Greek PM Not Resigning - Greece State TV

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Chanos who?

G-Pap bitchez.

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Nobody can make a fucking decision.
This is worse than my wife when she gets all pissy about nothing. 
Well, not really.

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Yep, not really.  At least you can stop listening to the Greek rumors, if you wish.  No way to turn off the pissy wife.  Well, not without going to jail, that is.

Disclosure: I remarried on the rebound.  What the hell was I thinking?

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Fuck your wife. No seriously go ... do it.

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They Cannes not decide until CNN locates its reporter who is somewhere in Spain.

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All women get pissy about nothing, they are, by Nature (sorry the biochemistry is what it is) control freaks and hate the fact that they are no in control of everything.  Come on now.

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tyler could you help me out here. this means there will be a confidence vote on friday, which papandreo will lose. does that automatically mean early elections, or is it possible to form a unity govt still after the  no confidence vote. this is of critical importance because without a govt they shouldn't get the imf funds...although they'll just change the rules and give it to them anyway i'd suspect.

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I think you have already answered your own question.  All you see and hear is just show.  Germany isn't really angry at Greece for failing to accept the deal.  The spats and hissy fits between financial ministers are contrived.  The minority dovishness or hawkishness amonsts the governers of the Fed are gamesmanship.  And Greece is doing everything according to plan.  And that plan is to stall.

They can't fix things, so they are printing while trying to sequester all that new money, trusting that demand destruction and deflation will nullify the ill effects of money they can't keep from leaking out and causing inflation.  So the plan is to stall, lie, deny reality, and of course, buy gold.

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the ecb has in fact not been printing money. thats why the euro is so strong in the currency markets. its also why the ecb's greek bonds aren't subject to the 50 percent haircut; if they were, then the ecb would be forced to print. 

its amazing that by scribbling in a few words and ideas they can prevent themselves from printing, but its the truth. however, once they do have to start printing gold as priced in euros will have quite a good time. it'll make the euro much weaker, but bernanke can't have that, so he'll respond with qe7

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George be nimble,

George be quick,

George jumped over the big Euro dick.

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I hope the Greeks are ready to get liberated by NATO featuring the Turks.

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Chaos...and PMs think we'll just "muttle" thought this and everthing will be fine

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Nice... Art had no idea how right he'd be when he said "be nimble" I was too lazy to put on my G-Pap resigning trade. Saved by my own laziness.

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Be nimble?  With the high degree of asset correlation and political risk?  Nay.  Be out.

Sidelines, bitchezzz!!!

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LOL @ WTI and Yen.

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seriously, today and tomorrow are risking to be very volatile with VIX over the roof!

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Of course bullish! Need you ask?

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And the markets rally on.  

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Rumor to cover for ramping futures set, fact that the rumor is not true makes no difference now, mission accomplished.

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once the snake oil salesman runs out of suckers, he leaves town with all the cash, at midnight!

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fuck yeah.


But the bankers will throw him out on Friday.


France has lost its way.  Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite  => (has become) France-Germany axis rules all. obey.  There is no European Union.  There is only OBEYnation


If you're French, recall the symbolism of the 3 colors on your flag, and side with the Greco

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You stole Robo's line!

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so, there will be a refer- endum, no?

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I wonder who's got the coverage rights to WWIII.

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And they'll bring back that little Weasel Charles Jako to cover it Live from the Battlefield On the Scene against a blue screen, stoned, awaiting the pizza delivery in midtown Manhattan.
Maybe they'll even let him wear a pistol like Geraldo. 
Another fine specimen of the New Normal Reality.

News, my ass.

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Just waiting for the "Black Swan" of a political assassination.  It'll be on.

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i really hope it's K-Pap instead of G-Pap.

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or K-Fed.... if you want to pull the Americans in.

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Who do I call to start a rumor? Is there a "I need to run the market up on nothing" hotline?

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EU got punk'd.

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Is everything going on just one big PAP smear? LOL

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didn't understand why anyone thought replacing G-Pap would be good for the EU anyway.


What you're going to replace him with the leader of the party that was opposed to all this shit in the first place?  How does that improve the EU's prospects?

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Doesnt matter now, rumor of whatever is good enough, to ramp futures and thats all that matters.

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Need to stimulate the G-Spot before the Pap-Smear, Waiting for the climax......

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Next rumor for the day, Obama has actually made contact with aliens.


These people spreading these rumors need to get put in jail, preferably PMITA (Pound Me In the Ass) Style.

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Hopefully they're evil Aliens.  That should be good for the economy, at least according to Krugman.

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So basically, shit is still hitting the fan in Greece - check

ECB is stoking inflation while entering a recession - check

US economy (ie, retail sales, ie consumer) less than expected - check

US markets rocket up - check.


Makes perfect sense, all in.

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Good for him! Fuck Merkozy!

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robottrader was seen this morning, again banging on MF Globals storefront.

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Oh come on!!

This is just f*cking ridiculous.

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Cue Eye of the Tiger theme music

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no seriously, that rumor was worth tvix going from 59 to 50 this morning. every rumor post is a front-run for algos. in fact, the algos are now in control of the headlines, and post items they can front-run themselves.

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Yea I think the algobots themselves are now generating the rumors. Just wait till theyre liquefying the dead to feed IV to the 'living'.