Group On -> Group Off: The Infamous 'Matterhorn' Formation

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Group-On, Group-Off is not the title of the new Karate Kid movie but we couldn't resist but highlight the sheer lunacy of this market...


Spot The Difference; between this...


and this...

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Now that's some funny shit right there.

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Just running the stops before the drop to $1.  Perfectly normal when you know exactly where all stops are and where it will be within a month.

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Would the google $6B deal have been better or worse than the IPO?

Overflow-admin's picture

I'd say "Eat that powder, bitch!"

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The top one has the illusion of support. ;)

bania's picture

Benanke-son! Show me "paint the tape"!

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GRPN is HTB and since mid-Feb has been in a decline that has wiped out 75% of its stock price. The price surge was more likely a short squeeze, not central planning.

Keep the Bernanke comments coming and you'll fit in with the cool kids soon enough!

Michael's picture

What about the pro-forma earnings, the pro-forma earnings?

HungrySeagull's picture



Bernanke-san! "Paint Tape Hai!


I think this picture with the buy sell cartoon is the best of the year here.

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There was a Groupon coupon on GRPN but it expired.

Haddock's picture

That 'joke' is as old as this 'news'

youngman's picture

I think they are down to just two computers now...

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The second one has a bottom?

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So does my wife, but that doesn't mean I get to climb it either...........

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

that's called trader's wet dream.........

HungrySeagull's picture

And tomorrows groggy margin call.

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Party on Wayne!  Party on Garth!

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I'm not a smart man as Forrest Gump says, but I knew this one was a turd from day one

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The second one is precious metals.

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One of these things is going to collapse horribly, and nobody will see it coming




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looks like the last two TZOO squeezes... (robo is in for the long haul though)

Ineverslice's picture


The ponzi is sputtering out...needs a cough drop.  Riii-Colaaa....

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

One took 2 days to create, the other 60 million years.

What did I win Tyler? :>)

scatterbrains's picture

This is exactly the kind of thing that occurs at major tops.. ramps, blowoffs, individual stock crashes.. everything is coming unglued.

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I prefer a nice dinner or lunch in Zermatt, looking at the Matterhorn, more fun. Unfortunately too many Brits up there...

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For those who haven't been there in person, the Matterhorn is one bad-ass spike of rock.

Frank N. Beans's picture

no difference.

avalanches occur on both

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I wonder if you can get a coupon on Groupon for the next Group-on.

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I'd say it's more of a tinfoil hat formation.

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Groupon, Groupon, where I have heard that term before?  Oh yeah, it's what the "bathers" kept yelling at the new guys when I visited King Barry's "bath house" in Chi-town.  Fun times!

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I am not claiming the following as true or not (though I have my strong opinion), but many very credible analysts have all but declared Group On a literal fraud represented going concern based on alleged mistatements of material facts pertaining to their revenue, earnings, etc. If anyone doubts me, just do a simple search for a plethora of articles and analyses stating this case.


We're going to witness Jim Cramer's Winners of the New World v2.0 pretty soon, so get hedged and comfy. There's a long list of equities that have valuations that are not only batshit lunacy by today's standards, but would have been deemed so by the standards of 1999.

This is what happens when Bernanke and his fellow fractional reserve banksters completely break all markets, and everything consequently gets priced to beyond asinine and entitely unsustainable levels.

Bernanke is going to go down as the worst central banker of all time when the final chapter of history is written.

HD's picture

Oh that Cramer - he so crazy. He's long bullshit and short reality but that's enough to get you a spot on CNBCs SOTS and a syndicated show...

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Stay away from these 'fad' stocks, TIS. Get into something solid like Zynga or FB. Any extra change place with the 'experts' of MFG or PFG.

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"Pardon me, but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"

"But of course".

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Would you settle for some of Cramer's Gay Poop-on?

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If you had 100 million Dollars.

Would you allow your fund managers to buy stocks?

sessinpo's picture

If I had 100 million dollars, I wouldn't have had fund managers to begin with, but probably a few good tax/asset protection attorneys and accountants.

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A hedge fund and HFT-algo plaything.

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Group On -> Group Off: The Infamous 'Matterhorn' Formation..

Thought that was a new adult video, for a second there.

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Robo should be placed on top with his choice of Uggs, Underarmor, and/or Lulu-Lemon apparel... see if he can make it down alive

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One more day, and the S&P will resemble that.


(I didn't post this.)

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And retarded children will be able to doodle on a wall built to replaced the failed electronic tape.

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I like how it went to exactly $8 and then plummeted. Somebody had a fat finger.

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Inttroducing Groupon's latest deal:

Groupon toilet paper otherwise know as GRPN. Contact your local stockbroker for your supply.

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Chi Tribune. should be held accountable how much they pumped that dog here. .. it was disgusting