Guest Post: Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

Be Honest CNBC-You Are Biased Against Ron Paul

Those of us who have supported Ron Paul since his presidential run in 2008 (and some who supported him long before that) have come to expect an astonishing array of mainstream media tricks, lies, and censorship when it comes to the “journalistic” examination of the good doctor. This doesn’t mean, however, that we have ever or will ever come to ACCEPT this consistent trend of deception and disinformation as a forgone conclusion of our political lives. We will never throw up our hands and walk away from the mess the MSM has deliberately created, because that is exactly what they would like us to do; give up, shut up, go home, vote for Romney (an establishment crony with the creepy grin of a pedophile), and watch him lose to Obama (yet another establishment crony) in 2012.

With this stated up front, it was brought to my attention that CNBC was running a poll asking readers who they thought won the recent Republican Presidential Debates in Michigan. Now, as in many polls in 2008, the name “Ron Paul” has been rising to the top of the charts in 2011 despite all efforts by media lapdogs to dissuade the public from even considering such a candidate. CNBC did not fail to play its roll this time around either. Ron Paul won by a substantial margin, and of course, their response was to take the poll down! Here was the explanation given by CNBC Managing Editor and all around bottom feeder, Allen Wastler:

Gamed Poll...So We Took It Down

We had a poll up from our Republican Presidential Debate asking readers who they thought won. One candidate was leading by such a margin that it became obvious the polling wasn't so much a reading of our audience, but of the Internet prowess of this particular candidate's political organization. We have therefore taken the poll down.

Yes, we've gone through this exercise before.

Wastler then provides a link to a rather patronizing statement he made back in 2007 to explain why CNBC dumped polling results then as well:

First of all, let’s be serious, folks! Regardless of what you might feel personally about Ron Paul or his political position, it has become painfully obvious to even the most oblivious subsections of the American populace that the MSM, from supposed “right wing” outlets like FOX, to supposed “left wing” outlets like CNBC, have gone WAY out of their way to ridicule, suppress, or completely ignore him.

Now, you really need to ask yourself, why is that?

If Ron Paul is such a “fringe” candidate with “no chance” of winning, then why all the trickery and subversion? If his political methodologies are so ridiculous or out of sync with the American people, then why not plaster his face on every TV screen in the country and let him destroy his own career? Why hide him from public view?

The answer is simple; because he IS a threat. His position is one of government transparency, limited power, and financial independence. He predicted the credit crisis and the mortgage bubble implosion long before they ever occurred. The guy wants to shut down the Federal Reserve and the cartoonish brute squad otherwise known as the IRS. He wants to end the costly and fraudulent wars in the Middle East and bring the troops home (really bring them home, not make fake statements about bringing them home and then keep them on the ground for another few years). Of course the MSM, a corporately controlled monopolistic sham, is working overtime to keep Paul down!

Think about it. Sit back and consider. If Ron Paul was actually allowed to stand on the same stage as Barack Obama in a fair debate, there would be no half hearted girly-slap pansy sparring going on as there would be in a match between Obama and Romney. Ron Paul would destroy Obama! It would be a massacre of historic proportions! The establishment, which represents a minority of elitists in this country and not the citizenry in any capacity, will not let this happen.

Allen Wastler would call the above statement “conspiracy theory”. All I have to say to Wastler is; prove me wrong! Give Ron Paul fair coverage. Leave your own polls to represent the actual results regardless of whether you like the outcome. But first, answer me these questions, Allen:

1) If your poll was “gamed”, or in other words “hacked”, then I imagine that you and CNBC have some kind of proof of this. Please, do show it to us, so we can better understand your suppression of the poll results. I continuously hear from the MSM that Ron Paul supporters are all master hackers, and that there are only a dozen of us huddled around basement computers posing as millions (and I thought they didn’t believe in conspiracies…), but I have yet to see any concrete evidence to support this notion. Do you have any, Allen?

2) If CNBC’s poll is so easily tampered with, then why continue to run it at all?

3) If Mitt Romney had won the poll by a landslide, would CNBC have suppressed the results then? Or is it only farfetched when Ron Paul prevails in the final calculations? (This is a bit of a rhetorical question, because we all know Mr. Wastler would have danced a jig and sung the glory of Romney over Paul if the roles had been reversed).

4) Why is it that whenever Ron Paul wins a poll, MSM pundits claim the results are unscientific, or that they really don’t represent the true position of the general public? Why is it that a Romney or Cain win brings resounding words of vindication for the nature of the democratic process?

5) What margin of success does CNBC consider “realistic” for a presidential candidate? I mean, is it really necessary for you to punish Ron Paul for being a popular candidate, or to punish his supporters for being well organized and showing up for the vote? Do you not see the half-assed absurdity of your claim that Ron Paul won by “too much”?

6) Isn’t it conceivable that Ron Paul is doing well in the polls because his ideas and views are shared by many Americans? Who are you to claim this is not possible, Mr. Allen?

7) Do you really believe you and CNBC will not be held accountable for misinforming the American people and hiding information pertinent to their political knowledge? The last time I checked, CNBC’s viewership has been in pitiful decline since at least 2009.

8) When are you going to man up, Allen, and admit that you dumped the poll because you are biased against Ron Paul? It’s not as if it is a big secret. Hiding behind superficial excuses such as “hackers” and “poll gaming” is at bottom pretty cowardly. Why not embrace your blatant disapproval of Paul and the considerable movement of Americans surrounding him so that we can have a real discussion, instead of putting on a pretentiously counterfeit smile and talking down your nose at us? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Let’s bring some honesty, and perhaps finally some true competition, back to the presidential race, and say what is actually on our minds for once. This goes for the staff of CNBC! If Allen Wastler or any other MSM lackey wants to bash Ron Paul, then he should do it openly as a private citizen, not use the CNBC media apparatus as a Hearst-like yellow journalism weapon for misinforming the public, or for indirectly slandering a candidate or his supporters. This should not be a problem for him at all, unless, of course, the corporate owners of CNBC over at G&E play a much greater role in the actions of their news subsidiary than is readily admitted. Then, Allen Wastler’s apprehension in laying out the truth plainly would make a little more sense…

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wisefool's picture

10) Aliens will arrive, and humanity will unify to fight them off. We will first get them to finance the invasion and the rebellion, wiping out all debt. Then we will win several televised battles against a space traveling race with some EPIC acts of physical heroism (america fuck yeah)

11) But most importantly,we will defeat them with the cutural and economic genious of our Ivy League clergy. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman shall be Obama's 5 star general. CNBC will cover the war 24x7.

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Making their advertisers very rich and batshit happy.

wisefool's picture

Right out of starship troopers. "Would you like to know more?"

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That's the movie.  The book is recommended.

markt61's picture

It certainly must be late for a minute I thought you might be serious.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

ZH is the wrong spot to push your bullshit.

Beat it, nerd.

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Nearly everywhere else it would be taken for gospel.

Max Fischer's picture




How can you be so incredibly dense that you can't recognize the sarcasm and satire of MDB?  Does everything need to be spelled out for you in /sarc and \sarc format?


Max Fischer, Civis Mundi


Isotope's picture

This may be an example of Poe's Law at work.

As for me, I can't tell if he's being facetious or is just the biggest troll on the board.

"Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook."

This may just be a guy who is so good, he's a 10/10 on all of his posts. Check for that hook in the back of your mouth.

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And fuck those dreaming of million dollars bonus!

infotechsailor's picture

4. Triple the minimum wage to boost living standards




What about the living standards of every small business in the country? anyone who isn't worth more than $20/ hour to their company would be fired immediately, you have no understanding of economics.

bxy's picture

Congrats, are the biggest douche on this board.......and that is saying something.

Nothing To See Here's picture

MDB, I always have a good time reading your satire, but this time you had me LMAO with

3. A guaranteed government job for all unemployed Americans

4. Triple the minimum wage to boost living standards

Keep it up buddy

undercover brother's picture

Where do you get the drugs you're obviously using....zucotti park?

RoiBoi's picture

"5. BAN all imported goods that compete with AMERICAN exports to boost our manufacturing base"


This one brought a wry grin to my face.  Thanks MDB, I needed that. 

That so many here don't appreciate MDB's skills is both perplexing and sad.

Tip of my First Post Hat to the Colbert of ZH. 

moonman's picture

You forgot to mention a 5 bedroom house for all regardless of income.

Also .35 a gallon gasoline for their taxpayer funded SUV

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MillonDollarBonus keeps getting worse and worse... you know as much about economics as my dog.

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Million dollar bonus, 

You forgot #6... sit on your behind and do nothing like the entitled European socialists and watch your whole fantasy world collapse upon itself. 

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Ahhahahahahahahhahah. We have an international failure of the greatest socialiast experiment in the history of society and you propose .......... more socialism. ahahahahahahahahahahah.

You're funny.

True fuckwitism believer. Kumbaiyah comrade, kumbiayah.

Seer's picture

But but... FOX News is Fair and Balanced!

Sorry, folks, but this is the reason why I no longer waste any of my energies on political campaigns.  TPTB always get their politician: anything other than status quo need not apply.  "money = free speech" means that those with the money get to speak more.

Gavrikon's picture

Don't watch it, myself.  But I DO like Judge Napolitano.

RockyRacoon's picture

True enough.  Judge Neopolitan (I like ice cream) is about as libertarian as you'll get on the tele-viewing-machine.

As for Dr. Paul, what I don't get is why the RNC doesn't run him as their tier 1 candidate!  He is of an age where he will never hold another public office, and therefore sacrificed without worrying about incumbency; he will begin to bring the system into line with its historic roots and mission; he will be at the helm when the major turds begin to hit the fan; and, he can be blamed for all this with impunity!   He's the perfect patsy.   On the other hand, such a blatant attempt to game the system could be seen through like a sheer nighty.   They could be running this current crop of losers to make Dr. Paul look like the genius that he actually is.  Oooh, those crafty Republicans! 

XitSam's picture

Libertarian on TV?  John Stossel.

GCT's picture

Seer Fox did the same dam thing.  Ron Paul was winning the online straw pool and they took it down!  They too are just patsies on the other side of the fence.  None of them are fair and balanced LOLOL!

FMR Bankster's picture

Fox HATES Ron Paul. Only a mainstream corporate candidate will do.

RiverRoad's picture

Fox's advertisers hate Ron Paul.  The talking head puppets do and say what they're told.

RiverRoad's picture

"TPTB always get their politician."  Always?  Truman was a big surprise.

forexskin's picture

"TPTB always get their politician."  Always?  Truman was a big surprise.

Not so. They got immediate recognition of Isreal upon his election - quid pro quo for the last chunk of over the top election $.

Reform1776's picture

Simple Solution: ZeroHedge should add a poll, allowing its readers to vote on who won each debate.

ATM's picture

I watch every morning that Kernan is on so I canwatch Andrew Ross Sorkin soil his pink underwear each time Kernan jabs him to defend his communist leanings. He can't and you can see the pain as he tries to hold back the turtle hea. At some point the whole turd is going to come plowing out of his ass and I want to see it live!

israhole's picture

You probably like pro wrestling, too.

Let them all fail's picture

Fuck that, I refuse to watch CNBC, you should too

Tramp Stamper's picture

ZERO HEDGE TV?  The new internet tv station for the best live financial news that tells the truth about the markets around the world

Let them all fail's picture

Thought about that the other day, great idea, would be like a FoxNews of truth where "Tyler" sets the truth agenda and the anchors do as their told.

smiler03's picture

Mustn't forget the hot chicks with 175 layers of make-up as presenters.... but.... maybe not, viewers wouldn't know which channel they were watching. [I talk of European Bloomberg & CNBC].

RiverRoad's picture

< Let them all fail>  They watch us; we watch them back.  That's all.

eureka's picture

Invalid Motivation - if you must watch CNBC's garbage propaganda to be "informed" about their predictable spins and lies, then watch it in snippets online.

Any zerohedger who watches CNBC supports their ratings and thus ad revenue generation and tax-evading, pseudo-bank, scumbag parent company GE and thus corporatism, elitism, and the fascist/corporatist and national-socialist US Empire, which exists solely for the elite - i.e. the upper few thousand people, who own nearly everything.

Extricate yourself. Passive peeping into the elite's circus macabre via their channels - is equal to culpability.

How many German's said after the nazi reign "we couldn't do anything" or "we didn't know" - well, today that question is irrelevant, because there are no excuses.


Raskolnikoff's picture

Why the Republican Party continues to enable the Democratic Media Establishments to control public debates is beyond reason. Hello Republican Party Chairman, we have the internet now and talk radio...we don't need televised debates controlled and steared by the opposition.

WonderDawg's picture

You don't get it. The Repubs and Dems are owned by the same masters. Wake up.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Most do not want to wake up, they want to be entertained and taken care of.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Talking about being awake, has everyone else noticed how when Paul speaks, the rest of the candidates take mental notes.  Watch a clip, Paul demands more attention and respect from the other candidates than anyone.  That right there tells you who is the leader of the group.  It is Ron Paul.

orangedrinkandchips's picture

VERY little difference between them both....both are shit-bags

Nascent_Variable's picture

Exactly.  And this is why they will never allow Ron Paul the airtime he needs to spread his message.

TPTB have spent a long time and a fortune in resources to build the narrative that everyone buys - Republicans are pro-business and Democrats are pro-poor people.  In reality, both parties are simple tools of the same masters.  They are entities that exist to put on a show and convince people that they have some say in how the world works.

Ron Paul challenges all that, but he needs people to listen to him to get through years of partisan programming.  He will not be given that chance in the Republican primary.

RiverRoad's picture

There's always Springtime in America.  The internet can make the MSM redundant.

Dapper Dan's picture

 We have had enough lawyers in the white house over the last hundred years.

Let's put a doctor in this time around, someone who can heal, has empathy, compassion, and the ability to write prescriptions to help sedate congress.

I think I have a new bumper sticker.


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I've got a better one:



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