Greek Pensioner Hangs Himself In Protest That "Greece Will Be Wiped Off The Map"

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Two months ago, an elderly Greek took his life in broad daylight in Athens' central square while decrying the country's traitors in government, and who preferred to take his own life than to defer his debts to his children or "fishing through garbage cans for his sustenance." Hours ago, another tragedy struck.

From Athens News:

A 61-year old pensioner was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday, in the Agios Filipos park of the Nikaia area. The lifeless body of the pensioner was discovered by a park attendant, who also found his suicide note which read as follows:


"The police does not know me. I have never touched a drink in my life. Of women and drugs I have never even dreamed of. I have never been to a kafenio (coffee house), I just worked all day! But I commited one horrendous crime: I became a professional at age 40 and I plunged myself in debt. Now, I’m an idiot of 61 years and I have to pay. I hope my grandchildren are not born in Greece, seeing as there will be no Greeks here from now on. Let them at least know another language, because Greek will be wiped off the map! Unless of course there was a politician with Thatcher’s balls so as to put us and our state in line.


Signed, Alexandros 29/5/2012”

His neighbours described the pensioner – a father of two- as a hard working man. He had been employed in ship repairs and construction sites and up until recently, he had been working as an electrician on a merchant ship.



He was facing sizeable financial problems and it was these that pushed him over the edge.


According to neighbours, prior to taking his own life, he was seen wearing his work overalls, carrying his tools and sitting on a bench in the park.


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RIP Alexandros. 


Politicians better get their shit together or they will be the ones hanging from a tree.

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What Greece needs is King Leonidas & 300 brave men!!!

LeonardoFibonacci's picture

King Leonidas & 300 brave men should attack the EU main offices first.  Draghi & Von Rupoy should be the first to go!


Yup, the wrong dude is hanging from the tree.  RIP brother Alexandros. 

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And that is the heart of it. The ruling / political class is so far removed from the plebs that they don't even register as human beings at all anymore.

Just faceless masses whose only ambition should be to serve their betters.

When this thing goes up .... oh man.

RIP Greece - You were first, but you certainly won't be the last.

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is this the part of the book where the illustrations get better?

so many victims       so many common enemies 

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RIP to this honorable fellow, I feel bad inside for the pain he must have suffered before reaching his decision. But what troubles me even more than his death is the knowledge that the politicians and the politbureau people in Brussels will look at this with total indifference.

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Many stories like this in 2008. I remember one where a man killed his whole family in LA for $ issues. Sad.. I can't imagine all the tragedies when the GREAT RESET happens

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Indeed, ex-President Popacockupalotis was seen chuffing away on a chat-show only last week having he, and his family, utterly ruined Greece in 2 decades of socialism


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The tanned French woman who pays no tax and is in tight with the Chicago Hope & Change gang.  Lamp post and a rope. 

The bankers, Bilderbergers and also the endless Greek unionized govt workers.  The **cks who voted for Hope in 2008 are just as bad as the troika scum.

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The eskimo's used to put their old people on a piece of drifting ice, waved him goodbye and carried on with their lives.

Orka Fastfood On The Rocks...

About 50 years ago the international community made a end to those pratices and build homes for those people.

And now again... we're putting our old people on a piece of drifting ice... and write 3 lines of text on the internet to say goodbye...


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Barroso is the man that should go first. Von Rumpoy is just a torch bearer, a frnot man.....did I say 'man'. Sorry!!

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I know he was under financil pressure... but so is Greece and the entire EU - I'll betcha none of the "in charge" elite take their own lives... they will just keep collecting their tax free obscene salaries.  I cannot imagine taking my own life w/o "helping others" to pay first for their part in the scenario and making sure they took responsibility for it before I ended my own life.  Unfortunately we no longer have leaders like King Leonidas who are ruled by solid ethics and are willing to put themselves out in the lead in harms way when the battle starts - all of ours cower behind desks pushing buttons and sending the rest of us to do their bidding... like cattle to slaughter.  The sheeple better wake up.

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There is a moral side to the monetary issue that so many overlook. The bankers that put people into these positions share in the guilt. If he is guilty of suicide there are those who are walking around with blood on their hands.

Their day of reckoning is coming! Greed and covetousness that ruins the lives of others is not overlooked by God. The prophets warned of His judgments on their nation for these sins and crimes.

For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely. (Jeremiah 6:13)

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Nature is a funny beast. No man can beat her, despite his ego or accomplishments.

The pendulum has apexed and is going the other way. War is going to be upon us soon. And most of those who think they run the machine will find out that they dont.

There are not enough resources in ten years. The debt issues are going to blow up now. Energy feeds the world; oil. Oil production has leveled off. Macabre as it sounds, souls have to perish to feed the rest. The math isn't so hard. It is sad to see this at a personal level, but it is the truth. This is the truth writ large across society. It is the truth most deny, for now. But, is is the truth coming to most, even the priviledged.

Today, those who have earned good, solid salaries and benefits, will know outhouses when they are old. Yes, snakes like the warmth of decomposing stool. Spiders if the clime is warm enough. The whole nine yards.

How many on ZH really think in 1000 years, life will be like it is today, with cars, airplanes, and all this cheap energy? It is hard to sign up for, so maybe we should slide the decimal and ask it as 100 years. I don't think its 10, but its closer to 10 than it is to 100. And that is when I expect to be retired.

The cities will clamor for government, the ability for government to provide will fail.

Personally, I have struggled with this for a long time. Years. Where to be. How to live. What to do. I have reached the conclusion that if I am blessed, I will see the other side (i.e. an outhouse without spiders and snakes). If not then I feel awkward saying the bastard who is busting my nuts is going to look like blue berry cobbler. I am basically a peaceful man, but I am not a fool.



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Things are dark in this crazy fallen world, just remember you are worth more than the crap you own or the debt you owe. I'm sure his family thought so and I'm sure your loved ones do as well.

My belief is that the Lord Jesus Christ considers you valuable as well, regardless if you own millions or owe thousands.

Don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

Very sad, RIP Alexandros.

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"and I plunged myself in debt."


Don't put all the blame on yourself, you were tempted to do it. Tempted by the media, by politicians, by the bank(s), by our grand Keynesian economists sitting in their ivory towers. I'd say it was more like brainwashed, lied to, misled, and fooled. 


The ones who encouraged you to plunge yourself into debt will be held accountable.

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"The ones who encouraged you to plunge yourself into debt will be held accountable."


If they will be held accountable they wouldn't have done it in the first place ...

flacon's picture

If they will be held accountable they wouldn't have done it in the first place ...


That's what these guys thought too:




Nicolae Ceausescu:


Pol Pot:


Che Guevara:

flacon's picture

A newspaper advertisement blew into my yard the other day. I kept it as a souvenir because this is what it said in bold letters at the top:





when you use your Sears Financial (TM) Credit Card



StychoKiller's picture

Sears - cooking a piece of meat at high heat (usually a grill), to seal in the juices...

Deo vindice's picture

flacon -you are right.

"If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he (God) that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they." (Ecclesiastes 5:8)

Freddie's picture

Loads of ****ers in the USA and worldwide wear Che shirts like morons.  They voted for Hope too.

Nicolae Ceausescu - I remember this one. Nasty battle but his praetorian guard eventually crumbled.  He was an evil MF'er too.

General Decline's picture

"Loads of ****ers in the USA and worldwide wear Che shirts like morons.  "

I'd like to buy a vowel: I?

Ok Pat. Are there any g's?

Wow! Two of them! Great! I'd like to solve the puzzle...

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The banks can relax credit in order to destroy nations. It has happened many times before. Look at what they have done in Australia and Canada, creating housing booms. House prices are astronomical. Why have they done this? In order to bring these countries down. Otherwise their populations couldn't be brough to heel. Once they collapse, they will see even more immigration in order to create social division. After that, the bankers will own them.

Amagnonx's picture

I rarely see anyone else put this prcess together so succinctly - yes, I completely agree - this is precisely what is hapening.

I would also add that they use socialism (social benefits) to reduce the cohesion of family units - by inserting the state as a 'provider'.  This means that when the pain comes, people are far less prepared to deal with it - and instead of turning to each other, they turn to the state for answers.

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There is also a useful wedge created by a government sponsored housing boom. We are seeing an attempt to drive a wedge between the generations, those boomers who have no property debt are being portrayed By some as the scource of many of the problems and "housing affordability" issues. While the younger generation is lured into lifelong debt through first home buyers, get rich quick type schemes, and university fees
This is yet another way to undermine family and community values, while creating a general feeling of mistrust and envy.
We will no doubt see an attempt to reintroduce death duties to "bring back fairness".

Pike Bishop's picture

When the first culpable Banker or Politician is lifeless at the noose end of a taught rope, after being pushed from his office... I know at least one person will be shouting....

"Long live Alexandros!"

The wages of austerity in Greece will likely be an exponential growth of the 40% increase of suicides in Greece in 2011.

Were the people of Greece any less or more  human than those in other Countries.... that they deserved this, in order for the Banks and Bondholders to keep what they should have lost?

And now take the very lives of others as their bonus?

The fundamental argument against suicide is that it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Is a life sentence of individual deprivation and loss of a nation's sovereignty really temporary?

This forced austerity is the worst form of kicking the can down the road.

Because somewhere down that road is always covered with blood.



potlatch's picture

Long Live Alexandros



that is the stuff revolutions start with, you realize

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Well said brother! And what ails Greece ails the rest of Europe. Alexandros is correct. Nothing short of a leader with balls will save the day. Greece should seek new alliances and perhaps look either Eastward, or towards the U.S. Europe is a corrupt cesspoole with NO future the way it currently stands. HAVE COURAGE GREECE! RE-WRITE THE RULES AND SURVIVE! DO NOT LET YOUR ENEMIES DIMINISH THE BIRTHPLACE OF DEMOCRACY! SLAY THE BANKERS! REMEMBER THE "300"!

Freddie's picture

Canada and Australia are also still functioning and relatively well run countries.  They are not feral hell holes like the UK and the USA.  The bankers will also loot the natural resources of Canasa and Australia.

Zero Govt's picture

it was the Marxists-Progressives of America post-Great Depression that created the 30 year mortgage (30 year debt-slave)

Bwankers work with left and right, don't think for a minute political Parties mean anything deeper than cheap bunting, coloured rosettes and truckloads of trite jingoism

Govt is a front/sham, window dressing for the big criminals in society to work their rot

e-man's picture

Perhaps he was tempted to borrow. Or perhaps he was forced to compete for resources by others that were borrowing with reckless abandon and therefore had no other choice than to borrow. Yes, the bankers have a great system indeed.

May you rest in peace Alexandros.

flacon's picture

Very good point.


I used to ask my friends:


Who is poorer, that homeless man you see pushing his shopping cart and sleeping on the sidewalk, or your neighbour (or yourself) that is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt?


And my work wants me to donate "a can of food" for the homeless today. 

StychoKiller's picture

Go forth and alleviate some suffering:

Moe Howard's picture

Our school district was in the "newspaper" yesterday, now free lunch for all in all our county schools. That means the millionare and the homeless all get their children's lunch on the back of the taxpayer.


Who said there is no free lunch? There is in my county!

youngman's picture

Hey Moe..Hey Moe.....they serve breakfast now in my city.....more government jobs..more welfare for  "the children" about an IQ test for mothers...don´t kids..or maybe this.....feed your own kids....its called responsibility...personal responsibility.....

WillyGroper's picture

Wonder what's on the menu? Soylent green?

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

"Tempted to do...."

Since when is temptaion a crime? Please spare me the media advertising mind control bullshit. If he was intentionally misled, that is fraud. Fraud IS a crime. So, please call it what it is.

"The hooker on the corner tempted me to use her services." - that is not a crime, or even unethical. But if she told me that she had a nice clean, tight pussy, but it was really a stinky gaping hole, then she is guilty of fraud. 

I meant, fraud [should be] a crime.

Overfed's picture

Hangin' the ones who have enabled the CDS/derivatives/mortgage/toxic debt fiascos that we face now would be a real fine place to start.

Peter Pan's picture

If only gutless and cluelesss politicians had any shame, then perhaps men light Alexandros would not be driven to such extremes.

RIP Alexandros even though I know your soul will not rest until justice is done.

Zero Govt's picture

politicians are not quite so "gutless and clueless" as we imagine. They're parasites and criminals and will keep the game going for as long as they can

and as we see in America they will set up Govt agencies to continue the theft and stealing and will spy, threaten and rob the productive until they wreck the economy (see Greece, Egypt et al)

TeMpTeK's picture

Revolution is at her door

Captain Benny's picture

America lives next to her...  she'll come here next.  Hell -- America already has real life zombies walking the streets and eating people.  2012 looks to be a year for the history books.

Overfed's picture

Just wait 'til 2013. It's gonna be a doozy.

potlatch's picture

the face eating will continue until morale improves