NY/NJ...

Moreover, the "leaders" of the kamp are dyed-in-the-wool SOCIALIST agitators, every one is Marxist brain-washed and a Hegelian dialectic practitioner - EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Have you read the book Animal Farm?  If not I suggest you do it asap if you want to understand where this is headed...

The people that started this have NO idea the monster THEY'VE created, it is truly time that the adults pay attention before the children burn the house down!

mjk0259's picture

BS. Two of my kids are there and they are Americans. Likewise their friends, also there.

Quixotic_Not's picture

Sorry, perhaps you think Communist =  American, it does not!


The only thing I could get the OWS-NY comrades and apparatchiks to agree with me on was the INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY part, and even then they craved for the ability take it away from others!

Good luck with the Free Shit Army buckeroo, they'll be eating you next...

mjk0259's picture

Existing ruling class is already eating me.

mjk0259's picture

Under Communism, a small self-appointed elite decides what is right and suppresses dissenters by labeling them 'Trotskyites', etc. Same thing you are doing. America is founded on free speech, right of public assembly - no exclusion for Communists, atheists, vegetarians, environmentalists, etc. In theory, anyway. In reality, left wing and unions have traditionally been suppressed most of the time along with whoever else the present ruling class feels threatens their position without regard to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or anything else.

Hephasteus's picture

That's not how it works. You take an ungroupable group which within it's subset will contain a myriad of points and agendas. It's nearly impossible to make it an all inclusive set but it can usually contain enough data points to be distortable. You then contain those datasets within the entire group and label them. You not only set up an attack point to work on. You cause group identification problems because the group is forced to come to grips with elements within it that it thinks are why it's being included.

You essentially take on the roll of cook or chef and turn an entire buffet into just a shit sandwich through the magic of element distortion. Driving those elements that are not part of the shit sandwich recipe out leaving you with a shit sandwich which is easily destroyed.

You best fear label makers. They know how mess things up.

MobBarley's picture

You just gave me the reprehensible notion that I could

relabel all the BEEF in the supermarket FECES , discount it

heavily, and be the only purchaser.


Hey! That just might work.


mjk0259's picture

They are protesting that the RULE oF LAW has not been applied to Wall St. No rational person could disagree with that. Should be thousands in jail under RICO, etc already.