Group Selling In Groupon After Hours

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At last check, one of the final remnants of the second coming of the dot com bubble was trading down 15% after hours following its Q2 earnings report which while beating on the bottom line at $0.08/share (including a one time $0.04 gain) on expectations of $0.03, missed the top line forecast of $575 MM, instead reporting $568.3 MM in revenues. Also spooking the market is the company's Q3 revenue forecast of $580MM - $620MM vs estimates of $607.4 MM. Company also adds that "income from operations for the third quarter 2012 is expected to be between $15 million and $35 million, compared with a loss from operations of $0.2 million in the third quarter 2011." Considering the market cap is just shy of $5 billion one may be excused to ask just how the company will grow its net income to anything remotely resembling a rational valuation, even when taking that company's $1.2 billion cash, all of its as a result of fundraising. Finally, what would a GRPN release be without the now traditional recasting, adjusting, and otherwise proformaing of some historical core line times. Sure enough: "The second quarter 2012 marked the first time that direct revenue was material to the Company’s consolidated performance. As a result, beginning in the second quarter 2012, third party and other and direct revenue are presented separately. Third party revenue is related to the sales for which the company acts as an agent for the merchant. This revenue is recorded on a net basis. Direct revenue is related to the sale of products for which the Company is the merchant of record. These revenues are accounted for on a gross basis, with the cost of inventory recorded in cost of revenue." Uh... Ok. Have fun with that.

Elsewhere, the Groupon Groupon is in need of a new Groupon.

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Fuck you Bernanke!

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Groupon is a massive scam. All you have to do is take one look at their balance sheets. They are a mess.

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RIGHT! Used their "service" twice. It's ONE BIG SCAM! Hands off! Groupoff!

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Muppets get smacked down again. It will be fun to see who the insiders were who sold last week before this 20% Nosedive.

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Pls be a little more original next time , mate...I'm getting bit bored with this: f-this and f-that ineloquent stuff

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Groupon go down? That unpossible.

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so when does that stupid cat get the axe?

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Last August I wrote:

"Groupon’s business model is that of a very big, very greedy middleman — and a very, very big overhead to small businesses who look to recruit new customers. Do middlemen create value? No — they parasitise both the consumer and the producer.

What is clear is that growth will eventually hit a huge, impenetrable wall. Groupon’s core business is a house of cards."

Pretty happy with my analysis.

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middlemen CAN create value in a variety of ways, although often they don't

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No, at the very best middlemen are a necessary evil — they don't add value, but they are a better way of allocating resources than the Soviet central planning model where the parasites are bigger and hungrier.

In Grouponzi's case, however, the parasitism is not even a necessary evil, as businesses find that a huge Groupon-driven sales spike is no compensation for taking a 75% haircut on sales.

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You seem to have the Mental Capacity of a 13 year old. Sometimes I'm tempted to explain things to you, but then I think better of it and just laugh at you instead.  

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Useless troll. Go ahead, "explain things" to me. You won't, because you're a useless troll.

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Eveyone here is a rough fucker me not a inch -















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I do not agree with you.


Sometimes I want to buy stuff at a place or time or at a quantity that is not suitable directly from the manufacturer of that good.


The middleman purveyor of said good is providing a service to me and is adding value.

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I think you've went too far in claiming that middlemen create no value. Would you prefer living in a world where ALL purchases were direct from the manufacturer?

Groupon is a parasite, but that's from the con-game of running a loan-sharking business under the guise of advertising. Real middlemen, OTOH, take a material risk in order to provide a market for goods/services that they believe are actually underserved.


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middle men provides mostly marketing, snake oil sales people, and shitty customer service probably by non-American.


these days inventory risk is nill as they get to send inventory back to manufacturer.


good products need not much.

In fact, good products and services, customers have to compete to get them.





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Just like banks ... "big, fat, GREEDY middlemen".

Difference is: banks can afford to have shitty business model as they get bailed out when they fail!  


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We are going to have to deal with these fuckers in the future in the next 5 years... let's destroy their magin me pls!!!!! I need everyone with a sensibility....

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are you ready to get your grpn? [/napoleon dynamite]

pardon me, but would you have any grey grpn? [tv commercial]

i will have the grpn sandwich [overheard at a restaurant]

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Inquiring mindz wanna know:  Do you get a better deal by whipping out yer Uzi?

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Groupon = Poop-On


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A++ would short again.

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Oh, good God, these backgrounds you guys are using for charts. My poor eyes!

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There will be tons of momos buying in the morning and it'll be nicely off the lows by lunch.  Anyone who doesn't think we need a market clearing event to bring rationality back, that person is detached from reality.

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Countdown on share lockup release for Faceberg.

  • August 15th, 2012 (Thursday): 268 million shares, 10% of shares outstanding.
  • October 14th: 249 million shares, 9% of shares outstanding.
  • November 13th: 1.332 billion shares, 49% of shares outstanding.
  • December 13th: 124 million shares, 5% of shares outstanding.
  • May 17th, 2013: 47 million shares, 2% of shares outstanding.

Over the next 4 months, in other words, 2 billion Facebook shares will become eligible for sale—about 70% of Facebook's total shares outstanding.

Read more:


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be on the lookout for the secondary filing.....this time to be led by BAC/ML/Countrywide


Almost forgot....fuck/shit/bernanke/chairsatan/dick/asshole/......lookin for extra green arrows

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Good Lord, you mean supply and demand apply to stocks????

Does Comrad Ben know about this????


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This will be one of the most delightful crashes in history.

The septic log known as FB will clog the system, as everyone jiggles the sell handle furiously, trying to unload their shares, only to watch in abject terror as the swirling scum rises in the bowl, inciting frantic calls to the plunger protection team.


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Plumbing problems are always a nightmare for me! LOL

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Groupon now offering a 15% off groupon for its own stock GRPN... soon to be a 100% off groupon.

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They should have bought FB and Zynga instead.

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We , you and I ... can claim to us and God absolutley nothing

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Groupon = the future Entertainment facility... take a chance commom reason....

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Who buys this crap in the first place?

These outfits produce nothing, except windfalls for the insiders.


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Chapter 11 on the cards

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Constellation Brands is also worth $5 billion dollars.  And all they do is make money selling wine and Corona.

Hmm.  Let me take a vowel, Pat.

In a typical weekend Corona provides me with a far more valuable service than a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls spamming me with irrelevant offers on my email.

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Only a matter of time before LinkedIn joins the social sell-off! (Dislcosure: I am short LNKD)

- Brennan