Gross On Facebook: "I Know A Bubble When I See One"

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Somehow 100 million retail investors are smarter than the bond king.


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We shall see Mr Gross.

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FaceBook Backed Securities?

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Gross should know a bubble when he sees one.  He's been riding the biggest one in history for the past thirty years!

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Everyone is excited about this historic IPO except for lame uptight doomer libertarians. FB is a fresh new IPO - perfect for young investors just getting started and looking to build a respectable but forward looking portfolio. This is a great day for hip, upmarket investors, but a sad day for envious and bitter and sulking rednecks.

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LOL - Too funny.

That's Mister Redneck to you MDB.

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And to MDB's young investor potential victims, you might want to have a reserve of money before you start gambling, sorry I mean buying shares on the markets. By way of money I mean Gold and Silver

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Yeah Bill - totally nailed the bond bubble a year ago too.  Nice work... /sarc

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Sorry MDB, this goes too far. if you really believed that, you wouldn't even have heard of "zero hedge"

From hitchikers...

This post proves you exist, therefore you don't! :)


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Speaking of reserves, it's a good thing there were very few treasuries sold this week. That frees up about 100 billion to buy something else... hmmm.

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All smiles around the Facebook campfire this morning. 

Let the Palo Alto land rush begin...

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"Redneck" was a term used for the first white slaves that came over to America from England/Ireland, because they were in the ships hold for several months with a neck iron on when they came out for auction they all had redneck hence the name "redneck" . As these slaves were stolen from source they were worth less than the eventual black countrpart ,as the black had to be perchased from the trible leaders.

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Nice peice of history! I bet you weren't taught this in a public school.I first discovered this concept reading "Kidnapped",by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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I'm a redneck. Or at least I thought I was.

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MDB - your sarcasm is spot on today!

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Finally had to get in here, good one MDB

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How does it never get old for your fans?  It mystifies. 

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OMG!  MDB took his fishoils and B complex today...he's rocking!

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He's on rocks (Crack) you mean!

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some carnauba wax was also liberally applied to his happy place as well

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Either you are the Andy Kauffman of posters in which case you are brilliant and you should be treasured for your confrontational wit or you are 100% serious. Since I can never truly know I will think the best of you and savor your posts.

That was delicious ...

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I could never get in that headset to perform that well which is why I admire it. The young hip investor, my God, that is comedy gold. That so many folks get torqued means s/he is tapping into and exposing some real nerves. 

The only reason I know it is a troll is the delivery is a little too stiff, automaton, not very interactive. One dimensional. But man that dimension is well developed.

Hats off MBD.

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one dimension well extended, like in 2000. You can b sure if FB flames higher DJIA will be at 14000 and even 15000. What goes election year, has a flavour of vanilla yoghurt. Or ice cream. 

Ever seen a blonde stretch her legs wide and shimmer her flag like on POrk chop-San Juan hill? 

You are in Arsenic and Old lace! Charge!!

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Facebook is the symbol of the tech bubble 2.0, it is going to be crucified in the next few weeks and months.

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MDB:  You and Facebook are symptoms of what is wrong with the world these days.  Quoting from:

"The four authors, including UCSD's James Fowler, wanted to explore if politics were heritable by identifying a specific gene variant associated with political leaning. They hypothesized that individuals with a genetic predisposition toward seeking out new experiences would tend to be more liberal.

The 7R variant of DRD4, a dopamine receptor gene, had previously been associated with novelty seeking. The researchers theorized novelty seeking would be related to openness, a psychological trait that has been associated with political liberalism.

However, social environment was critical. The more friends gene carriers have in high school, the more likely they are to be liberals as adults. The authors write, "Ten friends can move a person with two copies of 7R allele almost halfway from being a conservative to moderate or from being moderate to liberal."

They theorize a larger social network may bring more diverse viewpoints, which could be an influence on the liberal development."

All the hours spent in vain interactions with thousands of so-called "Friends" is the ultimate expression of Liberalism. It will come to a screetching halt when people are too busy scratching out a living soon.

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I'd be more inclined to believe that these collectors of 'friends' are essentially little sycophants who depend upon their behaviour in their attempts to sate an insatiable need for social recognition.

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But have they found how genetics affects Collectivism vs Individualism?

When you say Liberalism, do you mean Collectivist Liberalism (Social Democrat) or Individualist Liberalism (Libertarian)?

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Allll-righty then....

Which flavor Kool-Aid has the fun stuff in it today?

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Hey, every once in a while your Sarcasm bleeds through and we all can chuckle. Not often, but just once in a while...

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If only RoboTrader was still with us but MDB you still hold a special place in all our hearts.  MDB is back Bullish!

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Everyone? Everyone?

Reminds me of a Gary Oldman moment;

No MillionDollarDoucheBag..... only you and the lemmings.

Tell us, douchamongous, what is it that FacePlant has by way of anything material, other than gathering information for your glorious government bureau-asshats?

You can't. "Perfect" for young investors. LOL. And you...still having to "call your broker" - like some pseudo big shot.

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Hey wait a minute, I think you are calling me an envious and bitter and sulking redneck.I'd do anything to be a hip upmarket investor instead of a lame doomer libertarian.

I'm so bored with being a "show me the money" guy looking for stocks that pay real dividends above the inflation rate. Those stocks are hard to find, I would rather ride the FB rocket!

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I have to agree with MDB here - I am bitter.

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The bottom line with FB, the dirty 'secret' is that its mobile app doesn't really work with adverts - GM already pulled out. Mobile phone users don't like intrusive ads on their small

screens. The only hope I see is for FB to sell the user data to others & target their larger form factor devices. In a year or so, we'll start seeing 'disappointing' results with advertisers etc., all the while the tulip frenzy is focussed on simply its stock value with little attention paid to fundamentals. I also wonder what FB subscribers will increasingly feel about being cattle-prodded all the time - it could become un-cool very quickly. cf Myspace & the others (do you even remember their names?) etc. Purely P&D, imho.




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FB technology is easily replicated and highly dependent on the "fad" factor.  Personally, given privacy concerns around social media, I have serious doubts about the sustainability of the business model and in fact doubt its ability to generate much revenues.  IMHO, what the FB IPO really boils down to is an opportunity for the company insiders to cash out while the getting is good.  Caveat Emptor!

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Facebook is a fad for narcissistic young hipsters  lemmings. The rich uptight doomer libertarians got it right.

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MDB you should team up with Banzai, or have a humoristic column on Zerohedge.


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Million - I still haven't figured out if you post these things just to get attention.  I mean, nobody could be this damn dumb on so many things. Nobody could keep blaming libertarians (do you even know what it means) for all the world's ills or be so moronic as to believe a social network company will provide a future for retirees.

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According to the most recent  S-1, Facebook has an very short lockup period which was changed to just 91 days. That is going to  double the free float -- the number of Facebook shares that trade on the market -- from 484 million after Friday's IPO to about 1 billion after 91 days. Usually lock-ups are for 180 days. Quite a few people want out of this thing as soon as possible.

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Goldmans 1st out the door. Then their favourite big clients

by the end (a wild guess here) MDB will be left holding the bag

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12.54% of the shares outstanding are at a 91 day lockup expiration, 57.19% are at 181 days. Thats 268,113,248 and 1,222,849,097 shares, respectively.

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Both the Facebook and Carlyle Groups IPO’s are totally tilted in the issuers favor.  They are indicative of the times and a possible top.


When the public demands the bag, It’s not a bad idea to give it to them.

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did it drop before it started trading?


 from a very "envious"...