Guess The Politician... And Follow The Money

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A few days ago we presented a roster of the top contributors to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign as reported by OpenSecrets. Today we have done the same for two other candidates, representing two previous election cycles: 2008 and 2004. The first table shows Romney's key contributors to date. The other two are the blacklined candidates. We are confident everyone can guess who they are, but just in case they are presented unredacted below the chart. It is ironic that nothing really changes at the end of the day in terms of whose bidding is ultimately performed by the president, whoever it may be. We have highlighted those Romney donors who are identical to previous campaign cycles.

For the 3 confused people out there, here is the same chart but unredacted .

Source: OpenSecrets here, here and here.

And due to popular request, here is John McCain '08, whom Goldman liked about 75% less than O'Bama.

Here are some relatively pertinent words on the matter from Jon Stewart from circa 4 years ago (h/t nolsgrad).

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in the version i heard at my daddy's knee, lincoln used the emmancipation proclamation to keep england out of the war, calculating the english would not stand behind an effort with the overt effect of saving slavery.

talk about pragmatic...

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If I had to pick a favorite president who grew up in a log cabin, Andy Jackson would get my vote a lot quicker than Lincoln.

Lincoln hated the bankers as much as he hated the idea that the Union would dismember on his watch... So he caved to the bankers (though he despised them as Jackson did)...

The bankers tried to kill Jackson (but failed), they succeeded with Lincoln (& later JFK)...

When the FED was later established in 1913, they "mocked" both Jackson & Lincoln by putting them on the $20 & $5 bills... Then you have GRANT on the $50...

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And Sherman only got a tank-you

Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman's 'March to the Sea' in November/December 1864 destroyed the resources required for the South to make war. Sherman is considered[by whom?] one of the first military commanders to deliberately and consciously use total war as a military strategy. General Ulysses S. Grant and President Abraham Lincoln initially opposed the plan until Sherman convinced them of its necessity.

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The people of Carthage would probably laugh at the idea that the advent of total war took another 2000 years after the romans knocked over every stone of every building in their city and poured salt into the fields to prevent them from growing again.

Total war's been around a long time. It took some years off in medieval times with silly ass ransoming of captured nobles but it sure didn't first happen in 1864. And I think plants grew at Tara right after 1864, too.

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Curiously enough the Federal Reserve has chosen Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus Numantinus to be on the new $3 bill.

The legend that the city was sown with salt is not mentioned by the ancient sources; R.T. Ridley suggested that the story originated from 1930 in section of the Cambridge Ancient History written by B Hallward whose influence might be an account of Abimelech's salting of Shechem in Judges 9:45.[15][16] Warmington admitted his fault in repeating Hallward's error but mentions an example of the story that goes back to 1299 when Bonaface VIII destroyed Palestrina.[17

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Hey, you took the child out of Rothschild !

Now what will they have for dinner?

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Where's that bitch Romney's white horse, Spidey? Please go back to your Mo-cave.

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John McCain

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This is insane. why is the University of California donating to the government when it is a public entity? Or the department of defense for that matter. Now they are wasting our tax money in political campaigns. No scruples left in this country.

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Now you know why the government backstops all student loans. Remember how this too was slid into the Health Care Bill? The education system can charge whatever they want without running credit checks and fear a default! Yea.....more funding for college....yea, yea.....  Wait. I need to pay this $100K loan that didn't teach me how to think for myself? HOLY COW. This field does not pay me enough!?!?!?

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no dollar left behind

maybe they are some sorta fictitious persons in some judge's mind so they can't be fuking discriminated against

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These are not the entities themselves that are donating, they are the people who file their FEC contributions with their employer listed as required by law for large donations...basically divide the number by $2000 (per individual; $4000 for a numbers may be a bit off) and you get roughly the number of people in that organization that donated to that candidate.  Hence Ron Paul with Army, Navy etcas contributers, but the equation doesn't work quite right for him becuase he gets tens of thousands of small donations instead of the big chunk-a-roonies that Mitt et al get.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

is the same true for the other entries?  these other totals are from employees of these companies who "reported"? 

what the hell is going on, here?  L0L!!!

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...employees and students of the University of California.

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I want to see Obama's list for 2012.  Anyone have that list?  He's getting way more than Romney, right?  Romney is the candidate of choice to lose.

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The meida was and is 100% behind the islamic because they made about $400 million in advertising money in 2008.  TV, radio, print, web banners and endless other ad buys.

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Islamic?  What is he, a calender?

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Obama has mostly unions. Microsoft and Google, I think. I noticed Microsoft and Google gave money to both sides. I guess they need government to really do a job on intellectual property in the whole world (China).

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I doubt Mitten's pants could ever appear that skinny --- I hear that magical underwear he wears to ensure his nomination is rather bulky.

It's a very appropriate cartoon for Mittens anyway -- the parallels between Joseph Smith the religious carpet-bagger and Shit Zombie the political carpet-bagger are too numerous to mention.  And they have the nerve to call Ron Paul supporters "kooks"!

Jendrzejczyk's picture's too perfect.

palmereldritch's picture

Cut him some slack.  Wasn't Smith a goldbug?

akak's picture

Not unless you are referring to those supposed golden tablets that he unearthed on his OWN farm in upstate New York .... the golden tablets that supposedly contained the Book of Mormon, describing how the American Indians are really the Lost Tribes of Israel .... the same tablets that NOBODY else ever saw, and that God just happened to conveniently take up into Heaven after Joseph Smith translated them into English with magical viewing stones .....

The Church of Scientology has NOTHING on this shit!  I couldn't make it all up if I tried.

palmereldritch's picture

LOL  I love Scientology.  The gold standard for the 'church of the absurd'.

Hephasteus's picture

And to complete the mindfuck the creepy denver internatinal airport has people being biological weaponed and nazi'd over a dead indian baby and a dead jew baby.

I'm also pretty sure that tablet says lost slaves of israel. Meaning they ran away.

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Friends and their father were dis-invited from the daughters wedding because the Elders of the Church did not deem them worth.   They were not allowed into the actual ceremony.......they did have the option of course to take night classes and come before the board to show they are back in line with the proper thinking but declined.  Today, that shit goes on.  Not in the HBO  Mindblowing cult bullshit, not to mention the Church is advertising again, check it out, little commercials here and there with all sorts of people claiming 'Im normal, I'm Mormon...and you can be too'.

akak's picture

"I'm normal, I'm Mormon ... come visit Stepford anytime!"


As for myself, I'm abnormal, I'm non-Mormon ... and I have free will.

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The Church of Scientology has NOTHING on this...

Well maybe not to the extent of the golden tablets, but you got to admit Mary Baker was quite a charlatan in her own rite.  Her use of copyright law is still a marvel and model today.  Her finely honed skills of marketing ether world psycho baloney even left Mark Twain awestruck.


I still smile when I think of the descriptions given by Mr. Twain in attempting to experience healing using Mary’s Matrix-esque manipulations of language, reality and greed. 

Reminds me of Chevy Chase in Caddyshack:   Danny. Danny, I'm going to give you a little advice. There's a force in the universe that makes things happen; all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking...let things happen...and be...the ball.”


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Joseph Smith was a low life con man.
Imagine believing that a much much seedier version of Paul Newman's character from The Sting suddenly professes to have been spoken to by god . . and a ton of idiots believe him.

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I suppose the best I can hope for is that if he gets elected I might not be sent to GITMO for having more than 5 days of food stored in the pantry...

After all... I was planning a dinner party this weekend...

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Not so fast. The repubs pushed the NDAA 2012 through. Shameful, but true. I used to be a republican. Now I'm just an American who wants his country back.

brewing's picture

unfortunately, it's 4 more years if this carpetbagger is the gop nominee...

chunga's picture

You're right.

Many Democrats do not like Obama and might vote for Ron Paul.

I don't think many Republicans would vote for Obama even if he adopted the entire GOP plank.

Whatever the hell that is.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

something between god bless america and god prefers the republicans here

same as the democrats, really

p.s.  we're BK

chunga's picture

I don't dispute there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two.

Not everybody agrees; but they still get to vote.

Because Paul is shunned and declared "unelectable" by the "mainstream" GOP Apparatchiks he may be seen in a better light by the disillusioned hopey changers.

If they are disillusioned enough some of them might vote for Paul. Those same voters would NEVER vote for Mittens, Santorum, Gingrich, etc.

They'd stay home before that. Then again, there are two sides to the coin. I held my nose and voted for it's hard to predict, you know.

francis_sawyer's picture

Because Paul is shunned and declared "unelectable" by the "mainstream" GOP Apparatchiks he may be seen in a better light by the disillusioned hopey changers.

Not likely... The worst thing in the world for a "hopey changer" is to think they DON'T BELONG to something... That tribe won't support an outcast...

Boxed Merlot's picture

That tribe won't support an outcast...


Maybe if it became known he has a neck tatoo, likes the Grateful Dead, had a weekly seat at The Rocky Horror Picture Show and attended burning man 5 years running?  These would surely identify him as anything but an outcast, no?


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Not arguing...just throwing this out there.

Ron Paul #2 in NH … Democratic Primary!

"Everybody already knows that Ron Paul placed second in the New Hampshire 2012 Republican Presidental Primary.   But, at 7 o’clock tonight, the New Hampshire Secretary of State published the full results of the primary, including write-ins, and Ron Paul also won the #2 spot in the Democratic Primary."

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Is it just me? Why would big universities contribute to political campaigns?



LongBalls's picture

Obama slid government take over of student loans into the Health Care Bill. Universities can charge what ever they want now with no fear of default and fuding issues.

Vlad Tepid's picture

See my above comment.  It's not the universities, it's their individual employees.

francis_sawyer's picture

So all those $5 donations came from Berkely potheads?... It's all making some kind of crazy sense now...

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jews set up. jews knock down.

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OT: PMs taking off a bit here...

bob_dabolina's picture

Every commodity is taking off a bit sans cocoa, coffee, and natgas