Guest Post: Assange Or Corzine?

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics

Assange Or Corzine?

Priorities are a bitch.

The United States won’t prosecute Corzine for raiding segregated customer accounts, but will happily convene a Grand Jury in preparation for prosecuting Julian Assange for exposing the truth about war crimes.

From the New York Times:

A criminal investigation into the collapse of the brokerage firm MF Global and the disappearance of about $1 billion in customer money is now heading into its final stage without charges expected against any top executives. After 10 months of stitching together evidence on the firm’s demise, criminal investigators are concluding that chaos and porous risk controls at the firm, rather than fraud, allowed the money to disappear, according to people involved in the case.

Corzine is considering opening a new hedge fund, though the notion that anyone — even a slack-jawed muppet happy to buy whatever Goldman ‘s prop traders want to sell — would seed Corzine money so he can trade or steal it away seems absurd — rather like putting a child molester in charge of a day-care.

But nobody knows how much dirt Corzine has on other Wall Street crooks. Not only may Corzine get away with corzining MF Global’s clients’ funds, he may well end up with a whole raft of seed money to play with from those former colleagues and associates who might prefer he remain silent regarding other indiscretions he may be aware of.

But the issue at hand is the sense that we have entered a phase of exponential criminality and corruption. A slavering crook like Corzine who stole $200 million of clients’ funds can walk free. Meanwhile, a man who exposed evidence of serious war crimes is for that act so keenly wanted by US authorities that Britain has threatened to throw hundreds of years of diplomatic protocol and treaties into the trash and raid the embassy of another sovereign state to deliver him to a power that seems intent not only to criminalise him, but perhaps even to summarily execute him. The Obama administration, of course, has made a habit of summary extrajudicial executions of those that it suspects of terrorism, and the detention and prosecution of whistleblowers. And the ooze of large-scale financial corruption, rate-rigging, theft and fraud goes on unpunished.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

Isn't  fascism great?

That's a good sheeple....

ZerOhead's picture

Inventor of Corzonite... a spray-on substance.

Apparently shit doesn't stick to it.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

A major problem with the Internet is that it allows underground ideas to spread and become "mainstreamed". Notions that once would have remained within isolated subcultures can now spread to the larger society with astonishing speed. Take hostility toward financial institutions and the government, both of which were common among conspiracists in the 19th and 20th centuries. The internet has allowed these memes to spread to the point at which some of the craziest nutjobs now feel comfortable speaking openly about their insane anti-government, anti-Federal Reserve ideas.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, ideas like gravity and the sun being the center of the solar system.  Bastards, all of them MDB, keep trying to educate everyone... (do I really need a <sarc> flag)

malikai's picture

MDB isn't educating us, he's edutaining us. It's so much better.

Precious's picture

You didn't have sex with that troll.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

You didn't have sex with that troll all by yourself, you had help building up to it. 

The Big Ching-aso's picture



"....porous risk controls................"

The client's wallet was opened & now people are poor us.


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

If only it would spread faster than it is currently.


americanspirit's picture

Yes indeed Mr. LH - if only the meme would spread faster. And if only just a few people would begin taking the obvious actions. Like people with a terminal diagnosis who have nothing to lose. That would be an excellent start. And then, next time some crazed lunatic decides to shoot up a school or a church or a theater, if only they would pause and say to themselves - wait a minute. If I'm going to do this, why not .....

Things that go bump's picture

And so much more fun than chemotherapy.  

Things that go bump's picture

I am so honored when someone cares enough to give me a down vote.  It tells me that I shot true.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

well you didn't create that cancer, someone else did,


Al Gorerhythm's picture

That's the spirit, American; get the sick or terminally ill to stand up for your rights and justice.  Let's empty the insane assylums, strap suicide jackets on them and send them to their glorius martyrdom, all in support of our freedom movement. 

What have they got to lose, right?

Only their last precious moments but that is a small price to pay for our freedom.

Excellent place to start.

My Liberty at no cost.

Fuck Yeah!



aint no fortunate son's picture

This won't be a Grand Jury for Assange, it will be a fucking tribunal. They'll probably hold it in Gitmo - oh, wait, Barry shut Gitmo down, just like he promised us in 2008.

t0mmyBerg's picture

Are you fucking kidding me?  Purposely or not MDB you are a tool.  Three words of many I could use:  Guillotines and pitchforks

BeetleBailey's picture

What a raft of SHIT you spew MillionDoucheBag.....

Lemme...fix your shit for ya;

The internet has allowed these memes to spread to the point at which some of the craziest nutjobs (read:MillionDoucheBag) now feel comfortable speaking openly about their insane LOVE OF BIG GOVERNMENT, AND STUPID ASSED FEDERAL RESERVE LIES AND BULLSHIT. fuck off.


The Big Ching-aso's picture



Imagine if there hadn't been any regulators - this could've been maybe 1/16 worse.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Yeah at least this way the lawyers got to make a bunch of money. We pretend to have laws, regulators pretend to enforce them, and lawyers pretend to defend them. And the customers can pretend they still have money in their accounts. It's the pretend economy.


falak pema's picture

MDB has a way of nailing it by advocating the outrageous beyond the obvious. In his crazy way he is in front of the evil curve. Look to MDB to understand what THEY WILL concoct next : the apology for crime made into spicy vice. 

Le vice au bras du crime! 

Or said otherwise by Bony himself : un tas de merde dans un bas de soie!

It goes down well for the Squid brigade, all annointed with the respectability of the "best and brightest of WS's marvels".

Its time to cut their marbles! 

Michael's picture

The MSM is the #1 enemy of the people. They think they get to pick elected government employees, write and revise history, and brainwash the sheeple. The Internet bloggers and lurkers now gets to do that.

Anusocracy's picture

Actually, they're tied for second with every other group that supports government.

Government is the #1 enemy of the people. Untold trillions stolen, untold trillions destroyed, hundreds of millions killed.

And still going strong.

EverythingFubar's picture

The sooner that "hostility towards financial institutions (libor fixing anyone?) and government" spreads, the better. And the closer we get to purging ourselves of the rot that has taken over. The more voices of dissent there are (even crazies), the less the scumbuckets can fleece the muppets. Used to be called freedom of speech and upheld as a principle of Democracy. Remember Democracy? Oh.. you don't..

Lost Word's picture

MillionDollarBonus, your troll fee, or was that intended to be sarcasm?

turnus68's picture

So much for the

First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

I guess North Korea will embrace you very fast.You will have no problem adapting to your new country.



The internet has allowed people to seek and find the TRUTH, amoung a great many other benefits.

There has always been and always will be "nutjobs" like yourself you HOMO TROLL

Precious's picture

Corzines are the reason the world needs Assanges.

freet0pian's picture

Corzine is an uber prick, but how isn't Assange just controlled opposition?

There isnt anything significant that hippie has released. Just some fucking gossips for the sheeple.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Please Lennon, don't give that prick an out via satire. He deserves to be remembered. He deserves an honorable mention in dispatches. Rember him as Jon "the con" Corzine.

Stuart's picture

that's EXACTLY what it is.  FASCISM.  People, rather I should say 'sheeple' better start getting their heads out of their asses and start paying attention to what examples such as this really portend for their own well-being.

i-dog's picture

We're now moving beyond fascism. What we are now witnessing is what happens when those in control just resort to outright looting in broad daylight -- because they know this is their last chance to grab what they can before the gates are slammed shut on independent action.

Prior to the "event horizon", they still try to cover up and legitimise corruption -- in the expectation that they will be out of office before the crash comes.

But, after passing the "event horizon", those "in the know" (and their families and friends) just go balls to the wall to grab whatever they can. That's what we're now seeing in broad daylight.

My guess is now a Columbus Day "bank holiday" weekend for a major excuse (war? false flag? national emergency?) and breakdown (which would also have "esoteric" connotations for the Luciferians-in-Charge). Hedge accordingly.


PS. Back on topic ... I still think this latest circus is a cover for something. Maybe even building "cred" for Wikileaks before a damning "leak" of [selected] diplomatic cables?

I am on to you's picture

Agree with you+10,its great,its need and its clean,might be the greatest" ISM" of all time,only out runned by Egoism.

If it wasnt for Newton, water would run upwards!

They ,the Banksters should put ,Slimeballs up for speculation,it would beat, Basebooks, at any time!

More sadly is,that Bradly Manning,the forgotten kid,is the guy paying the hard time,for showing to the world,what realy is going on,i meen for those who,havnt got it in yet!

sgt_doom's picture

But the Svenksa-heads demand Assange be extradited there, as do the Brit Twits, 'cause two women (or a woman and an avowed lesbian (???) slept with him).  Certainly the UK always does this sort of thing:

(And the Swedes claim they would never allow anyone to be extradited to a country with the death penalty, although they will always allow the CIA to extreme rendition anyone this wish to, to any torture/death penalty site they want --- as has been the case already with Thomas Bodstrom as Justice Minister and Carl Bildt in power!)

Chuck Walla's picture

If Assange can get his self-righteous head on straight for a minute and "contribute" to the right candidate, no telling what he can get away with.



DeadFred's picture

In a way you are highlighting why some people may have good reason to invest is the slimeball's new fund. Fundamentals mean very little today. You can make a lot of money by frontrunning one Fed announcement. How much did the inside circle make when Paulson told them AIG was going bankrupt but the bonds would be good. If Obama gets a second term do you think Corzine won't be at the next 'lunch' when the inside scoop gets dished out. The best evidence that he could make money for you is that he is worrying about how to set up a hedge fund and not worrying about the soap he dropped in the prison shower. The money would be tainted but how many would care?

malikai's picture

Par for the course here at Insanity Hills Country Club and Circus.

EDIT: I'd like to offer up a caption for that picture of Assange and Crozine.

"One of these guys is giong to jail for terrible crimes. The other is a real criminal."

Precious's picture

One of these guys goes to jail for consentual sex without a rubber.  


Mesquite's picture

Actually, wasn't it: "the rubber broke..'

Couple of 30 somethings..that learned about each other, and got jealous...

PS..All that trumped up sh*t came out of the wood work when it was learned that

Wikileaks was due to spill the beans on one of the tbtf banks...

Flakmeister's picture

Hang Corzine....

And with the same rope take care of Phil Gramm....

rayduh4life's picture

Don't forget, Graham is a whiner.

DaveyJones's picture

I helped negotiate Corzine's pre-prosecution deal. In order to avoid charging, he agreed to provide testimony that Assange tried to rape him. It's almost as if those bankers will sell anyone out.