Guest Post: Bad Moon Rising

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Fox news argueing that the tide is floating all boats while ignoring that the rise in income for over 80% of the population is not keeping up with inflation or the real cost of survival.  Fair and balanced indeed.

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Fox should be taken off the air.

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Well, that's why they're not. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be.

Bloomberg is the best financial channel on TV. At least they try to be objective. Fox is non-stop, blatant propaganda. Only Jim Cramer is more of a disservice to sheeple.

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I bet you love MSNBC, don't you?

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No, I love Ron Paul and voted for Obama this past election. Not that I wanted to, but the idea of Sarah Palin becoming President was too terrifying. I believe MSNBC is garbage while Fox News is a toilet bowl after a long night of drinking vodka and eating oatmeal.

Let me guess: you're a jerk on the internet trying to stereotype, and I just blew your mind?

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Corporate Owned News is a control.. used to sway the ignorant masses that have been trained to only pay attention to things that are in heavy rotation from multiple corporate owned news sources.

FOX is no worse than CNBC is no worse than CNN.. they are ALL tools used against the Sheepish Masses, they feed off of each other.

Republicans.. Red Team.. FOX.. Tea Party..

Libertarians (wanna be capitalists).. CNBC..

Democrats.. Blue Team.. CNN.. Occupy Wall Street..

and the divide and conquer.. provided by the Corporate News.. keeps the poor at odds with the other poor and then ALL! the poor suffer together in one big stew pot of ignorance.

I offer, for some lite reading.. for those that just can NOT! for the life of themselves grasp what is happening here.. in America.. today.


The Transnational Politics of Public Health and Population Control:

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Role in Japan, 1920s-1950s

By Aiko Takeuchi

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of American Civilization

Brown University

82 Waterman Street, Box 1892

Providence, Rhode Island 02912


The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, otherwise known as "the Rock", serves as the primary teaching and research library for the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. With some exceptions, the Rock is usually the most appropriate library at Brown in which to begin research on a topic.


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"No, I love Ron Paul and voted for Obama this past election"

LOL.  Confused much?  That's like saying I love the Apostle Paul but I voted for Simon LaVey.  Either you're a statist or you're not.

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I'm not confused at all. In 2008, I was presented with two choices, and one of them involved Sarah Palin. Hence, I had to choose the other by default.

In 2012, Ron Paul is an option, and therefore I'd like to see him get the GOP nomination so I can vote for him.

It confuses you that someone would not remain steadfast to any one party or idea? It confuses me that someone would given all the implications of doing so.

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Did you vote for Ron Paul in 2008 Republican primary?

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No, I didn't vote for anyone until the actual Presidential election. I wasn't very political back then--was busy with life issues and couldn't follow the primaries closely. I probably would have voted Ron Paul, though.

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Like I always said.. sheep grazing on the pasture of mass media.

I too had to vote for NoMoBAMA .. there was something familar about the campaign .. like a can of Pepsi..choice of a new generation...Next campaign should be where the beef Biachezz.

I like to listen to bill Oreally on Fox .. fair & balanced .. just the way I like it..

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I wrote in Ron Paul even though he wasn't on the ballot. I'll do it again regardless. I've decided I can't face myself or daughter if I do otherwise.

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You've entirely missed the point. You said Fox News should be taken off the air, thereby promoting the State's ability to infringe on free speech (even when it's as idiotic as MSM, it's still speech) and then promoted Ron Paul, the American Saint of anti-Statism. It sounds like you're new to the whole anto-Statist thing, so it'll take a while for your brain to stop thinking in "someone should do something about that" mode.


Vote Ron Paul.

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Here is someone seeing the light and you mock them. Fuck you.

Also if the choiceis between Statism and Corporatism I choose NEITHER for they are one in the same but ideologues like you, who can't even recognize potential allies like mr. DEVO, can't do the critical thinking required to see that. 

Who controls the state? The money masters.

Who controls the corporate world? The money masters.

Therefore any solution that boosts one while attacking the other will not, and cannot succeed in addressing the problem. OWS often is attacking both the corrupted state and corporations. You would know that if you did your research.

I plan on voting for Paul even though I fear he will further entrench corporate rule at the cost of state regulations that actually protect our quality of life like the DEQ.

I know many moron ideologues think we would somehow be better off with zero regulations (oh for the glory days of the 1870's to 1900's and ZERO labor laws, militarized strike busting ending in massacres eg

If we could tomorrow erradicate the Federal government what would take its place? Unaccountable rule by corporate fiefdoms.

Zibigniew Brezinski predicted exactly that in his Magnum Opus "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and it's Geo-Strategic Imperatives".

If you think rule by corporations will have us better off, I have some credit default swaps to sell you.

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I presume you meant Anton LaVey.  

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Palin or Obama as president, would it have really changed anything we as a group are concerned about here?

They're just two factions of the business party.

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Left - Right

Democrat - Republican

Antithesis - Thesis

Dumb - Smart


The infamous words of Rodney King 'can't we all just get along?'


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Eloquently summed up.  This clip seems to support your summation. 


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James Barber, presidential historian, came up with the following matrix of presidential character (I wonder how this fits with S&H pov):

where would you put this guy? he looks frekin bored.



James David Barber's

The Presidential Character: Predicting Performance in the White House








ADAPTIVE: self-confident; flexible; creates opportunities for action; enjoys the exercise of power, does not take himself too seriously; optimistic; emphasizes the "rational mastery" of his environment; power used as a means to achieve beneficial results.

Thomas Jefferson, 
F. D. Roosevelt, 
H. Truman, 
J. F. Kennedy, 
G. Ford, 
G. W. Bush(?)

COMPULSIVE: power as a means to self-realization; expends great energy on tasks but derives little joy; preoccupied with whether he is failing or succeeding; low self-esteem; inclined to rigidity and pessimism; highly driven; problem managing aggression.

John Adams, 
W. Wilson,
H. Hoover, 
A. Lincoln,
L. B. Johnson,
R. Nixon,




COMPLIANT: seek to be loved; easily manipulated; low self-esteem is overcome by ingratiating personality; reacts rather than initiates; superficially optimistic.

James Madison, 
W. H. Taft, 
W. Harding, 
R. Reagan,
Bill Clinton

WITHDRAWN: responds to a sense of duty; avoid power; low self-esteem compensated by service to others; responds rather than initiates; avoids conflict and uncertainty. emphasizes principles and procedures and an aversion to politicking.

George Washington, 
C. Coolidge, 
D. Eisenhower 


James David Barber James Barber differentiates between four types of presidential character: active-positive; active-negative; passive-positive; and passive-negative. Before voters cast their ballots for president, they should know how active the candidate is and whether or not he or she truly enjoys political life. This allows voters to predict presidential performance before the candidate takes office.

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Uh, W. Bush was adaptive? You mean like how he adapted to living in one of the most egregious oligarch families in US history? Like how he adapted to never swaying from "his gut". Or how he adapted the truth to meet his objectives (note: the objectives of his Pappy and friends)? Or how he adapted our constitutional republic and turned it into an oligarchacal fascist nightmare?

I guess you are right he's pretty adaptive.

I suggest a third category "Momma's boy, blueblood, chickenhawk fuck". I would put Bush squarely in that camp.

Obama is clearly compliant and/or bought and sold to the highest bidder. He's also another pathetic tool of the oligarchs, but really you could put almost every president since the end of the Civil War under that description with about three exceptions.

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"Momma's boy, blue blood, chicken hawk fuck" i luv that hey i never endorsed anything just putting it out there, and i thank u for your response,


thing is unfortunately; obama is the same cabal convergence of neoliberalism & neoconservativism read: Soft-Feudalism, post-modern soft fascism or media indoctrinated state-corporatism.


barry is bush cabal


see balck agenda report


elite theory


not sustainable


urruboros eCONonomy



fcuking vampire squid relentlessly striking it's sucking blood funnel




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Fox is an officially-sanctioned propaganda outlet, just like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, etc.  It is designed to give conservatives the illusion that their voices are being heard and that their position is represented by many of their fellow citizens.  If all of these propaganda tools were recognized for what they truly are, no one would watch them.  Unfortunately, too many Americans have been deceived by the two-party, "us vs. them" paradigm for that to happen...


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It's very liberating to NOT watch any propaganda outlet. Sports events (college football, yeah) and maybe weather are the least contaminated TV media to enjoy. Other than that ZH like reporting and exposure journalists Breibart, O'Keefe etc. the lame stream is, as implied, lame.

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I think this is one of the points the author is trying to make. Due to new avenues of media such as social networks and the internet, new generations are benefiting from these outlets that aren’t entrenched in bipartisan politics. The propaganda machine is starting to be ignored and this in itself will create some major seismic shifts in the social landscape. 

Here's a video of Hilary Clinton also stating that the US is losing the media war with the younger generations.

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You're one of our author's "Millenials", aren't you?


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I use to be an avid Fox news watcher. Now I am awake. CNN is the Communist News network and Fox is its affiliate. If you listen closely, they both are spewing the same message.

Wake up sheeple, the time for slaughter is drawing near. If you cannot discern the above stated facts, you are still sleeping.  

You still play the game of dems verses repubs, which has gotten us where? Both cut from the same cloth. Beware of who you listen to. Most are there and prospering for a reason.



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CNN isn't good, either. There's a reason we're all resorting to blogs...

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Spot on MassD.  If you're ignorant enough to eat the castor oil that is being spoon fed to you, then you deserve the case of the shits it will cause.

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...said the buzzard to the carcass?

Who are you talking to?

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If you advocate censorship, it will come back to bite you. Are you ok if a conservative federal government knocks out the liberal sources while in power? The puppet masters control both medias and are planning on controlling the Internet as well. Your enemy is not Fox News, it is your limited perspective.

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Give me a break. I know all the airwaves are rigged. Fox is just the worst of the bunch because they are so blatant and in your face. Cutting off candidates they don't like, interrupting Bernanke's speech right at the point he talked about inflation, misleading the sheeple regarding (positive) headline numbers and ignoring negative indicators, saying that Herman Cain came in 3rd (and failing to mention Ron Paul came in 2nd) in the Iowa straw poll, spinning OWS as dirty unemployed people, etc etc. That is not news worth watching. If you choose to watch it, you're just hurting yourself. And obviously all news is skewed and I am critical of CNN, MSNBC et al. They're just not as blatant as Fox. Also, to say I favor censorship just because I don't believe Americans should be dumbed down by Fox is a leap. I AM READING ZERO HEDGE, you dolt.

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twist away those gates of steel!

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Well said, and exactly why my TV is off.

a)  It's a slow and inefficient medium to learn anything

b) It's all propaganda.  All of it.

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There's no outlet more blatant than MSNBC, with mouth breathers like Ed Schultz and Chris Mathews pumping the progressive message(the whole crew does but these are the most extreme). MSNBC doesn't even bother cutting people/candidates off, they just don't cover the news period (Solyndra, Fast and Furious). 24/7 spew.

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Like I said, they're all bad. Luckily football season is almost over so I can cancel cable again.

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Yes, Fox is the worst apple in a sorry, rotten bunch.

Fox News sucks so hard it's maddening to think of why anyone would watch it.

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NO!  Just make Jon Stewart the Managing Editor of Faux News. 

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This whole "Occupy Wall Street"tm crap is vastly overblown.  Have you ever actually gone to Zuccotti Park and seen the people hanging out there?

I have.  It is a mix of homless, drunks, druggies, and misfits from all walks of life.  They are holding up stupid signs that make no sense.

Victory to the Worldwide Socialist Movement - Long live Che.

Yes that is going to get these nitwits far.

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Clueless Economist....operative word being clueless, come on down to Z can buy me lunch.

Clueless Economist's picture

Purchase lunch for you from some Capitalist scum vendor?  Try eating some of the dying flowers in the park, comrade

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Now you shouldn't denigrate the milennials C.E.  They're going to marshall in a bright new future!
/sarc off.

These protests and protestors are just a bunch of tools, being used.   A fucking pressure relief valve, to vent excess steam before it wrecks the frankenstein economic engine that provides light and heat to TPTB.  The tea party is just another of these safety devices, protecting the status quo.  Your precious VOTE is yet another.  As futile and about as useful as a chickenwire rubber.

They're being used, just like those idiot, stinking dope addled boomers were used 40 odd years ago and just like then they're too fucking dense to see it.

Worldwide uprising?  My ass.  If you want to see rapes and killings, mix in your OWS with some of their "brother protestors" from the middle east.  Then you'll see just how much in common the two really have, aside from poor hygiene.  And if they become a real threat by accident or design then that's when the belt-feds will warm up.

Now junk on, you fucking socialist half wits.  PC and the effeminization in your upbringing has made you weak in body and mind.  If this collapse comes as you predict, and i damn sure hope it will, you'll simply serve some new masters.  The morlocks are going to be feeding on you.  The veneer of civilization was thin at the start and it's getting worn through in lots of new places now.

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the divide and conquer seems to be working really well.. for the wanna be tea party participants in particular.

instead of joining any protest and helping to educate the other protesters.. it is better to sit you fat ass on the sofa and pretend that your contributions to the systemic Fraud for the last 30 - 40 years were justified based on your wants.

The Baby Boomers let the Country be robbed blind and gutted!

the only interest the baby boomers have  (broadly speaking) is to entertain themselves with their self righteous bullshit and be able to spend all those dollars socked away during their decades of participation in the ongoing fraud.




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I'll not argue your point about the Boomers.  I'm a ripe 63 years old and my view of the OWS bunch differs widely from the author's quote:

The Baby Boom Generation,
who is at the point of maximum power in society, fears this movement.
They control Wall Street, corporate America, Congress, the courts,
academia and the media. They have reached their peak of influence and
power, which will rapidly wane over the next fifteen years. They see the
Occupy movement as a threat to their supremacy and control of the

I don't fear the movement at all.  It's a wonderful part of a developing theme worldwide -- and it's about time.

They have my admiration and respect.   If I weren't so goddam lazy I'd be right there, and still might be before it's all over.   My memories of the protests of the 60s are fresh.

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If this collapse comes as you predict, and i damn sure hope it will, you'll simply serve some new masters.  The morlocks are going to be feeding on you. 

Essentially, you can't be proven wrong, because peasants are always on the menu for their betters, but I disagree if you are saying times don't waver between being "good" for the people and "bad" for the people.  I think history supports the cycle, not the steady state of misery.

+1 for morlocks  :-)

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Wow, you're saying that the protests of the 1950's and 1960's which brought about huge social changes were pointless and or tools of some mysterious Communism that STILL hasn't appeared 50 years later? Sounds like you are the one who is drug addled or just stupid and envious. I respect those young people risking beating and incarceration who are protesting the forces arrayed against this country alot better than some bitter old man posting anonymously on the internet. Your entire post reeks of cowardice. You wouldn't last 3 seconds after system collapse. If you would, why don't you start organizing a REAL protest made of MANLY MEN with huge hairy nutsacks to do something. Or do you have any fucking plan at all?

Yeah mock those "effeminized" combat vets who get shot in the head by cops for exercising their first amendment rights you pathetic coward. Cower in your well heated abode while REAL hero's stand up for what's right in the bitter cold. I used to think the Millenials were pathetic, but I've recently grown to respect them quite a bit. Alot more than bitter old men like you that's for sure, not that that is a high bar to step over. Any two year old female child has more bravery in her ovaries than you.

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Really gave the article a serious read, didn't you, Mr. Mayor.

And who, exactly, was "using" those idiot, stiking, dope -dled boomers 40 years ago?  Those boomers whose protest forced an expansion of Civil Rights and brought the war machine to it's knees were all co-opted by what?  The status quo?

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 Clueless Economist -You are so sweet, misguided and maybe a bit of a lost soul but I love you, I know there is hope for you...seriously come on down here I will even shower first in the bird bath on chambers and Greenwich,  Bring some  vodka and we can go snuggle on a bench by the statue of hypocrisy and bigotry in the new red square overlooking the Hudson river.

Seriously you cant be stupid enough to believe that WE the OWS crowd are anti capitalism... if you do then you are either Ann Coulter or Larry Summers. Stop reading the NY Post and watching Fox, and seriously by me lunch....please?