Greeks Are Europe's Hardest Working People According To... The Greeks

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Pretty much any commentary here is pointless.

Source: Pew, Greeks and Germans at Polar Opposites, European Unity on the Rocks

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Never underestimate the poor lubrication properties of Tziki Sauce....poor greeks gotta push extra hard.

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If U work hard in Greece they assume your father is German & your mother is a retard.

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What I found interesting is that everyone unanimously voted Germany Least Corrupt, and how many countries voted themselves as being the Most Corrupt.

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The facts show the Greeks work almost the most hours in Europe. I don't know how much of a fudge that is (even though they work a lot of hours they are still relatively unproductive) but blaming Greece's problems on laziness seems quite intellectually lazy.

I blame Goldman Sachs for bullshitting them into a broken and unsuitable Euro system, that pushed capital into the Greek economy, creating a huge bubble that naturally burst.

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Exactly.  Like most things, the common answer is totally wrong.  Laziness is an excellent quality in workers.  It pushes them to develop more efficient means of getting things done, and tends to push drudgery work off on machines, where it belongs.  Working longer hours is a symptom of inefficiency, either systemic or in terms of personal scheduling.

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+ 1


"The best programmers are the laziest programmers."

-- author unknown

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+ 1


"The best programmers are the laziest programmers."

-- author unknown

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I don't know Y but I'm gonna give U 2 up arrows for that.

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I can tell you that Larry Wall (developer of PERL) said the 3 virtues of a programmer were Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris.

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That depends on what you mean by lazy.  If you mean that you write code that has the processor do most of the work, fine for the most part.  However, the more common form of a lazy programmer is a cut and paste specialist that snarfs code from other program and uses it in the system without really understanding how it works detail (lazy).  This usually introduces buggy behavior that can be a royal bitch to debug, as the lazy guy is also the guy that will assert that his shit is not where the problem is, and so it goes...


So, like cholesterol, there is good laziness and bad laziness.

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Good lazy programmers don't keep writing the same code over and over and over again.

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Have U guys ever seen a Greek Time Clock?   It's missing the hour hand.

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Have you heard an american joke? It's missing cleverness

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Well, obviously you're American.


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Your original retort was witty and a bit more mean-spirited.  The current low-brow version, me no likey.  I would take back my +1, if I could.

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There is nothing lazy at all about retiring at 55yo with six pensions, full healthcare, while at the same time cashing out for 2X the net present value of your life at lint like interest.

If there was America would be the laziest country on the planet.

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Completely forgetting that the Greeks grossly overstated their GDP for 40yrs or something after WWII enabling them to fraudulently borrow more than would otherwise be able.

The problem with this theory is those damn evil zionista bankers DID NOT create the hundreds of trillions of unfunded social obligations that is the entire base of the global debt.  For instance when New Jersey refis their debt next month at junk rates, it is for unfunded pensions and healthcare-has nothing to do with anything other than building up a state governance that it cannot support. No military, higher than avg taxes, large coastline, proximity to NYC and PHILA without the direct costs of either and voila those damn evil bankers! GMAFBA.

Otherwise I agree 100%, if some guy starts banging on my door offering me endless money for virtual free, can bet your ass I am taking it. Oh wait, that is exactly WTF went on and I didn't take it! Fuck did I miss out! All this time, I could have been living high off the hog and have dizized economics et al defending me. Jealous, envious, fuck hell YES and if I was dumb enough to keep money in a bank, I would still be paying for them with the 99.9% tax on interest income.

WHy didn't I take it? I have something to lose, not coming into the game with nothing and trying to leave with something.

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I keep downvoting this guy but he keeps making more posts. What am I doing wrong, ZH?

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First year in business school, we were sorted into five-person study groups.  The sorting was very politically correct, as each group received a token [insert group other than caucasian males].  My team was blessed with a Greek national, imported from somewhere on the mainland.

I thought I knew what laziness was, but this guy perfected the art of doing nothing and attempting to claim credit for something to a level several quanta above where I thought potheads set the ceiling.  If the Olympics had an event of this kind, then this dude would have been a gold medalist five times over.  Punch line:  he washed out before the end of the first year.

Did my group get lucky with a statistical anomaly?  Or was he representative of the aggregate?  My sense is the latter.  Stop blaming GS.  GS wouldn't have gotten two inches into the swap deal your cite without the aegis of Greek technocrats.  And start blaming the populace that elected officials who instituted unsustainable social benefits and rigid labor laws.

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Hey, it takes hours of prep to cook a nice lamb meal for Anthony Bourdain, paid for with the tax dollars you started collecting when you were 50. Hell, it's about time for another episode.

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Confused-cious says, "Show me hard working Greek, I show you empty Viagra bottle"

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I thought Robo was the best trader in the world.

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Wow you mean you shorted this mornings pop?  You must be a genius, Wiley E Coyote would be envious.

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"Greeks are not lazy, they are resting" - Mr Panos

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Views in:  USA 

Most Hardworking:  Illegal Aliens (Mexicans)

Least Hardworking:  Blacks 

Most Corrupt:  Obama & CON-gress & Mainstream Media

Least Corrupt:  Ron Paul

Biggest War Criminals:  Bush II (Iraq) & Obama (Libya)

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True dat. Biggest war criminals : Brezinski, Kissinger, Bush Sr., Clinton, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, etc... lots of names on that list.

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"Least Hardworking: Blacks"


Just needs to whip harder: Whites

Going to hell: Me




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most corrupt: jews and chinese

least corrupt: fundamentalist white christians

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But fundamentalist white Christians are the most corruptible.

See the list of sex scandals involving fundamentalist Christians

'nuff said.

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When it comes to business contracts, the Chinese are by far the most corrupt.. According to my experience..

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 "Least Corrupt: Ron Paul"

Add ZH

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Does anyone realise that the cost of German corruption is heaps bigger than the whole of the Greek economy? Currently the estimate stands at €250 billion. Not only that they rank 14th.

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Shhh! Facts don't count, only what the talking heads on tv say count.

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From fighting the Romans?

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Amazing amount of European prejudices & perspectives ...

... all crammed into one tiny little chart.


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(the whole thing, not just the greek part): Best laugh of the day (so far)! :-)

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Well, at least the Greeks have a sense of humor about themselves....

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Well, shit, they also say they're the most corrupt.

You know--maybe they ARE the most hardworking, but all the proceeds are stolen, so it doesn't show.  Hee hee.

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we need the youtube greek guy to comment on this, i'm sure there's a good explanation.  MALAKA!

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That is a bad sign, indeed.

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The Polish think the Polish are most corrupt. Unfortunately not many Poles have been to Greece.

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Perspective. It's all about perspective.

From Spain on down, they are self-evaluating.

The top three are looking at the REAL problem child they are going to have to deal with SOON ...