Guest Post: America: The List

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Submitted by Brian Rogers

America: The List

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife.

I’d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘ Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away.

   - Proud To Be An American, Lee Greenwood

America, F*CK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother f*cking day yeah,
America, F*CK YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow


McDonalds, F*CK YEAH!
Wal-Mart, F*CK YEAH!
The Gap, F*CK YEAH!
Baseball, F*CK YEAH!
Rock and roll, F*CK YEAH!
The Internet, F*CK YEAH!
Slavery, F*CK YEAH!

   - America, F*ck Yeah,
   Trey Parker (of South Park)

Coffee Shop at Union Square

I was out having drinks the other night with brilliant financial mind and Wall Street veteran Paulo Pereira.  Paulo is a Brazilian-American who's worked on both the buy and sell-side for years and has a long track record covering many of the large natural resource exporting countries.  A Yale grad with a degree in music, Paulo brings a unique perspective to finance and economics to say the least.

We decided to meet up at a great restaurant/bar on Manhattan's Union Square called Coffee Shop.  Next time you're in NY, I highly recommend you add this cool spot to your agenda.  The food is great, a mix of Brazilian and American fare, and you always have a real diverse crowd of folks to mingle with. 

But it's the hostesses, waitresses and barmaids that bring in the crowds.  You see, Coffee Shop, tends to employ many of Manhattan's aspiring super models and actresses.  Let's just say the scenery is impressive and distracting.  But I digress.  Oh man, do I digress...

Anywho, Paulo and I started tilting back the Stellas and proceeded down the rabbit hole that is modern finance and politics.  The usual topics came up that would be familiar to any regular Zero Hedge reader: the Bernank, gold, ZIRP, TBTF, silver price manipulation, BLS data manipulation, China, Brazil, Europe, Australia housing bubble, the upcoming sovereign debt crisis, the hypocrisy of my former idol Warren Buffett, the eloquence of Jim Rickards, the death of the 30-year bond bubble, blah, blah, blah...  The list goes on.

But at some point in the evening we started focusing (to the extent that you can focus with 4 beers and 1 very distracting barmaid in the mix) on the way that the very words we use to think about ourselves as Americans have become somewhat, well, meaningless.

For example, Capitalism

First, a definition from the good folks at merriam-webster.comCapitalism - an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decisions, and by prices, production and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.  (emphasis mine)

A couple of things should instantly jump out when applying even the most basic of critical thinking skills to the definition above. 

First, as Martin Armstrong likes to frequently highlight, we now live in a political-economy.  Precisely the opposite of a so-called free market.  A true match made in hell.

Second, our economic system is currently characterized by a situation where 50% of every business transaction involves the use of a government granted monopoly currency controlled by a private consortium of banks.  The good ol' USD. 

So far we're falling a bit short on merriam-webster's standard.

Was Adam Smith wrong?

Remember the English dude Adam Smith?  Adam was a pretty bright guy and expressed some really novel ideas (novel at the time anyway) which helped usher in a new way of commerce that would help raise millions of people globally out of abject poverty and serfdom.

But remember this, when ol' Adam was scratching out his notes, you had a choice on not only the good or service you purchased or sold, but also the currency or method of payment you could offer or receive.  Both sides of the deal had to match or no go. 

Today, the government, via the private consortium of banks, aka the Fed, control the currency side of every transaction with an iron fist. 

At least they try to.  What is the typical result when government tries to control the price of anything?  Disruption, confusion, corruption, malinvestment,  etc.  And yet these guys think controlling the price of money is a good thing or even possible. 

Best of luck with that cat-herding exercise.  The chart of the USD over the last 100 years speaks volumes more than I could on the subject of currency stability.

Legal tender laws date back to the Civil War.  Lincoln implemented them as an "emergency measure" (sound familiar in our post-911 world).  He pinky swore that it was only temporary.  Fast  forward 150 years and we're still wearing that albatross around our neck.

Private decisions indeed.

Back to Coffee Shop, barmaids and "The List"

So besides the basic definition of capitalism, Paulo and I started chatting about other subjects in this country of ours where our perceptions and realities don't quite align.

In this spirit, I'm starting The List. 

Let's get it all out there.  America's dirty laundry that is.  Our family secrets.  The skeletons in the closet. 

The goal is to create a list of the many and numerous ways in which our country is deluding itself into believing we are the greatest, smartest, most innovative, freedom loving country that ever was.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some unpatriotic ne'er do well.  I love what the Founding Fathers of our country set out to accomplish, faults and all.  I love it so much, I was willing to put my life on the line for this country by serving in a US Marine Corps special forces unit for 8 years (your move armchair patriot).

But we have drifted so far from the original concepts, I believe our current central planning apparatus more closely resembles the USSR than what most people think is the USA.

So I'm going to kick this list off but in no way do I intend this to be exhaustive. 

Please, add your own comments and thoughts.  Take the list and grow it.  Spread it around.  Repost it, tweet it, facebook it (whatever that means) and let's start the healing process by admitting what's wrong.

Sort of like a political and economic 12-step program.  Hi, my name is Brian Rogers and I'm an asset of the state. 

And I want to quit.

The List

1.  Money - The US dollar is a currency controlled by a private consortium of banks under the Federal Reserve System.  There is nothing "Federal" about the Federal Reserve, it is owned and absolutely controlled by bankers.  Sound free? 

2.  The Federal Reserve System - The Fed is neither under the auspices of Executive, Legislative nor Judicial branches of government.  The most important and largest decisions they make cannot be audited by any branch of the US government.  Sound free?

3.  Presidential authority - The POTUS can these days declare martial law and based on the language of the recently passed NDAA, arrest any US citizen he wants, anywhere he wants and hold them without due process for as long as he wants.  All the POTUS has to say is that the person is a terrorist.  Sound free? 

4.  Federal judges - Even in during Rome's imperial years, about half of the federal judges were voted by the people.  Today, all Federal judges are political appointment.  Sound free?

5.  Electoral college - We do not have a popular vote.  The masses just simply can't be trusted.  We choose special delegates to enact the "final solution" (pun intended).  Sound free?

6.  Campaign finance - Corporations are people.  Seriously.  Mitt Romney was right.  As long as national elections have an essentially uncapped spending limit, the game of politics will always be about money and who has the most.  Those monied interests then become the only real constituent.  Everyone else just gets lip service.  In the meantime, average citizens everywhere are priced out of even trying to run for office given the exorbitant costs to participate in the system.  Read my lips, sound free?

7.  Term limits - Nope.  We seem to like our political class and want to make sure that we can get the same old idiots year in and year out.  They have no incentive to make hard choices, only political choices to keep their career feeding at the government trough.  And the good ones, meaning the most political and successful at money raising, become furniture and stay for decades.  Sound free?

8.  Income taxes (or direct taxation) - You no longer have the right to 100% of the result of your hard work aka wages.  The government has decreed that you must share your income with everyone else or go to jail.  Ayn Rand once said that the basis for every totalitarian dictatorship was altruism.  Sacrifice for the state.  I certainly don't blindly follow Ms. Rand like Alan Greenspan did, but on this point I agree entirely.  Sound free?

9.  Legal tender laws - Don't like the dollar?  Wish you could simply eject yourself out of the Federal Reserve System by buying some gold and silver coins and using them to make payment for goods and services?  While some merchants may gladly do business with you, the transaction is very much illegal.  You MUST use the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES controlled and priced by the Oracles of Delphi at the Fed.  Sound free?

10.  "Cost" of money - Modern finance values assets using various pricing methods.  All of these, however, share a common theme, they all discount future cash flows using the Risk Free rate which is normally defined as US Treasuries.  The Fed is artificially controlling and manipulating US Treasuries.  Therefore, every asset on the planet has a price that is artificial as the rates implicit in its price are not market rates.  They are what the Bernank and the Oracles of Delphi think they should be.  Sound free?

11.  Two-party political system - Seriously, do I really need to break down the hypocrisy exhibited on a daily basis by team red and team blue?  As Zero Hedge pointed out recently, 50% of the American public votes.  About 50% of the public is politically active in the two major parties.  Therefore, in any given election, the winner will only represent about 25% of the population.  And we wonder why special interests get all the attention.  Sound free?

What else? 

Like I said, this list isn't meant to be exhaustive, in fact just the beginning.  Please add your own ideas, improve on mine and pass this along.

In the meantime, it's a beautiful day here in Manhattan and I'm about to take a walk and enjoy it.  I can still do that without asking permission or paying a tax so I'm going to take advantage. 

Perhaps I'll stroll over to Coffee Shop again at Union Square. 

On the way, perhaps I'll run into The Occupy Wall Street Movement at Union Square. 

We can heckle the police about how they are working for the "man" while secretly justifying their thug tactics by thinking about the nice pension plan waiting for them at the end of their career rainbow. 

The same pension plan that is rapidly becoming insolvent under the Bernank's ZIRP.

America.  F*ck yeah.

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Jo's picture

Adam Smith wasn't english, he was scottish.


C'mon dude!

BKbroiler's picture

Coffee Shop waitresses really aren't all that.  If you sit at one of the outside tables, there's much nicer tail walking by on the sidewalk.

Pladizow's picture

See: Dimitri Orlov - Reinventing Collapse

Harlequin001's picture

'I love it so much, I was willing to put my life on the line for this country by serving in a US Marine Corps special forces unit for 8 years (your move armchair patriot).'

Fuck off. That doesn't make you a patriot, it makes you a paid assassin, a mercenary and paid by the same people you now criticise, which makes you nothing more than a fucking hypocrit.

Perhaps you'd want to try again...

economics9698's picture

"Electoral college - We do not have a popular vote.  The masses just simply can't be trusted.  We choose special delegates to enact the "final solution" (pun intended).  Sound free?"

Serious dude?  If you want the power to go to NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami, and Dallas get rid of that electorial college.

Cruel Aid's picture

Not pumping Busch here, but we almost had Al Gore as POTUS, which would have put a lock on the Carbon Credit Exchange.

Goes to the red blue thing, big time.

YBNguy's picture

Thanks Econ and Cruel. The fool who wrote this (yes I gave it 1 star) does not understand the electoral college and how without it we would be a direct democracy, where the liberal big city turds and welfare rats win with overwhelming majority, fly over states be damned.

Why is this crap pinned at the top of ZH? Almost everyone here knows about the FED, fiat $$$, NDAA, etc etc etc..................

Spaceman Spiff's picture

Until, something actually breaks in the economy, poor ZH is relegated to repeating warning stories.     Can outrage outlast the ctr  + P?

SilverIsKing's picture

Articles such as this one serve as good tools to forward on to those who keep their heads up their asses and don't read ZH.

notbot's picture

On the note of the electoral college, guess what...there actually ARE conservatives and libertarians in NYC, and California.  Abandoning the EC would let their vote count.  I'm all for it!

clymer's picture

I agree with everything in the read, but the whole "I was a Marine. I like hot chicks." thing makes you look like you are really trying to say, "HEY! I am NOT FUCKING QUEER, OK?! I LIKE PUSSY, GODDAMNIT!"

It's cool bro. You like chicks. We get it.

And I will have you know that I was a sloppy, slacking seabee (I am an armchair patriot)


SilverIsKing's picture

I would never criticize anyone for liking pussy.  Man or woman.

wisefool's picture

blonde, brunette,redhead. I really just want to know what a pretax code america looks like.

Ciper "let hem eat meat" blue pill.

boogerbently's picture

I originally thought that way, but now I think members of the electoral college are better politically informed, in general, than the Jersy Shore/American Idol masses.

ATM's picture

The Electoral College was one of the smartest things the Founders came up with. Mob rule where the majority infringe the rights of the minority is a basic problem with any Republic.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The selection of Senators by the states' legislatures, rather than direct election, was also a smart move.

Currently, Senatorial elections are a one-stop buy here pay here process for Dimon and friends. If Senators were selected by state legislatures again, it would dramatically increase the number of people which would need to be bought off in order for Jamie to buy an election.

It would also make the work of lobbyists more difficult, as they would need to provide direct bribes to Senators instead of making campaign contributions.


Ghordius's picture

+1 interesting how this was repealed by one of the three things that happened 1913

                                               the 16th, the 17th and the creation of the FED

the three pillars of...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Also, fuck the interstate commerce clause as a justification for federal control over everything.


gnomon's picture

And then came 1914.  It has been a worldwide stew of carcinogenic change with wholesale slaughter ever since.  We "frogs have been boiling" for one hundred years.  

We are the debased denizens of a nightmare world that would be unrecognizable to our great grandfathers.  They would recoil in horror at what we have become and at what we accept.

thewhitelion's picture

All these smart moves and I still live in a bought-and-paid-for banana republic--with at least 4 times as much military as we ought to have.

Chariots of the Feds's picture

That's exactly where I lost interest in the article

undercover brother's picture

The electoral college is needed to protect the interests of states in the country that aren't well represented by population. Imagine if 90% of the liberals lived in the major cities in the country like NY, LA, Chicago, Philly, and Boston and those cities comprised 50% of the entire population of the country, each and every law enacted by popular vote would be won by that particular liberal voting block and legislation for all 50 states would simply be controlled by the whims of the states with the largest voting block. This is totally unfair and it's why the founding fathers created the electoral college.


moonshadow's picture

Agreed (the rest of the article is good)- the electoral college protects the interests of any unique populations within individual states. for example: if utah or new hampshire believe in gun rights and standing militias and select a candidate based largely on those reasons or the like, they get a block of electoral votes- not just a popular vote count. so in this way the overpopulated and dependent cities cannot so easily overrule the urban areas (that the cities depend on for their existence by the way)

fourchan's picture

we have all ten planks of the comunist manifesto in place.

they are not designed to create a societe but to destroy a capitolist one.

Doubleguns's picture

Now you need a good myth. Oh....something like "With Liberty and Justice for all". Yea that oughta do it.

M.R.GOLD.Risikokapitalgeber's picture

I was protective service in the Navy. Didn't kill anyone and completly agree with Mr. Rogers. I don't normally participate in public forum but if you're allowed to spread your douchie oppinion then I suppose why not me too. You Fuck Off Sir!

Zymurguy's picture

Belay that shit Harlequin... he volunteered his life for the country.  That's where it ends... that's the end of his responsibility for that greatest of all guestures of servitude.  You FUCK OFF.  It's not up to the soldier what war to fight or what the hidden agenda is.  His choice at approx. 18yrs of age is only 2 sided... choose to serve or not to serve.  You're a fuskering asshole.

Cathartes Aura's picture

amrka, fuck yeah. . .

he volunteered his life for the country

party on dudes, don't forget to tell each other where the 'hot chicks' and great coffee/booze is.

hopefully the coffee shop has wi-fi so you can surf your cool slave-toys while watching free pussy serve ya - that's what you fight for, yeah?

Dicite justitiam's picture

We Americans are all paid assassins and mercenaries, and it holds true whatever nationalistic jersey you wear.  Some of us did the heavy lifting while others enjoyed the benefits.  Do you see us cheerleading our imperialistic tendency?  Fuck off. 

It's a competitive world based on power, and physical power is the most effective form of it, despite how vulgar it is, despite how it uncomfortable it resides besides your 'conscience'.  Eat ass, pal.

q99x2's picture

And the "list". I wanna see names, addresses and a plan tough guy. Bet you can't do that. Betcha.

optimator's picture

You said that without a clue as to when he was in, where he served, what his rank was.  So that's your opinion of  any and everyone that's ever served.

pods's picture

He brought to light the hypocrisy of an article which is about vanishing freedoms written by someone who put his military service in the + column.

Our military has been used to expand the USD hegemony.  

So you cannot bitch about government power while on the other hand wanting credit for being apart of that power.


LarryDavis's picture

Good point. Millitary is just a gang of assholes doing what they are told in the name of the bizarro interests of insecure megalomaniac Financial Capitalists and nothing more. Brian you put your life on the line because you were young, foolish, and indoctrinated. They say unto you: Brian get on a plane and kill that guy he's causing trouble. Now come home Brian and don't ask too many fucking questions. America gets killers at a bargain too as millitary salaries aren't exactly Lehmanesque. I'd imagine contract killers charge much more (think BlackRock) in other markets. I love our economic system. Hedge Fund managers get paid millions to raise money and earn returns that generally don't keep pace with inflation while young men like Brian don body armor, Ghillie suits, and inject testosterone to let off a few shots and be extracted from hostile settings for pennies on the dollar.

Risk your life and don't get paid for it because its an "honor" doing this service to your country?

Now that shit is fucking funny.

karp4cy's picture

The are great generations, and then there is this one.  Clearly your perspective does not reach beyond the tip of your finger gliding across your iPad.  It is my sincerest of hopes that you and your loved ones expire before the consequences of this seemingly growing lack of awareness reach your immediate environs and destroy much of what you now take for granted.

LarryDavis's picture

You dumb condescending motherfucker.....the men of yesteryear were no different (especially genetically you nitwit) but instead their environment was slightly more conformist. These "great generations" (aka the assholes who got us here) were just exposed to different stimuli such as religion, racism, and other "moral values" which predicated their "greatness" in the form of valor. SHEEP ARE SHEEP. YOUR WAR HEROES ARE TODAY"S IPAD/FACEBOOK CADRE. THEY DID WHAT THEY WERE TOLD AND ARE VERY COMPLICIT IN THE PRESENT MORASS WE CALL SOCIETY. IF I BELIEVED THAT I WOULD SEE MY GRANDMOTHER IN HEAVEN THEN OF COURSE IM GOING TO HAVE BIG BALLS AND SNIPE SOME NAZIS. Does that make me "GREAT"? If you gave the men of DDAY weed, internet porn, easy pussy then I can guarantee you they arent jumping. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GREATNESS JUST STATISTICAL ABERRATION. WE ARE THE PRODUCT OF GENES AND ENVIRONMENT. GREATNESS AS YOU PUT IT IS A MYSTICAL CONCEPT ENSTILLED IN SHEEP LIKE YOURSELF NOT TOO QUESTION THE "GREAT" MEN. I have news for you.......WE ARE ALL EERILY SIMILAR. Put most in my shoes and they will behave like me. If you castrate your penis and mind then most will opine/live/bleat like you do. Does putting your dick in a man's mouth once make you gay (your thoughts are surely marshalled on that subject)? Does being born in a certain time period and doing what you are told make you "great"? Idiots like you need to expire so we can get at the marrow of this oppression and not make veiled references to the good old days as if humans are fundamentally different from generation to generation you asshole. THERE IS NO TIME TRAVEL AND HITLER BLEW HIS BRAINS OUT AS THE ALLIES TOOK BERLIN. WATCH SOME WAR FOOTAGE AND TELL ME ABOUT THE "GREAT GENERATIONS." HONOR AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE YOU PUSSY.

Dr Benway's picture

So does putting your dick in a man's mouth once make you gay?

LarryDavis's picture

Karp seems bisexual or a straight for pay type which is a gray area. Basically, what I mean is if you would put on a uniform and shower with dudes and live in barracks with only dudes for very little compensation then you would probably suck dick for a few dollars more. If a general told a private to give him head, is it a done deal? I can't call it. My wisdom is obviously expansive and logic compelling but as a man who knows his (and hoes') limtations I can say that I'm not an arbiter of homo shit although I do support gay people everywhere in fighting Republican insanity. For specifics, I would just consult a fag.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"putting your dick" in a man's mouth makes you a man, simply by default of having a dick to put.  everything else is just fear and labeling.

and the fear of being labeled, that's palpable.

LarryDavis's picture

No you are wrong in my humble estimation. There is a spectrum. The aforementioned is relative but unless this discussion takes on some niilistic tangent I think most would agree its more heterosexual (from a male perspective) to watch college basketball/masturbate to Brazilian girls with large asses than it is to have anal sex with a crying man in a dress and mask reeking of nitrates with showtunes bumping and a well dressed mannequin bedside. As limiting and ill-posed as they are, there are gender roles in our society that run deeper than "fear" as you put it, Therefore, getting a blowjob from a man puts someone in a different class (not a worse one however-words are very fraile here) than another who doesn't. For instance, if one molests a child then he/she becomes a pedophile. Whether it's moral or not is another question but we do categorize and judge on earth. This process is much deeper than "fear and labeling" and so your oversimpication rubs me the wrong way because you are hinting at a very insidious type of politcal correctness that obscures TRUTH and MEANING. Fags suck dick. Straight men/Lesbians/Bisexual women eat pussy. Labels are descriptive.

Cathartes Aura's picture

I'm going to disagree with you Larry, which I'm sure won't surprise you.

a mouth is a mouth, an ass is an ass.  if you think that loving your bros but only fucking hoes makes one a "man" fine, I'm not as concerned about the actual labels as I am with the obvious truths.

men love each other, respect each other, hang out and have fun with each other - and mostly use women for fucking, or to marry and breed with - again, fine, not my gig, but it is the majority story - if "women" want to work that vein to get what they want from it, fine - again, not my gig.  it goes with the label-territory tho'

your fondness for porn memes, and desiring to see TeeVee ladies engage with black sports figures (a post later in this thread) shows your allegiance to watching - sports, TV, porn, whatever - you like to watch.

and yes, gender roles say mens don't do mens, mens fuck pussy - you mention

very insidious type of political correctness that obscures TRUTH and MEANING.

and then go straight *cough* into your own labeling - you're so gendered man it's impossible to point out the truth here, but here goes - males and females, sex types, not strictly polarised, as they present on sliding hormonal, hence body type, scales.  sexual preference are mostly private, but policed by gendered males, aka "men" -

cui bono?

LarryDavis's picture

I like pieces of your argument. Actually, I don't own a TV but do loathe CNBC particularly the on-air "personalities" whether its a scumbag like Steve Liesman talking about/blowing Bernanke or Bartiromo going down on a homeless person (chimera). Rupaul also has a TV show called Drag Race which tests mainstream ideas about gender. Yours are pretty conventional and boring to me. Get this through YOUR FUCKING HEAD: I NEED TO USE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THINGS. So, if I say blowing a guy is more faggy than throwing a football into his nuts/banging his girl then I don't really need to hear about aethetics, semiotics, or gender "policing." Humans breathe, eat pizza, and defacate, am I labeling anyone? REMEMBER WHEN I SAID YOU WERE TENDING TOWARD SOME ARBITRARY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS???? WELL, YOU FUCKING FOUND IT SWIMMINGLY LIKE A SPERM WITH AMAZING MOTILITY. Anytime "polarised", "gendered male", and "body type" are in close syntactical proximity surely I'm going to get lectured on gender, the menstrual cycle, or a lesbian seagull but I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THAT SHIT. You could learn alot from Al Goldstein. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

whoooooooooshhhhhh - the sound of my "FUCKING POINT" going right over yer head.

you've man-aged to label me, so doubtful you'll "hear" anything now.  it's not about "political correctness" nor sexual orientation, nor body parts, nor bleeding. . .

it's about human bodies, their infinite variety in looks, labels and presentations - and how they reduce themselves to stereotypes in order to be "seen" - or those who don't, and are mocked & penalised accordingly.  it's about cultural fictions put forward to limit the image-inations, and it's about making sure the people feel limited and small when they compare themselves to other fictions, particularly "media" ones.  it's about either/or choices in sexual expression, about being used and abused, and discarded, daily.  and it's about reclaiming your mind, and body, and seeing through the non-sense.

but hey, the truth is, I don't give a fuck - about what you believe or how you act - we're all just entertainment for each other in the meantime, and maybe ZH gets more page hits and new trolls sign up to play on the threads. . . I'd rather ZH were here than not, and who knows how long we'll get to entertain ourselves in meaningless exchanges such as this.


karp4cy's picture

Mr. Davis, if pre-adolescent shock-speak were an Olympic sport, you, sir, would actually provide something of value to the planet.  One day, when you reach intellectual puberty, you will discover that expletives and homoerotic musings are a weak substitute for civilized discourse, and generally lead to your views being discounted out-of-hand.  Now run along and play, and leave the discussions here to the adults.

LarryDavis's picture

Civilized?? Go have tea with some Diplomats. Lowlife. Is the military civilized? Manners are an aritifice of deceit which something people like you cling to along with your boyfriend's diminutive herpes-ridden penis.

cgbspender's picture

+10 just for mentioning nitrates.

piceridu's picture

+1...wouldn't it be nice to finally live in world where they threw a war and nobody came?

Jonas Parker's picture

Strange. All I ever did in the Coast Guard was risk my life to save other peoples' lives. You may think "that shit is fucking funny."  I think you're a fucking asshole!