Greek Protests Turn Violent (Update - Not Just Yet)

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Update: it appears that the Guardian clip is from June when tempratures were a little warmer. That said, today's developments will likely not end in a very different fashion. For today's "riot" developments, follow kathimerini.

In a sad but entirely unsurprising turn of events, the people of Greece are indeed beginning to realize the dead end of their situation and what the politicians are about to do to them (sadly they also are not frontrunning the latest bevy of BS rumors out of Greece which have lifted the EURUSD by 110 pips on the same rumor rerun we have seen over and over and over and over and over and over and... so on ad inf). As the entire country strikes, the UK's Guardian notes that protesters in Athens are once again clashing with police as violence erupts outside the Greek parliament. After 30 years of Keynesian imbalance, is it any surprise that social unrest would once again erupt as austerity impositions are force-fed to a nation who recognizes the almost entire lack of benefits accruing to them from another Troika bailout.

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How do you say, "hell no we won't go" in Greek?

Ethics Gradient's picture

"Woof, Woof" - but then that's just Sausage.

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as in "hell no we won't live within our means, won't work 40 hour weeks, won't retire at 65.." i don't know how to say this in Greek but I know how to say it in German

"Fick dich selber Europa!"

battle axe's picture

I do not get why they have not been up in arms every day, and clashing with the police. The parliament building should of been up in flames months ago. 

MachoMan's picture

because once you have your basic physical needs met, political activism tends to fall off a cliff.

redpill's picture

More like, when many of the protesting elements simulatenously want revolution and continued government handouts, the cognitive dissonance is so mentally disrupting that they can't manage to concentrate hard enough to light a molotov.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Poetic justice. Government will now need use force, and once again, change the rules to take created the very benefits that these people enjoy, and which government guns provided in the first place.

323's picture

weren't all these smears pretty much debunked?

writingsonthewall's picture

Why does everyone repeat the lies of the Governments?


Think about it - you are massively more productive than your forefathers.

....and yet you now are supposed to work longer than they did?

Anyone with half a brain can see the Government is lying.



Really, it's time you worked this out rather than just accepting that bullshit that "we all have to work longer because we're living longer"

Total crap - life longevity ADDS to productive capacity - not takes it away as production is also improved with the handing down of skills.


i.e. old man teaching the young apprentice.


...but you want to keep pumping that Government / free market bullshit then carry on.


The Greeks are right, we should all be retiring @ 50 now - but the ever decreasing wages and inequality of wealth mean we're being asked to work longer just to keep up with inflation.

Ropingdown's picture

Greece today reminds me of that inversion of Torsten Veblen's title, to read "The Liesure of the Theory Class," wherein the theories can be minor theories of social welfare policy or anything else with a government-service ring to it.  As to the productivity bit:  Sure the productivity of some workers went up, but the available supply of global labor went up much much faster.  The whole dream of 'Europe' for the southern populations was a dream that Europe was special and prosperous compared to their particular nation-state (Greece, Spain, et al).  Ah, to be part of a Europe INSTEAD.  So people in Andalucia, Spain, often say "I'm an Andalucian and a European.  And in Barcelona it is similar.  I note that Spain made much better use of their Equalization Funds and EIB loans than Greece, building many fabulous highways and railroads.  There is a down side, though:  All those roads and railroads will require major maintenance, rebuilding, long before the the improvements themselves have been paid for....and probably before the local banks have been stabilized.  As for the 'apprentice' bit: Turn-key factories don't need any 'hand down the skills' phase, really.  Hand-crafts do, but then you're up against China.  Hospitality and leisure should be a major win, but the rewards will have to be spread differently than in the past regarding workers vis a vis owners of hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Silver Dreamer's picture

He has a valid point.  To see it from a better perspective as an American, consider the 1950's.  A single man's blue collar salary would support an entire large family without his spouse having to work.  Today however?  Well, you know the answer.  I'm sure the situation has been similar in Greece, Egypt, etc.

Joe Sixpack's picture

I hear that about a single salary, but not sure it was true. I talked to an engineer frien who lived through that time, and he said he had two or more jobs to make ends meet.

Silver Dreamer's picture

There are a ton of variables of course, but my example is a decent one.  My father had seven children, and he worked on an assembly line.  We did not live high on the hog, but we had food, shelter, and clothes, etc.

Could I do that today? LOL  Even the question is laughable.  Of course I could never do it.  Hell, I'd be filthy rich if I had a nickel for every person out there who is not having any or more children because of financial issues.  It's depopulation by other means.

Azannoth's picture

Depopulation yes .. but only for the White Race, all the Schwarze and Mexicans are living of social security and Affirmative Action anyway

writingsonthewall's picture

There you go again - supporting the Government with your devisive hatred.


That's exactly what they want you to do - and you're going for it like a sucker.

The Mexicans didn't steal your wealth you retard - the RULING CLASS DID.


I laugh at the American dream - your founding fathers did their best to prevent inheriting the shitty class system of the British - but you ended up with one anyway!


The only difference being your ruling class is not designed by royal appointment - it's defined by "large exploitative families" - like the Morgans, the Rothschilds, the Kennedy's etc.


If you put a 'royal' in front of each - then hey presto you have the same system as the British.

battle axe's picture

Easy up there Mary..And stay away from the coffee, I think you have had enough...

Instant Wealth's picture

... and, of course, a spouse having to work means a 100% increase in tax payers.

One of the more clandestine reasons for women liberation.

Christophe2's picture

Well said!


We now have 2% of the population working at growing food (compared to 25% just a few decades ago), but unfortunately the system is geared towards making sure we do not EVER accumulate wealth (and independence).


For example, manufacturers conspire/plan to build only goods with short half-lives (eg: 100 hour light bulbs, jeans that last a few months before fraying, etc.), so no matter what, YOU NEVER GET AHEAD, YOU NEVER STOP BUYING / SPENDING / NEEDING TO WORK.


The competitive system we live in is truly evil: we don't compete to improve things - instead, we are made to compete to pull each other down.  Life on earth is satanically evil, when in fact it could be really nice...

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It is the nature of the cleverest monkeys to scorn paradise.

HardAssets's picture

I don't know what the 'real' situation is regarding the Greeks and their pensions.  I'm not over there and don't know the details.- - - But, it is obvious what has happend in the U.S., however. Our money has been devalued by 97-98% by the private banking cartel the 'Federal Reserve'. We have to pay at progressive rates on this inflated fiat fake 'money'. Politicians robbed the Social Security 'trust fund, and our income taxes go to pay the interest to the banksters on the 'national debt'.

A criminal enterprise is robbing people around the world. They put people into a kind of debtors serfdom. - -Many people are fooled into fighting among themselves, their attention diverted from the real culprits.

How much would you have for your own life, health, retirement, and children if it hadn't been stolen for all these decades ?How much better off would the people of the world be, if these resources had been used to advance humanity rather than dominate & exploit us?

Capitalist10's picture

Don't forget "We won't give up the 13th and 14th month of salary" for our "can't be fired" jobs.

Can we be done with these deadbeat losers already?

Default and go back to the Drachma!

writingsonthewall's picture

Is that what you have to tell yourself to justify your inhuman attitude?


Tell me - what's it like to hold the title of "hardest working slave"

Do you feel proud that you have bestowed yourself with such a title?


Until you've picked fruit with the Mexicans - your idea of 'hard work' is a holiday to most people.


A Nanny Moose's picture

Building a bit of a false dichotomy are we? How did we get from Greek govt. paper pushers, to Mexicans?

One group retires at what, 60? The other gets brominated while picking berries till their fingers fall off.

writingsonthewall's picture

"How did we get from Greek govt. paper pushers"


MOST of Greece is private sector employed (well it used to be until the private sector collapsed)


Anyone would think Greece is ONLY populated by public sector workers - the Greeks have their 'mexicans' too - they pick olives and they are GREEK.


At the moment the public sector is the only thing stopping Greece falling into the abyss - the Government can't afford it, but they are basically giving handouts through the public sector - SO THE PEOPLE DO NOT STARVE.

If the Government wasn't doing that - then THEY WOULD NEED TO CALL IN ACTION AID, RED CROSS ETC. as there is a HUMANITARIAN DISASTER UNFOLDING - y'know the sort of thing you see in Africa.


Meanwhile rich Greeks (from the private sector) have jumped ship, took the wealth and are currently buying up cheap European properties with their Euros (before they get kicked)


So the people you lambast are merely the poor sods left after the private sector wealth extractors left the scene of the crime.


I always find it's best to visit a country before you start taking the media's word for it - so I did.

Like in many hot countries - not working in the middle of the day is seen as 'lazy' - but I don't know ANY Northern Europeans (or Americans) who work until 8pm at night (as they often do in Greeece)


You are falling for the biggest and oldest trick in the book - they don;t want you seeing the REAL cause of the problem, so they distract you with stereotypes and xenophobic crap like "those Greeks are lazy"


Sad thing is - you take this as some sort of badge of honour.


I say being the 'hardest working slave and ultimately commiting your future generations to the same" - is nothing to be proud of.


Americans are very good at thinking "they are different" - but we're all different shades of the same problem.


It's a CLASS problem, not a national one.


Don't forget, it wasn't very long ago that a man used this very same trick to deceive his people - they called that man Hitler - and he persuaded his people the Jews were the 'Greeks' of today - and at fault for the crisis.


The truth was the true cause were the ruling class across Europe.


Don't make the same mistakes again - only fools do that.

alangreedspank's picture

The denial of "too many Greek bureaucrats" comes from the fact that there are so many that they do not share very big benefits. So individually, yes, they do not look like a problem.

HardAssets's picture

I've read/heard somewhere that tax rates for Greeks average 70%. Unfortunately, I don't recall where I heard that. There was no explanation of how they arrived at that number and what taxes they were talking about (income, VAT, etc) When I did a web search, all sorts of conflicting info came up.

I only mention this (true or not) because if people were, in fact, taxed at extremely high levels - it might alter our outlook as to the 'unreasonable' resistance they might offer if they found out they were later shafted in terms of what  they had been promised. We simply can't accept any so-called news reports at face value.

There always seems to be lots of 'austerity' for the people - - but none for the parasitic banksters, politicians, or high level bureacrats who caused the mess for their own benefit.

I wonder if some Americans will be so smug when their taxes are raised, theyre forced into a hell hole of a 'health care' system, they have to rent a foreclosed house from the government, and they empty your personal retirement account to fill it with worthless treasuries instead.  - - You may be working three jobs to keep your head above water, but someone else in the world will probably call you "lazy freeloader Americans".

Serfs are much more compliant when broke and dependent on their 'master'.

HardAssets's picture

I agree with just about 99% of what you said, but don't think its useful to think in terms of 'class', (though I understand your point.)  These acts are criminal. The conflict is between criminals and the vast majority of people who they prey upon. Thinking in terms of 'class' and 'class conflict' has lead down all sorts of dead ends. Criminals have used propaganda about 'class conflict' to victimize millions of people throughout history. (The majority lived in socialized mass poverty, while the insiders lived extremely well off their backs.)  'Class' has also  been used as a smokescreen and excuse for robbery, such in the 'divine right of kings." The criminals have also twisted ideas of 'democracy' and 'freedom' for their own purposes. - - Criminal con men can use any concept to get over on people.  The battle is between the criminals and all they prey upon - - meaning most of us.

spartan speculation's picture

those dead beat losers you refer to still work at thier jobs but are not getting paid !!! companies in greece arent paying workers but they cant fire them because they'd have to pay the government. Greece is an economic disaster and their leaders are selling the greeks as slaves. they need to leave the euro and go back to the drachma, but all the european banks dont wanna take the losses because thats unheard of. banks dont take losses ever citizens will for their gambling debts. 



writingsonthewall's picture

100% correct.


it's the BANKS who are being saved at the expense of the Greek people (all of them)


...and yet the simpletons still perpetuate the same myth of "lazy greeks caused this"


I don't remember when things changed, but you got an interest rate for the RISK you take on DEFAULT.


So with default ruled out - what the fuck are people paying interest for???


The banks and the Govt. changed the rules - and then found a scapegoat.

alangreedspank's picture

"what the fuck are people paying interest for???"

As a disincentive for the state to borrow too much, but apparently, it's not working. Lower or zero interest rates won't help either.

lynnybee's picture

as in "hell no we won't live within our means, won't work 40 hour weeks, won't retire at 65.."     or, they could learn to share more equitably the riches, instead of just a few being filthy / greedy rich while the majority barely scrape by .    there's enough for everyone ....... unfortunately, some do not want to share & have prosperity for all .    

writingsonthewall's picture

How can you even say that when you're living in a centrally planned economy and trying to gain favour by pissing on the poorest?


You are the 'commie' you fuckwit - you're just too stupid to see it.


You're just another T-party retard who wants to be 'tax-free' whilst ignoring all the subsidy you gleefully accept without question.


Effin hypocrite.



Azannoth's picture

Let me guess you are a Greek government employee ? or an independently rich bum living in mom's basement

Bob Sacamano's picture

So how did, say, Steve Jobs making billions harm anyone?  Why should he or his family be punished for such?

supafuckinmingster's picture

"So how did, say, Steve Jobs making billions harm anyone?  Why should he or his family be punished for such?"


Check out where Apple has it's corporate base, where it pays taxes, how much it's earnings v taxes paid is, then calculate how much tax Apple has gotten away with paying, then calculate how much good that money would have done. As this is all inveresed, that's how much harm Steve jobs/Apple have done.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Nothing will change without gunfire.

Anglo Hondo's picture

"?????? ??? ??? ?? ????".    Just a wild-ass guess....

unrulian's picture

I can say it in Canadian..."i just worked 900 hours...lay me off so i can get a 6 month paid vacation, free health care, free massages and chiropractic, free glasses, head down to grab some free methodone, free needles, free bus rides, Employment insurance paid free education, free food stamps"

...and when this is all taken away,  with one law enforcement officer for every 150 square kilometers... Canada will burn"

pine_marten's picture

And that will be a tragedy.  Here in the US they will mow down rioters if they feel they are losing their grip.  No doubt about it.  We have an ugly gulag that has been abusing the people in an ever escalating maner.  They will use "private contractors" to punish and terrorize individuals and groups that come to their attention. 

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Keynes is only part of this because like Rome, the collapse begins at the periphery of empire.

resurger's picture

V for Victory!

God Be with the Greeks!

Fuck Gov!

MachoMan's picture

maybe just busy or disinterested...  you know, putting his son's image on toast and burying dinosaur bones and all...  it's a busy schedule.

fightthepower's picture

Why rocks?  Do they have guns?  They can't seriously think throwing rocks will matter?  What a joke.  Losers. 

GIANTKILR's picture

That's what I was thinking. I don't take any of this seriously until a Kalashnikov makes an appearance. Then we got a protest!