Greek Referendum Is On

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Contrary to rumors that the entire referendum will be called off, and be replaced with elections instead, it appears that it won't be, and instead, per the BBC, will progress based on G-Pap's fatal assumption that the public will actually vote for the bailout, the loss of sovereignty, and perpetual austerity. Via Bloomberg:

  • Papandreou Adviser Sees Greek Public Backing Bailout Plan: BBC

and it's official:


Good luck.

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Until it's off.

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G-pap going to get banged up bad by the pro-Euro posse in Cannes tommorrow: Germany's Merkel, France's Sarkozy, ECB's Draghi, IMF's Largarde will meet tomorrow in Cannes at 1800 CET

- Greek PM will join at 2100 CET

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And right now stocks are shitting the bed, getting ready for tomorrow's stick save that will squeeze shorts for the 187th time since March 2009.

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We need to compare notes.  I count only 186.

Oh wait, I missed this one.  You're right...187.

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Your math is getting as bad as the Germans and the Irish except theirs are always positive corrections !

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FUCKING A - had to share this dipshit...explains why gold is no good and stock market ready for mega bull...oyveeee!!!


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Of course the Greek Referendum Is On /Off /On. 

MF Global was going to privately finance the Geek debt.

Back to buy the rumor, sell the news again.

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Now we just have to convince the Greek people to vote the same way as Iceland.

Screw the bankster bitches.


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Michael :

Now we just have to convince the Greek people to vote the same way as Iceland.

Screw the bankster bitches.


Was Iceland a Target for Economic Hit Men?

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As if there aren't a room full of Euro spooks working hard to rig the vote now. 

Come on folks.  This is a rigged game.  


Yes the Greek people want to shove this up the ass of the Germans.  


No, no one will ever know about it.



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Iceland isn't a nation of crooks sucking the government teet.

Good luck to Greeks when their currency is worthless and they're trying to collect on their socialist entitlements!

At the end of the day, their currency won't even allow them to pay for the gas to drive to work.

Socialist former Yugoslavia was able to deal with this issue because as part of the former USSR, they were supplied by the Russians with fuel no matter what the currency was worth.

Greece doesn't have that "luxury". If they vote against the package, they're on their own. Period.

Do you really understand what that means for a former industrial nation gone bankrupt with liabilities up the ying yang and a worthless currency?

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Hanging CHADS will confuse the issue no doubt

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G-pap holds all the cards. He essentially holds the nuclear option in his hand. It's why Merkozy will be begging for mecry tomorrow. Remember, everyone has a price. 

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Yep...Maybe G-pap is holding out for 100% haircut. Get rid of our debt or the EU and euro dies...politically a smart manuever.

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A fresh greenie vote for you.

THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW A VOTE. TPTB will never let the fate of the free world rest in the hands of some over-entitled Greeks. Too much at stake...

Should I sell my shares of Grecian Formula???

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Democratic Votes by Greek people with paper ballots are so OLD SCHOOL.  I have some better ideas:

--> DIEBOLD voting machines.!! They are very modern, easy to program, easier to count!  Just pick the result you want and JUST LIKE MAGIC...DONE!

--> How about asking the U.S. Supreme Court to vote?  They are very Wise, we know that.  (That's why they are there!!!)  Instead of 9 million crazy Greeks voting, just leave it up to 9 old people in Black Robes.  Much faster, cleaner and slicker!!!  Besides all 9 of them will fit in a clown car!

--> Before we do all of this, we should set up an ETF so we can bet on the outcome, or a SIV so we can leverage the results to out favour.



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It'll be easy for them to win the referendum - don't forget:

It's not who votes that counts; it's who counts the votes...

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Then who burns down the building the votes were counted in!

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Just ask Kirov.   He can tell you about rigged elections.  Oh, wait, you can't. Stalin had him killed for getting too many votes.  Here we are 77 years later and how little the world has changed. 

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Boy ... I can't wait to see the referendum ads come out for this.

I guess that means buy stock in Greek ad agencies

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...sad but true Pool Shark...but since the referendum is on, I am going to hope for a true count!!!

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Komrade Stalin is that you??


Have been thinking the same thing ever since referendum was announced. Question is -  if you fake the results with greece already at the boiling point would it matter?



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If G-Pap sees the referendum polling at 30% and tries to cancel, Greece is done.  The backlash will be ungodly.

There was never a solution to the Greek problem, that's why Europe never "got it."

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If I didn't like to pretend, I would officially announce that this seems to be a staging ground of numerous dog turds.

Perhaps a circle jerk with whole global neighborhood.

A bad TV season of american idol.

Or maybe a defective board game of CLue. (to be remamed clueless)

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No referendum/election will be held until the results are known!

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HAH!  and who counts the ballots?  I'm guessing G-Pap and his socialist scum party.

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Sweet, a simple on/off switch for the corresponding market melt down/up.

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Awww, my friend we are only at the beginning of the race.  The camals are all getting lined up and the bets are being laid.  We will soon see the shakeout.

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Furthermore, besides my doublepost, Why is CNBC running this story so hard into the close?


Perhaps they have had enough (the eurofriends) with Greece?

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So lets just say that it isn't going to be called off. All that will happen is there will be unrest in Greece, they will exit the Euro and leaders will print money to save Italy. The question becomes, how much and when.

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So lets just say that it isn't going to be called off. All that will happen is there will be unrest in Greece, they will exit the Euro and leaders will print money to save Italy. The question becomes, how much and when.

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On that very day of that ominous Referendum Greece needed to be isolated economically in order to shield the rest of the union from a possible NO. If the Greek say NO Greece must leave, but not because its the economically most viabble solution but because it would be nigh impossible to explain to anybody that a NO TO REFORMS AND AUSTERITY should merit further aid.     Checkmate!

I think this government won't survive the next confidence vote.

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what is the date

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Is the middle of next week too late ?

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What?  You can't have market crushing headlines the last 30 minutes of trading.  Only happy rally inducing vapor headlines are allowed.

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....ha said as he watched the red on the screen deepen...

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It looks like the market IS melting right back down.  Good for the market.

I was watching QQQ this afternoon on Yahoo.  At exactly 1:30 the thing went apeshit.  I knew something was funny.  I figured I would wait a while and then check out ZH.  I read a few articles, surfed around a little and then went back over to ZH.  Sure as shit, there was a rumor about no Greek referendum that caused the sudden rise, like a 90 year old taking half a bottle of Viagra.

It is really a sick system.  The fact that we even have to debate whether Corzine will go to prison is ridiculous.  All of the shitheads that bought into Obama's bullshit should be looking at this and realize what a fraud he is.  Don't get me wrong.  The Republicans suck, too, but Obama is the most blatant of the hypocrites so he deserves special mention. 

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If I gave you a few billion and the exact timing on when these announcements would be made, could you make us rich?

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G-Pap is the real honey badger.  He doesn't give a shit.

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As a recovering FAZ owner, it's nice to know that those happy vapors will not ruin my day today.

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Tomorrow S&P sub-1200 if this is true.  

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Until the next rumor of bailout by ________________ (fill in the blank).  It could be the IMF, The Fed, The ECB, China, Little Sisters of the Poor and Meek. 

I don't remember this many rumors going around in junior high.  At least in junior high you could get a handjob from some impressionable young girl.  You might even get to feel her up.  This market is far less pleasing. 

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i think g-pap is going to have a change of heart at last minute, negotiate some back up finding from china, and tell the people to vote against...and get re-elected


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Wax on, wax off.

Send in the Jackals.

Harvest time cometh.

Insiders LOVE harvest time.

It was rumored to be AM Rothschild's favorite time of the year ("Oh the most wonderful time of the year").

I recommend reading Paul Krugman's latest books:

How Old Man Rothchild Turned My Generation Into His Personal Bitch & We Learned To Love It


Digging Deeper Into Debt To Free Ourselves From Debt Serfdom; A Keynesian Love Story

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Don't worry about that, just buy amzn, you'll be fine.