Green AAPL Turns Red - Loses 1 Sony!

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UPDATE: As we said - $660.14 VWAP was support

After a few explosive days of performance-chasing desperation in the hedge-fund hotel stock of the decade; everyone's new favorite stock AAPL just did something odd - it traded down! after almost touching $675 just after the open, we are now back below $665 after tsting VWAP and selling back down on heavy volume - small doors, large crowds. Next stop $660.14 (yesterday's VWAP). The drop from the highs is equivalent to losing one entire Sony market cap...


and the next support levels (via VWAP)...


And on a longer-term basis - we have seen a rising average trade size in recent days and a rather notable professional trading activity day (h/t @eminiwatch) yesterday...

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We are on the exact same page, ZH.   We are massively shorting the AAPL death star today. 

diogeneslaertius's picture

PROTIP: attack its weak point for massive damage

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Fuck you Wall Street slime. Many here don't agree with me on value of FB, but this naked shorting shit is criminal.

"So to Mr. Zuckerburg-and to all your young co-workers, and to all the investors who believe in Facebook-a grand welcome to the very tawdry world of Wall Street. You can continue to stand by and watch this happen over and over again, or you can play a major, even decisive role in stopping this singularly brazen heist.

Mr. Zuckerburg, it is your call.

One more lick: Is it any wonder that the investment public is abandoning the stock market?"

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

It doesn't help when the smartest director has sold 37 million shares, but I digress.  FB is still overvalued, apple makes 50 times more money than facebook.

AlphaDawg's picture

Good luck mate, make sure you cash out and dont hold too many funds with your broker tho.......remember Mr J. Corzine

spastic_colon's picture

now 2 Sony's.....shall we say 3

JeremyWS's picture

Red $AAPL's taste nicer!

tocointhephrase's picture

Pink Lady for me, bit of red and a bit of green, kinda like the metals, bit of Silver (a lot of Silver) and a bit of Gold

ZeroAvatar's picture

I'll take the 'Golden Delicious'.

Lost Wages's picture

I prefer the red delicious to the green granny smith.

Spastica Rex's picture

I bet it goes right back up. Why not?

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cup and handle on the weekly worries

slaughterer's picture

Sell! Get out! Hurry!  Red AAPL has worm in it. 

magpie's picture

So how much of the EU banking sector can you buy with AAPL market cap ?

slaughterer's picture

Wait until AAPL breaks 660.12.  Watch and see. 

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Correct me if I am wrong, I thought recent data shows samsung beat apple in iphone sales.   And China is showing weakness in the Iphone and Ipad sales.   Seems to me, the hype is becoming old.

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Usually the generals are killed last.  Guess not this time. 

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It's all good. It may lose one Sony today but it will probably put on a General Electric tomorrow.


magpie's picture

If it falls further, it will be falling equities, dollar and bonds...

YesWeKahn's picture

Soon, it will lose a fartbook.

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

There goes 660.  Hmmmmmmm.  This IS intriging.

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Market chatter:

Nancy Pelosi is selling her AAPL today. 

iPhone 5 will not get you laid.

iTV has an anti-porn microchip.


Meesohaawnee's picture

well ya know. something about nearly 100 per on crude takes away from fools buying the IPHONE 5? naaah. i phones and texting your friends all day are more important than gas for getting to work right? Hows it feel to get that big giant dildo up your ass from wall street again amerika? no problems here. move along.

slaughterer's picture

Well, the algos hit our Buy to Cover stops.  Fun over.  AAPL rally can now proceed. 

Mark Carney's picture

LOL, you did your best mate and did not loose your face to Bernak today.  Live to fight another day.

kevinearick's picture

the only thing dumber in ca is wine, and only vermont has a dumber economy than ca.

morning_glory's picture

Shame, I always liked Sony stuff.

ATG's picture

For what it's worth Dept:

Options Overnight bought Sep SPY Puts an hour ago: 

williambanzai7's picture

I am amazed Sony is worth that much...

adr's picture

Sony arguably makes better products than Apple. The new Walkmans are far superior to Apple products and cost half as much. Even a shitty $35 Sansa Clip has better sound than a $300 iPod.

People think the iPhone4s camera is good. Any Cybershot phone from Europe or Japan puts it to shame, let alone the Nokia Pureview.

Americans think Apple hardware is the pinnacle of electronic engineering. It's too bad most don't have a clue what they are looking at if they tear a computer open. With Apple you find $80 worth of shit Chinese parts you just paid $600 for.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Now if they could just sell some of those products that nobody owns they would be on to something.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

No kidding Banzai, I've tried to tell these people, seriously, I've tried.  Sony's profit is -$6B.  They probably should be bankrupt, so worth nothing.  That's TD's comparison.

max2205's picture

I'll see your SONY and raise you 30 GM's

brace_brace_brace's picture

On a side noter Best Buy assholes are toast. Earnings down 91%. Motherfuckers how can you survive with no margin. They killed all small shops now they are out. Burn baby burn. I hope Wallmart assholes burn in hell too. Those are the guys that sold this country out on a wholesale basis. 

Meesohaawnee's picture

dead on brace.. whole corporate America has totally sold the soul and its government has enabled it.. They keep tellin ya aah profits are good. Its complete bullshit. Nobody gets the profits except corp insiders with options. Gordon Gecko said in the movie Wall street...   "America will destory its self from within".. How prophetic huh? and that was from over 20 years ago. tells ya someone knows something.

dolph9's picture

I know that movie like the back of my hand.  Gekko said many things, that was not one of them.

adr's picture

No margin, ha that's funny.

Go try to sell a product to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dick's, or any other big box store. When they ask you for 70% margin, try saying no and tell them to take 20%. You won't even see the buyer exit the room he'll be going so fast.

Margin isn't the problem. It is overhead and the corporations cannibalizing themselves by overbuilding. I can shop at 5 Best Buys within 20 miles of me. 15 years ago there were two Best Buy stores within 40 miles.

Amazon isn't the answer either. There is no such thing as losing money but making it up on volume as a business model. Amazon isn't a retailer, they are a stock scam printing cash for select investors, and working as a clearing house for counterfeit merchandise to launder money for corporate terrorists.

brace_brace_brace's picture

Best buy used to sell with 1 or 2% profit margins. Tell it to Panasonic, Sony etc. Some cases even below cost in the name of killing the competition.  I remember years ago i was makingh memory chips for computers in the East coast and had some electronic stores. Back in 1994 when best buy came to town i had to close because i could not work with their margins. They all go away eventually, circuit city, compusa etc. Also you can not open an competitor store in the shopping centers they are in. Monopoly. Walmart is doing the same thing to supermarkets and drug chains now. Watch walgreens, cvs, vons etc in the coming years. They will all go away. Remember what Wallmart did to Rubbermaid? Bankrupted them. 

All these corporations can do all this because they play with others money. Not their own money. I can not compete with my own money when I have a store. I have to close shop and work at wallmart as a greeter at the door, so we become their slaves eventually. Look around you. Madein China shit eveywhere in wallmart or other stores for that matter. How big is too big is the question. You have to put limits on the corporations and when they become too big chop them in pieces.

scatterbrains's picture

no your cheap hooker politicians sold you out, Walmart was just their to take advantage of cheap whores.

Meesohaawnee's picture

gosh your so right scatter brain.  they (politicians) are the ones that can stop hoe bag companies like CSCO who have 20 billion in cash and still lay off people. Thats all about fluffy cakes stock options nothing else.

Nadaclue's picture

Ross Perot told you about "that giant sucking sound"

TWSceptic's picture

Not even noticable on the 3y chart. 

kevinearick's picture

self-medicating societies using their own fecal matter to grow organic and sell it to themselves at a premium, with federal taxpayer subsidies. bless the appleheads.